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Local Everest Climber Reacts to Fatal Avalanche

19 April 2014 | 2:18 am NEW LONDON – (WFRV) Lance Fox knows the dangers of Mt. Everest well, having summited the world's tallest mountain in 2009. "We got back to base camp and on May 7th, 2009, an enormous avalanche came down and actually killed the first person in the 2009 climbing season," he says. His expedition up Everest took him straight through the Khumbu Ice Fall, the site of Friday's tragedy …

Everest avalanche tragedy hits NW climbing community

19 April 2014 | 1:26 am SEATTLE, Wash. — The tragedy on Mt. Everest hit hard among the Northwest's climbing communities. Hundreds of guides and climbers were gathered on Mt. Everest this week, preparing for a shot at the summit next month. Among them, at least five sherpas working for Seattle based mountaineering guides, Alpine Ascents. Those five sherpas, along with seven others, passed away in an avalanche Friday …

Five sherpa in Everest avalanche employed by Seattle guide service

19 April 2014 | 12:56 am An avalanche on Mt. Everest has claimed the lives of 13 sherpa from Nepal, some of whom were working for a Seattle-based climbing company, in the single deadliest disaster on the tallest mountain in the world.

Into The Land Of Snows (Kindle Edition) tagged “mt everest” 4 times

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Into The Land of Snows (Paperback) tagged “mt everest” 15 times

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Ventanas a la Aventuras: Cul es la Montaa ms asombrosa de todas? (Spanish Edition) (Kindle Edition) tagged “mt everest” 18 times

16 August 2012 | 12:09 am Ventanas a la Aventuras: Cul es la Montaa ms asombrosa de todas? (Spanish Edition) Ventanas a la Aventuras: Cul es la Montaa ms asombrosa de todas? (Spanish Edition) (Kindle Edition)By Claudia Alexander Buy new: $0.99 Customer tags: mauna kea(18), denali(18), la tierra(18), mt everest(18), marte(18), kilimanjaro(18), montanas(18), mountains(18), mt fuji(17), earth(17), stem(9), stem education(8)

Windows to Adventure: Which of the Mountains is Greatest of All? (Kindle Edition) tagged “mt everest” 39 times

12 August 2012 | 3:20 pm Windows to Adventure: Which of the Mountains is Greatest of All? Windows to Adventure: Which of the Mountains is Greatest of All? (Kindle Edition)By Claudia Alexander Buy new: $0.99 Customer tags: geography(41), mountains(41), denali(40), mars(40), geology(40), islands(39), mt everest(39), kilimanjaro(39), japan(39), plate tectonics(39), earth s surface(17), island building(17)

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster (Hardcover) tagged “mt everest” 9 times

24 January 2012 | 2:07 am Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster (Hardcover)By Jon Krakauer Buy new: $19.791060 used and new from $0.01 Customer Rating: 4.1 Customer tags: mountain climbing(12), mt everest(9), jon krakauer(8), everest(7), expedition(5), disasters(5), adventure(4), survival(3), mountaineering(2), heroes, cold weather hazards, catastrophy

NBC Crew Among Survivors of Deadly Mt. Everest Avalanche …

19 April 2014 | 12:29 am Twelve Sherpa guides were killed on Mount Everest Friday and three were seriously wounded, while four people who were on the mountain are still reportedly missing. A group of roughly 50 people were hit by a massive …

Avalanche leads to deadliest accident on Mount Everest |

18 April 2014 | 9:45 pm Today was the single deadliest accident on Mount Everest. An avalanche swept down a slope killing at least 13 Sherpa guides, seriously injuring three other guides, and four still remain missing.

Avalanche on Mt. Everest leaves Sherpas counting their dead and …

18 April 2014 | 8:54 pm Chechhee Sherpa was cooking dinner when her husband called from Everest. Just 23, Abiral Rai was working for the first time on the mountain, carrying loads for his New Zealand client in preparation for an attempt on the …

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National Geographic ~ June 82 ~ Mt Everest ~ Nepal ~ Toledo ~ El Greco ~ Namibia

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1990 Press Photo Model of Mt.Everest West Face at Boston Museum

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1963 Press Photo Scene at Mt. Everest on Barry Bishop Expedition

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National Geographic – October 1981 – Columbia, Indian Ocean, Mt. Everest

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10 Responses to Mt Everest

  • Anonymous says:

    Help Me With My Math Homework Please? 1 the elevation of the surface of the dead sea is -424.3. In 2005, the height of Mt.Everest was 8,844.43 meters.How much higher was the summit of Mt. Everest?

    2. what is the possibility of rolling an even number on a number cube?
    a. 1/6
    b. 2/6
    c. 1/2
    d. 2/3

    3.How can 5/16 be written as a decimal?

    4. Stacey has 4 pencils, a blue pen, and a black pen in his desk. if he randomly draws two of them from the desk without replacement, what is the possibility he will draw the two pens?

    5. Stacey spends 7 3/5 hours in school each day. Her lunch period is 1/2 hour long, and she spends a total of 7/10 hour switching rooms between classes. The rest of her day is spent in 6 classes that are all the same length. How long is each class?

