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Julia Roberts' Half-Sister Nancy Motes Found Dead of Apparent Drug Overdose

11 February 2014 | 11:55 am Julia Roberts' half-sister Nancy Motes has been found dead at a Los Angeles home, of an apparent drug overdose. A spokesman for the Los Angeles Coroner's Office told Mail Online that the body of Nancy Motes, 37,was found in the bathroom of her home by her fianc John Dilbeck. In a statement to People magazine, the Roberts familyexpressed their grief. "It is with deep sadness that the family of …

Julia Roberts' Half Sister Nancy Motes Found Dead In Bathtub, Believed To Have Committed Suicide

11 February 2014 | 9:37 am Actress' Family Said To Be 'devastated' By Loss

Julia Roberts mourns death of sister

11 February 2014 | 9:35 am Julia Roberts half sister Nancy Motes has died from an apparent drug overdose, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office.

Julia Roberts Allegedly Bullied Nancy Motes For Years Before Her …

11 February 2014 | 3:37 pm Julia Robert's step-sister, Nancy Motes seemed to be quite the troubled soul. She had weight issues, addiction problems and bad taste in men.

Nancy Motes: Julia Roberts' Half-Sister Kills Herself – Showbiz Spy

11 February 2014 | 2:17 pm JULIA Roberts' half-sister, Nancy Motes, has died. The 37-year-old — who battled obesity and suffered cruel rejection by the Pretty Woman star — was found.

Drug overdose kills Julia Robert's half-sister, Nancy Motes | The …

11 February 2014 | 2:00 pm LOS ANGELES: The body Nancy Motes, Julia Robert's half sister, her youngest sibling was found at a residence in Los Angeles in an apparent case of drug overdose, according to a statement released by the family. Although

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  • One More Poem Before I Retire For Sleep, Please If You Will Read, Comment/constructive Crit? Deepens my night, Darkens my mood
    my ghosts keeping company, laughing
    for what do they laugh, why do they intrude?
    on me in this weak state of being

    Directly before me, escape from this pain
    in the form of a tub full of steaming hot water
    behind me my hands clasped feeling a strain
    as pictures encroached of my daughter

    While hideous laughter fractured, distorted
    encroached on my aberrant state of mind
    eyebrows furrowed my smile contorted
    intervention I struggled to find

    Laid out as in death, breaths, shallow release
    as lightens my sky, sweet morning draws nigh
    as dust motes dance lightly my mind finds peace
    from that sallow rehearsal of ghosts, and I sigh

    • Curator says:

      This was a good ‘un, Nancy. Really good! I have a nice collection of Girly Bath things, perfumed salts, scented candles, etc. I also mix ‘healing’ concoctions & one evening I insisted Bob take one of my healing baths. In fact, I washed him as he relaxed and told him he would feel better for it. He was my baby, and I dried him with a big, fluffy towel. He was surprised at how it worked; he felt much better and slept much better that night, God bless him. (Thanks for the poem, Nancy. I like that memory so much.)

  • . says:

    Would You Answer By C/cing This Write, Please? TY? She sits alone in an attic watching dust motes in a beam of llight
    A spider dressed in red stillettos stares at her with beady eyes
    In the corner a cobweb-covered trunk contains all that Nancy was
    And the poet sits alone and cries, as she often does

    She took a trip on a ship but her ticket was one-way
    All the others with her had round-trip ones, they say
    Finding passage, she returned but the doors were locked
    And Nancy tried to answer but found that she was blocked

    So she sits with her dragons, her tea has gone all cold
    And wonders why making new friends destroyed all the old
    But a gentle tap – Hell, no! It’s a BOOMING knock on her door
    ‘BG’s come to sit with you! Ain’t that what friends are for?’
    People slap labels on others as though they’re proven facts, then the next guy picks it up & does the same. It’s destructive. And you are speaking as though I know that Elaine person; I do not know her at all. If she did you wrong, put it behind you. Year ago a kid bought Bob’s truck and promised to be here every month to give us the payments. He drove it like an idiot, tore it up, junked it and I haven’t seen the first dollar. It happens. People get screwed all the time. I decided it would be best if I just forgave the kid his debt – cause he’s a liar and I’m a fool. I forgive and let go of the anger – I feel better, but he still ducks behind the produce if he sees me at the grocery. HE will NEVER feel better about it. As to Nancy saying negative things…we all do that if we think we’ve been injured or ignored; it’s human nature to share hurt feelings & lash out to someone who’ll comfort. I just want everyone to let go, to forgive. I love you all & it’d break my heart to lose a one.
    The levy has burst and I’m sobbing so hard I can hardly see the keyboard. Is this the kind of thing that made Sylvia Plath & Ernie Hemingway end their careers so abrupty? Let it go, forgive and go write something, for God’s sake. For everyone’s sake, including your own.
    But Ma, I miss Ian not answering my posts – and telling me how bad I am. I miss him – and his abrasiveness makes Nancy look like a cotton ball. And know what changed my mind about him? YOU did; you said, “…but he’s ours.” It was a revelation, and I realized we need our Ians as much as we do our biggest fans. So Nancy may be catty and abrasive, Ma…but she’s ours. xoxo
    There it is again – that black hole in my living room floor and it’s getting bigger by the second. If I fall in again I’m afraid I won’t find my way out.

    • Curator says:

      This is a fine poem BG and it shows that you are a caring person.
      I have been reading about this saga for a while and I have come to the conclusion that your friend just seems to thrive on drama.
      Let her wrap herself in her own drama and keep it her own.Pulling other people that are trying to escape as she sinks into the ocean of her drama is wrong.
      Blocking, unblocking who cares?
      Talk to those that still communicate with you and leave the rest alone.
      Stop trying so hard to be loved I guess is my answer.
      Maybe once she drowns she can finally see that it really doesn’t matter what she is railing about.
      I did enjoy this poem and I hope you post more

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