Mothers Day 2012

When Is Mother's Day 2012? Find Out Plus Origins And 10 Facts About The Holiday

Thu, 03 May 2012 10:07:09 -0700 When is Mothers' Day 2012? Your mother will be upset if you don't know the date and forget to get her a present.

Mothers Day Gift Baskets Help Honor the Special Women in Your Life This Mom's Day

Mon, 30 Apr 2012 01:03:02 -0700 Mothers Day Gift Baskets line is refreshed and added to at in advance of Mom's Day. (PRWeb April 30, 2012) Read the full story at

Mothers Day sales predicted to increase 6%

Thu, 03 May 2012 11:59:27 -0700 ShopperTrak projects national retail sales to increase 6 percent year-over-year in the week leading up to Mothers Day, May 13. Foot traffic is expected to rise 4 percent.

Mother's Day 2012: Tell HuffPost Gay Voices Why Moms Of LGBT …

In a day and age when growing up lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) is an increasingly volatile experience, our mothers mean more to us now than ever before. But make no mistake: moms are, and have always …

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and we definitely can't forget about Mr. Boddington Like this: Like. Be the first to like this post. Posted in mother's day 2012, new in the shop · Permalink Leave a comment · Previous post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply …

Mother's Day 2012 Gift Ideas: Etsy | Just The Right Things

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind gift ideas for Mother's Day a great place to start is on the curated gift list pages of Etsy. Curated gifts are simply.


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Longaberger 2012 Mothers Day Basket set w Wrought Iron Stand Free Delivery

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6 Responses to Mothers Day 2012

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    My name is Jane Doe and I was going to University in Fall 2011, but I had to stop because I have a hold on my account and could not register for Winter 2012. Every time I called University’s Financial Aid’s office no one seemed to help me. They ignored my questions and acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. They were very rude about everything. According to the Financial Aid office, the Financial Aid that I received was not enough, and since I’m out of state the tuition is a lot more expensive than in state. I talked to an employee who works at the Financial Aid office yesterday (May 2nd) and they said they never received my FASFA, which was not true because my FASFA clearly states that I was going to University in Fall 2011 on the application. Also, if they have not received my FASFA how did they know how much grant and loans I received? They were obviously lying and trying to ignore my situation. In the beginning of Fall 2011, they said my Financial Aid was fine and that I did not have to worry about anything, well they lied again because firstly, they said I did not have to worry about anything and now I have to pay $7,000 out of my own pocket which I do not have. My situation of income has changed since last year. I had to put my ex step father’s income for 2011/2012 FASFA, even though he has not given me any support since September 2010. I would say this is unfair, as he did not support me and we had to use his income on the application. Therefore, it’s false to say I live on such an income and so I received a low amount of Financial Aid because of that. My mother and step father got officially divorced in January 2012. While I was at University my ex step father was finally placed in prison for abusing me for ten years. I feel disgusted that I had to use his income even though he did not help us. My mother does not have a job and I have five siblings as well. Only my sister is working at Walmart. With this income, it is impossible to afford college and take care of my mother and five siblings. My biological father was killed when I was three years old in 1994, so of course he cannot help us since he is dead. We’re living on welfare and our house is going into foreclosure. Our car got repo’ed. We’re hanging on a thread, we could end up homeless. I have lived a tough life already and I want to be able to have the opportunity to go to college. I wanted to go to University to leave ____ and have a fresh start. I was studying Psychology so one day I could become a detective for a police department for sexual assault and child abuse. So I could help people who were treated like how I was. I now owe roughly $7,000 and University is expecting me to pay everything. I’m trying to transfer to another university that is in ____ and join the National Guard but I cannot get accepted until I send them my transcript. I cannot get my transcript because I have a hold on my account.

    What can I do?

    *Do not tell me I need to get a job, I’m joining the National Guard – It is a job.
    *My mother cannot work because she is trying to get on social security due to a disability.
    *My other brother got laid off six months ago and has applied to many, many other places.
    *My other two younger brothers and sister are still in school
    *Only my sister is working, she is 23 and is still living at home to help us.
    Stop it with the trolling.
    I did receive the financial aid letter. Obviously. Learn how to read.
    Of course I know other people have hardships. Stop stating the obvious.
    I don’t really see how there’s any anger. If any, they deserve it because they have been so rude to me on the phone and in person.
    I know you are trying to help and thank you for that. I am just really annoyed with everything that has happened with this college. I should have never went there.
    I know I wasn’t rude to them, I tried to be polite as possible.
    That’s a good idea. Thank you. I would have to call them maybe since the college is four hours away.
    Please do not mock me. My mother hated him, but only stayed with him to get financial support. She didn’t know what to do.
    Everything is online on my account on their website, so no I don’t have a copy.
    Yes, I did receive a Financial Aid Award Letter. I am looking at it right now. I received Tuition Grant/Need/NonResident for a total of $5,000 a year. Federal Ford Direct Loan-Sub for $3,500 a year. Federal Ford Direct Loan-unsub for $2,000 a year and I was getting a grant for $667 a quarter but since I don’t go there anymore I got it taken away. And that wasn’t enough for this state university. we didn’t qualify for the parent plus loan.

