Bedbugs behind monkeypox plane scare

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 10:04:58 -0700 A mix-up with a passenger's mother calling a hospital to ask advice for daughter's rash treatment led to Delta flight investigation

Delta Plane Monkeypox Scare: Passenger Blames Bed Bugs

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 07:32:40 -0700 Rash That Promted Quarantine May Have been Work of Bed Bugs–abc-news-health.html

Woman in Delta flight scare says she had bedbug bites, not monkeypox

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 15:59:14 -0700 Bedbugs can drive people out of house and home. Turns out they have the power to stop a plane too.,0,6430354.story?track=rss

Monkeypox Scare Leads to Chicago Flight Quarantine

A suspected outbreak of monkeypox on a Chicago-bound Delta flight led to a brief quarantine Thursday, but ultimately, the scare was a false alarm. The.

Plane Quarantined in Monkeypox Scare

Passengers on Delta Flight 3163 were quarantined at Midway Airport for over two hours after one passenger was suspected of carrying the monkeypox virus. If the word "monkeypox" makes you think of Outbreak, that's legitimate but the …

Monkeypox Scare On Chicago Flight Leads To Delay At Midway …

CHICAGO — Bedbugs. The biting pests that infest hotels appear to be the source of red marks on a Minnesota woman that prompted health officials to quarantine a jet in Chicago for fear they were dealing with something much …

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8 Responses to Monkeypox

  • Haley G says:

    Ive Been In The Looney Bin, Behind On Homework.. Help? 1. Salmonella: a. Problem___ b. Who was effected?___ can we prevent this problem?___
    2. Rabies: a. Problem:___ b. Who was affected?___ c. How can we prevent this problem?
    3. Monkeypox: a. Problem___ b. Who was affected?___ c. How can we prevent this problem?
    4. West nile virus: a. Problem___ b. Who was affected?___ c. How can we prevent this problem?___
    5. Hantavirus: problem___ who was affected?___ how can we prevent this problem?
    6. Anthrax: problem. Who was affected? How can we prevent this problem?
    7. E. Coli: problem. Who was affected? How can we prevent this problem?

    • Curator says:

      As pointed out above, there is no specific scientific name as monkeypox virus is not a living organism.

      But if you are looking for the classification:

      Virus classification

      Group: Group I (dsDNA)
      Family: Poxviridae
      Genus: Orthopoxvirus
      Species: Monkeypox virus

      Monkeypox virus is the virus that causes the disease monkeypox in both humans and animals. It was first identified in 1958 as a pathogen of crab-eating macaque monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) being used as laboratory animals. The crab-eating macaque is a laboratory species used for neurological experiments. Monkeypox virus is an Orthopoxvirus, a genus of the family Poxviridae that contains other viral species that target mammals. The virus is mainly found in tropical rainforest regions of central and West Africa.

  • Zzz_audet says:

    Facts About The Following Diseases!!? 1. Anthrax
    2. Smallpox
    3. Plague
    4. Ebola
    5. Marburg
    6. Botulism
    7. Tularemia
    8. Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
    9. Psittacosis
    10. Melioidosis
    11. Typhus fever
    12. Nipah virus
    13. Hantavirus
    14. Argentinian hemorrhagic fever
    15. Chikungunya fever
    16. Coccidiodomycosis
    17. Dengue fever
    18. Dysentery
    19. Eastern equine encephalitis
    20. Ebola hemorrhagic fever
    21. Glanders
    22. Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome
    23. Japanese Encephalitis
    24. Lassa fever
    25. Melioidosis
    26. Monkeypox
    27. Omsk hemorrhagic fever
    28. Scrub typhus
    29. Spring-summer encephalitis
    30. Trench fever
    31. Yellow fever

    • Curator says:

      Hi there,

      Here are the straight goods from Centres for Disease Control, Atlanta. I can’t say it better than they do.

      Best wishes with your homework.


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