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Happy National Cat Day! – Healthy Living How To

29 October 2013 | 10:21 pm It's only fair, since we celebrated National Dog Day last August, that we pay homage to our feline friend, Kirby the Kitty. Yep, today is National Cat Day! Recently, I shared the sorry tale of how we almost lost Kirby due to flower

Consumer Confidential: Happy Workers; National Cat Day | KTLA 5

29 October 2013 | 10:00 pm David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times discusses why workers over 50 are happy with their jobs, and how one business is celebrating National Cat Day. This video first aired on the KTLA 5 News at 1 on Tuesday, Oct. 29,

Happy National Cat Day! Please Enjoy These 10 Must-See Cat …

29 October 2013 | 8:15 pm In honor of National Cat Day, let's take a look at 10 must-see cat music moments!

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Happy Cat Day : A Manifesto for a National Cat Holiday by Stuart E. Hample…

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14 Responses to National Cat Day

  • Seniors, Do You Find It Appropriate That Today, Two Days Before Halloween, Is National Cat Day In U.S.? Please give your kitty an extra treat, and be sure to keep him or her inside on Halloween, ESPECIALLY if he/she is black. Black cats can endure suffering from mean people on this day.

    Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, time for a Whisker Lickin’ treat!

    • Curator says:

      What do you mean “appropriate”? It’s got to be some day, if you are going to have one – we don’t in the UK.

      I sometimes think you Americans are completely barmy.

      Ma and grandma

  • Laura says:

    I Hurt My Cat, But I’m Scared To See A Therapist? PLEASE read. Please please please.
    I’ve never needed advise more in my life

    I can’t stop myself. It’s like how when you’re hungry, and you need food and it’s just there in the back of your brain. When my cat makes me mad, it’s like something snaps inside me and I just need to… dominate him? It’s like I have to show him I’m in charge, but sometimes i go too far and hurt him, or scare him to the point where he hides.

    Now I know I need help. I’ve known this for a while. I know as soon as I do these things that I’m a horrible person, and that’s why I know I need help. I KNOW I’m a monster and yet I still can’t stop myself.

    I’m scared to go to a psychiatrist though. With my parents insurance (I’m 21) I get like 8 free sessions so I’ve thought about going. But I have all these fears that are keeping me back. What if she reports me for animal abuse? What if she tries to send me to some mental ward for having anger issues? Or worst of all, what if she makes me tell my husband?…. He’s his cat and loves him second only to me….
    But I have no doubt that if he knew what I was doing to the cat, he would leave me or at least not talk to me for weeks. Things would never be the same. I would never tell him, but I have this fear that the psychiatrist will make me bring him in and tell him.

    Please help me? I just need advice. Should I go to a therapist? Am I just a monster, or is there something wrong in my brain? I feel like an animal. But not even animals are this horrible….

    Please, any advice, please.

    • Curator says:

      Well. I guess you need to ask yourself exactly what it is you are feeling and maybe even what you’re thinking about right before the cat pisses you off. I understand what it feels like for an animal to anger you to the point of wanting to hurt it. You are not a monster, you are just an animal, like you said. We are all animals. Other animals hurt each other in ways we can’t imagine. Just watch national geographic for a day and you’ll know what I mean. You need to either learn to control yourself and not hurt this animal since it is essentially helpless against you; or go see the therapist. I mean, it’s 8 free sessions and you might dig into what is actually causing this. My guess is that it’s not actually the cat but some sort of repressed issue you haven’t dealt with. We are all human and we all make mistakes. You need to understand that this cat will start acting differently and will flinch if you make sudden movements if this behaviour continues. Your husband will notice this since we are quite connected to the animals we share our lives with. Regardless of whether or not the therapist tells you that you have to tell your husband, it is still: A) your choice and you can tell them that and b) he’ll put two and two together eventually. There is doctor patient confidentiality so the therapist cannot share what you’ve shared with anyone else unless they feel someone’s life is at risk, or that they are a risk to themselves.You won’t get sent top a mental ward since you are neither menally or criminally insiane. You have some anger, sure, we all do. Deal with it even if that means asking for some help from a professional. Essentially, and you know this: your marriage depends on it. I wish you luck and know you aren’t insane or a monster. Just start dealing with this before it gets out of hand and you accidentally do something you regret. Cats are fragile little beings. Get a spray bottle:)

  • Falisha says:

    Why Are Republican So Against Fema? I asked this question earlier but I couldnt tell if the answers were jokes or not..

    First to the person who responded not to worry about the shut down, well I can see you’re not from a hurricane state. It normally takes a Cat 2. Hurricane for much FEMA requirement. 🙂 Any Governor in Florida that would not accept FEMA’s help would not be re elected and Florida has gotten more Hurricane activity in the pan handle over the past 10 years than in the southern part.

