Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football: Chargers beat Raiders 22-14; Ravens beat Bengals 44-13

Tue, 11 Sep 2012 03:09:45 -0700 Philip Rivers avoided the turnovers that plagued his 2011 season and helped the San Diego Chargers open the new campaign with a 22-14 victory over AFC West divisional rivals the Oakland Raiders on Monday.,0,6678079.story?track=rss

ESPN 'Monday Night Football' goes deep in Ravens opener

Tue, 11 Sep 2012 04:41:07 -0700 Superb pre-game visuals, solid booth make for winning performance The ESPN "Monday Night Football" crew earned my respect before the game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals even started. It came during the pregame moment of silence for former Ravens owner Art Modell.

Monday Night Football Picks Week 1: Raiders vs Chargers and Baltimore Ravens vs Cincy Bengals

Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:59:59 -0700 The first game of the Monday Night Football season kicks off tonight. There are two featured games: the first being on the east coast where the Baltimore Ravens face off against the Cincinnati Bengals …

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  • V-ViKiNgS says:

    Ughh This Is Exactly Like You Belong With Me By Taylor Swift, What Should I Do? Okay so this is basically kind of the same storyline as taylor swift’s you belong with me, with the jock and the geeky band kid.
    So 1st week of school, there’s this guy in my lab group in my science class, and we’re performing an experiment, I don’t really know anyone in that class, when this happens, I’m usually very quiet. This boy in my labgroup just sits there trying to make conversation with me, the typical stuff you usually ask when you meet someone. (favorite color, number?, favorite food, show, sport, thing to do, and then this question, what do you look for in a guy?/what do you find attractive about guys? which suprised me.
    He asked me this after he told me he plays football and likes to sing and chill with friends.
    I answered that I liked guys who play hockey, to which he tried to convince me he played varsity hockey and football at my school.
    The next few days we had to design a lab of our own. So we decided to do a lab with a tennis ball, which isn’t really important, yeah so he kept throwing the tennis ball at me, trying to get me to react or get mad or something, but I wouldn’t(when I get mad, I don’t shout I just kind of sulk) so when I started getting pissed off I sat on the floor and took out my iPod which you can listen to the radio on, I was listening to the radio and call me maybe comes on, so he comes over and he’s like whatcha doin’? and he takes the earbud out of my ear and puts it in his so now we’re both listening to the radio. He then starts singing, remember when I said he mentioned he liked to sing? well he was actually good, and I was starstruck, anyway, after the song is done, he nudges me with his elbow and goes, so are you gonna call me maybe? and tosses his phone at me while winking. To which I started laughing and tossed it back. Later that same week was the varsity football game. Which is the day he said something else that also suprised me. I was wearing my marching band shirt, and he goes, oh, you’re in band? That’s cute, what do you play? To which I responded saxophone. and he was all like oh, saxophone eh? Not many girls play that do they, that’s kind of sexy how you play a guys instrument, oh wait no that’s saxy haha, then proceeded to tell me he could see me playing some really jazzy tune.
    That same day he pointed out his tshirt that said he was on the football team and had his jersey number on it, and asked me to root for him at the game that very same night.
    We left class the game happened, and soon it was monday again. It was kind of a boring week and nothing really happened, my science teacher mostly lectured the whole week and we took notes and sometimes he asked for volunteers, not to be mean but my class isn’t necessarily full of the brightest kids, so I volunteered most of the time, and when ever he saw me volunteer he would also raise his hand and asked to be paired with me for volunteering or whatever. After school one of those days(I had band practice and football had just finished practicing and they ran by our marching field to go into the locker rooms when I turn around and see a bare chested guy that looked identical to the boy in my science class. I see him then stand there for about five minutes and watch us. You know when you feel like you’re being stared at? Yeah so I turn around and I see he was looking at me? Soon, it was gameday friday again,and we didn’t talk much in class, but at the end of class he came up to me, and talked to me asking if I was gonna root for him again, and then proceeding to finally tell me he liked meand he’s never felt like that before, and well as soon as he says that he i guess expected me to say something back so I said sorry! can’t talk right now, gotta run to band ( technically I didn’t lie my band class is on the other side of campus and I have 6 minutes in between classes, I did use this as an excuse though, So he said bye! and that he’d see me at the game.
    I soon forgot about this and the game happened, I was very excited played whenever I needed to, but I always caught myself looking for his number on the field, and always worrying when someone got hurt. Anyway we end up winning the game, and our football team gets near the stands where the band kids were, and we play the school song, we say back and forth because well that’s just what we do, and then I find that my mnd has been dawdling and I’ve been looking at him and i look away when once again i feel someone starting at me and he’s looking at me! He smiles and winks and just watches me play, the whole time when I see his friend next to him go, man, who are you staring at? everyone around me in band saw, so they know, and that was an awkward ride ho,e. so that night I go home and decide to add him on fb, when I find him I click add and I see in a relationship since feb something 2011. He’s been dating this girl this whole time? Am I crazy, why wa
    s he flirting with me, if he has a gf? So that monday after class he comes up to me and asks me if i saw him play, if i rooted for him(i did) that that touchdown he made was for me and all this stuff, then he asks me if I thought about what he said on friday, and then proceeds to tell me, oh sorry to hold you up I know you gotta run to band, hugs me and then says play well. and walks off. Does this mean he knows my band excuse wasn’t real? What is he doing ughhh I’m so confused, I scrolled through his pictures and I saw he took his gf to football banquet, so if all his football friends know who she is, why is he staring at me in public? I mean it’s sweet but in a we’re dating kind of way, but we’re not, what does he want from me? Gosh I feel so bad, I feel like I’m cheating. His girlfriend doesn’t know anything she goes to another school! I really like him but I see how flirty he is with me, and then I think about his girlfriend and how if I was in her posit

  • Anonymous says:

    How Many Lives Did Monday Night Football Save? How many people do you think were late to work at the world trade center from watching the Giants game on September 10th 2001 before the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

  • Anonymous says:

    Monday Night Football Predictions???????? Bengals fan, but beating baltimore at MT&T bank stadium is a challenge. Ravens 23 Bengals 13.

    chargers vs raiders….raiders win 27-24

  • Anonymous says:

    Why Can’t I Watch Monday Night Football Tonight On Xbox Live With Espn App? Just a question. Pretty pointless to have a “watch espn” app and not even be able to watch what is on the channel live. I am considering just ditching cable and xbox live all together. I was able to watch the EUFA soccer tournament live on espn app. Why can’t I watch MNF live?
    *edit* just to clarify I do have cable, but an economy package with no espn

  • Anonymous says:

    The Houston Texans Has 5 Primetime Games This Season, How Many Will They Win? Monday Night Football @ Jets

    Sunday Night Football vs Packers

    Sunday Night Football @ Chicago

    Thanksgiving Game @ Detroit

    Monday Night Football @ New England

    1 home game – 4 away games

    • Curator says:

      @ jets – win
      vs packers – win, I believe the Texans will be undefeated going into this game and Reliant stadium will be rocking.
      @ bears – This game could go either, this game will be the hardest of all 5
      @ lions – win
      @ New England – It depends on what both teams records are. This game is week 14 and the Texans and/or patriots could be 12-0, 11-1, with one of the top 2 seeds locked up and just want to play back-ups the rest of the year, but assuming that starter do play this game could go either way, but I would give the edge to Houston considering their offense can match the patriots but they have a better defense. It all depends on both teams records heading to this game.

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