    6. the unit rate in a proportional relationship is 1/3. if y is the dependent variable and x is the independent variable, which equation shows the relationship?
    a. x = 1/3 y
    b. y = 1/3 x
    c. x = 1/3 y
    d. y = 1/3x

    7. An irrigation system waters in circular patterns. Each irrigated section is a circle with a diameter of 40 feet. in terms of πr, what is the area of an irrigated section?

    8. yesterday, Amy’s lunch cost $9.80 and she left a $1.47 tip, Today, Amy’s lunch cost 12.60. If she tips the same rate that she did yesterday, how much tip should Amy leave?

  • Anonymous says:

    Doubts How The Earth Is Millions Years Old? Mountains shrink on average 1 mile every 1000 years. Now if the earth was so old Mount Everest would’ve been over 100+ miles high. Going from when the Bible says the flood happned which was about 4000 years ago (correct me if I’m wrong on that) so Mt Everest would’ve been 4 miles higher.. Just some thoughts tell me what you think of them

    • Curator says:

      It’s like the time Hillary claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary when in fact the climbing of Mt. Everest happened after Hilary was born. So she’ll come up with some lie about this incident as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Partial Pressure Of Oxygen Calculation? What is the PO2 (in mm Hg) of moist inspired gas of a climber on the summit of Mt. Everest (assume barometric pressure is 247 mm Hg)?

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

    • Curator says:

      The key word is 'moist' because the air on the lungs is saturated with water vapor.

      At 37C, body temperature, the vapor pressure of water is 48 torr. That means the air pressure is the difference or 247 torr – 48 torr = 199 torr. Air is 21% oxygen so the partial pressure is 0.21 * 199 torr = 41.8 torr.

  • Anonymous says:

    How Far Does She Want This Relationship To Go? Complicated relationship!!!? I am talking to this girl online she is 12 years older than me, she also is divorced, and has a 7 year old son. Anyway in the first message I got from her, it introduced herself and than she goes on to say that she is willing to take a risk with me if I am ready too. Anyway we talked for a couple weeks, we got into depth on our lives told each other about our parents. In her most recent letter she said” YOU ARE STILL A VERY YOUNG MAN, ALEX. I AM SURE THAT YOU STILL HAVE A BIG CHANCE TO MEET SOMEONE SPECIAL THERE. I AM OLDER THAN YOU AND THERE IS AN AGE DIFFERENCE. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS. I HAVE A SON. HE STARTS TO ASK THE QUESTIONS BUT HE STILL COMMUNICATES VERY CLOSE WITH HIS FATHER.  ANYWAY, I LIKE THE FRIENDSHIP THAT WE HAVE NOW HERE. LETS SEE WHAT WE WILL HAVE FURTHER. I WISH YOU A NICE WEEK THERE AND A GREAT MOOD.” WARMLY,  What do you think she is trying to say, what I got out of the letter is that we need to be friends for now, but later we will See what happens. After I received this letter I sent her one, it said “I understand that we are friends, and than I asked her what kind of music and movies, does she like. I could use advice on how to get this relationship back on track. What should I say to her, but not make it awkward. THANKS!!!

    • Curator says:

      The whole “you are still a very young man” part might as well be highlighted in red ink because that part sticks out like a sore thumb. That’s really what her problem is with you. You have to be careful when dealing with older folk because they aren’t stupid and the more you talk and believe that you have a common interest you have to remember that she is seeing it as “i remember when i did stuff like that… But that was another life.”

      That’s a tough one. i know what you’re going through because i had a similar fondness for a lady who walked out of my life just recently. i wanted her so badly it was like acid in my mouth. girls my age never suited my palette. they are too immature. needy. selfish. and frankly boring. This older woman was mature. wise. insightful. intelligent and had an impressive resume spanning little league manager to crime scene investigator. She had it all. everything i sought in a woman… But in the end it was age. And the fact that i was the same age as her sons. She couldn’t shake that.

      No matter how hard i tried to convince her. it didn’t matter. And i tried very hard mind you. I’d never tried that hard to convince a woman of anything in my entire life. She was literally my mt Everest. And i was determined to plant my flag a top it and claim her.

      But in the end she walked out of my life.

  • Anonymous says:

    How To Deal With Great Emptiness Of Self? Ask anyone who knows me. I am funny, caring, generous, by all accounts a good person. I am adventurous and artistic having been half way up Mt. Everest, taught school in China, rock climb, ride a sport bike, sold oil paintings…yada, yada. I take very good care of myself, have a good job and education.

    I have never thought of myself as particularly ugly, but girls absolutely hate me. I could post a hundred bone-chilling examples of rejection you wouldn’t even believe possible. I kind of learned to live with it until I met a girl a while back. I tried not to, but I fell for her. Something any man could be guilty of doing. We were great friends, but when I showed sincere, respectful, subtle interest she rejected me in a very mean way. Then she hooked up with another guy at work and then married another guy and had his child. I had to sit alone with her and her new husband at a social event. I never spoke a word the whole time. We used to laugh for hours. She was a single mom with somewhat low self-esteem. I wanted to help with that…funny. She would have taken almost anyone…almost.

    It is hard to be a good caring person with so much love to give and no place to put it. I am older now and have more time behind me than in front. I don’t fear dying, but I fear dying without having lived first.

    Where do lost unwanted souls go?

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