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    I Need Help Finding An Old Friend In Uk? I can find her on 192,com but its in premium and it does say the correct details under electoral roll 2008-2012, but as you can understand it may say names, but not the info, and after all the stuff ive heard about 192 i dont dare stick card details in,

    and i dont really want to stick my card details anywhere on the internet.
    thing is i can find her brothers on facebook, but they never reply, i even found her mother under a few dif ways of her spelling her name, and yet each account is deleted,

    im kind of worried, its as if she has vanished, i mean i can usually find anyone i want to, ive connected with loads of old friends over the years and never had a problem, but this girl is proving to be a problem, i really need some help on this if there is someone kind enough to help out.

    and please people, dont be silly with me or abusive, she is a friend, not an ex girlfriend or anything like that, i just want to find out what happened to her,

    as when i was younger i just took off and never spoke to her again, not because of a an upset between us, i was thrown out of school, and i just went off with other people, but i remember she was pretty upset that i was going, and really without reason.

    and ive actually been lookin for the past few years, so this isn’t just a one day thing,

    ive even checked obituaries, and death records, and i am happy to say i found nothing in them :). so please if you think you can help, leave an answer, and hopefully if your serious we can i.m. and team up, any help/advise is very much appreciated. thankyou for reading, max.

  • Hello says:

    Parents This Mom Is Creeping Me Out.? My daughter is 7 and she is in first grade. In 2011 when I dropped her off I would see this lady in passing dropping her daughter (of the same age) off. I would smile and say hi. In 2011 she came up to me and asked for my number and I gave it to her. Surprisingly she remembered it in her head and ran home to call and leave a message.

    For the whole of 2011 she could not meet because of her anemia or something. 2012 came and we started to talk a bit. She was telling me how her daughter was having problems in school and I told her that I would meet and help her with homework after school. We did meet and this became an everything thing which became a major inconvience. I found that her daughter could do the work but that her mother pushed her so hard to the point the girl would feel pressured and overwhelmed and would cry.

    Her behavior was bothersome. She’d hit my daughter, step on her shoes, take my daughter’s paper and ball it up. One time she ran into the street holding my daughter’s hand tightly. I could not leave the two alone for long for fear of what the little girl would do. She’d drop me off hours later to my home (like she had no sense of time) and my daughter started acting like her daughter.

    The lady became very overbearing, she started asking me about my life, she became fascinated with my hair, my hair yes and my daughter’s hair. She told me that I was denying my Haitian heritage. She thought that I could speak Creole but that I was denying it. She started speaking the language to me and had this weird passion in her eyes. I told her I don’t know what she was saying. She went on to describe how I acted like certain people in her country and that I am a true Haitian. She went on to ask if my mother or brother could speak the language.

    The first time I really talked to her she preached to me for 45 minutes about the Jehovah Witness thing and tried to get me to come to a meeting.

    She’d give me things when I said when I did not want them and buy me things when I could pay for them myself. She’d buy my daughter food and a toy and my daughter started to expect that all of the time. I just didn’t like it. She could not take no for an answer. One time she came into my home, she had dropped some things off she had given me (that I did not want) and she wanted a tour of my home.

    I did not want her to walk through my home. She did invite me into her home but she wanted to, I didn’t ask her to. She was upset when I wouldn’t let her walk through my home and she told her daughter come on that I did not want her there and that they had to leave because I was kicking them out. Geesh, I never invited them in.

    She wanted to meet my brother who lived with me at the time but I didn’t want to introduce them not yet at least. She couldn’t believe it because she had invited me into her home, gave me food (forced me to take it) and she said she considered me as her best friend but she does not even know me.

    She’d also force her daughter to eat a pound or more or rice and beans and told me how her daughter would not eat and started throwing up blood because she would not eat. This lady also haves hundreds of these Vitamin pills, it’s just so bizarre.

    She started to freak me out and just became too much to deal with so I stopped meeting her. She followed me in the store one day and told her that it hurt. That I was hiding and running from her. She wanted to keep the friendship but I can’t do it anymore.

    She sees my daughter and I and she’ll say hi to my daughter.

    Any thoughts? On her or how I responded to her?
    Thanks for your input…it’s good to see that I wasn’t the only one that thought it was bizarre.

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