    Second,to the person who said only liberals get it, Fema is not some form of free goodies. They help with medical issues for people trapped, hurt, cut, etc, they also help with the roads, moving trees, wreckage, possible cars, down power lines. They also help get the power turned on so people can be aware of the news and whats going on but mostly be able to eat. They provide ice because ACs are out because there’s no power.

    In Alabama the day after Katrina hit there were no stores open and the whole lower area’s power was out.. Fema had to pass out Army food and water. Food you dont need to cook, it self heats. And people that thought they were prepared found out that trees had knocked over into their homes and cars. Alabama is a very red state and they were very happy to have Fema during those times.

    But Fema is not something you signed up for, it’s a mixture of medical staff, fire men, military, garbage men, and food help combined. Red States like Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida Get it most along with Tennessee and W. Virginia. In the past 10 years, with tornadoes, droughts, floods and hurricanes it has been no comparison.

    No Red State governor would be re elected if they turned down Fema help. Noticed how after all the talk about NO GOVERNMENT and wanting Texas to leave the U.S., that Rick Perry was the first Governor groaning and gripping that President Obama hadn’t given him enough money. If a big disaster hit and that governor turned FEMA away, theyd want him gone.

    • Curator says:

      They are only against FEMA until the unthinkable occurs. Then they glibly remind everyone that their taxes go to fund FEMA and they deserve to get some of it back. They ignore that no matter where the disaster, the same thing applies. It is another example of the hypocrisy of the GOP/Tea Party/Conservatives. Note that James Inhofe voted against Superstorm Sandy relief stating it was wasteful, then hollered for his share of the money when tornadoes struck Oklahoma. Take note of Chris Christie’s rhetoric during the Republican National Convention and contrast it with his attitude after Superstorm Sandy. HYPOCRISY, thy name is GOP/Tea Party/Conservative.

  • If Cats Had A Special Day Of The Year To Celebrate Them (like Dogs Do), What Special Treatment Should They Get? Should there be a: National Pet Your Cat Day? National Rub Your Cat’s Belly Day? National Give Your Cat Catnip Day? It’s so not fair that dogs in some countries have a special day 🙁

    Cats are special, too 😉
    I didn’t know there was a national day for cats. Woohoo!!!

  • Fawn says:

    Horse Experts! I Need Your Help!? Please Lend Me Some Advice? Hello there! I have just loved horses all my life. I know all little girls love horses up to a certain point, but i never grew out of it. I’m a senior in high school now and not that I plan on buying a horse anytime soon, I was just wondering if you could answer some questions?

    1. How do you get a good quality horse without paying an absolute fortune?
    (I know most people “buy” horses, but I’m the type of girl who adopts her dogs and cats from a rescue shelter. I want to give a horse that doesn’t have a home, a good home. Do you check newspapers? Are there horse shelters out there? Or is it all a buying type situation?)

    2.Picking the right horse. Personality-wise. Breed. Health and such.
    (Like most people I suppose, I want a friendly horse. I want a horse that doesn’t have temperament issues and I can walk into the paddock without being nervous about being kicked or bitten. I understand you need to approach a horse carefully as not to spook them. Give them a good distance when walking behind them, and other precautions.
    It’s not that I haven’t grown up around horses. I took lessons when I was 6, I go every summer to church camp and ride. And I’ll go visit my grandma who has horses. But she lives really far.:/)

    3.How do you raise kids with a horse?
    (Horses are kid magnets. I don’t have a problem with my kids wanting to ride with me, but I want them to be careful around them. This ties into the previous question, I would feel awful if my horse hurt my child. My best guess is to keep them away from the paddock until they can understand how big and powerful horses are. But at the same time I want a good tempered horse that could tolerate a little person. Or dog. Or my husband haha.)

    4.If I want to travel at least twice a year, is getting a horse a good idea?
    (I understand how expensive horses are. They need exercise and medications on top of feeding and tack. I think if I lived by some sort of boarding establishment, do you think it’d be too expensive just to have them stay there for a week? Goodness, I just don’t know. I’m worried because I LOVE horses but I also LOVE to travel :()

    5. My career aspiration is a Nurse Anesthesiologist. Will I have enough time to spend with my horse?
    (Haha, okay. That’s the plan for now. But I know plans change. I know I want to be a specialist in something. Something like a nurse practitioner where I can pick my own schedule. Like if I worked Mon-Thurs 9-4. Just doing appointments and such. It would give me enough time to wake up, ride my horse around a mile or so. See my kids off to school. Come home and spend another hour with him or so. I’m also looking for a career that will fund all the things I will need to own a horse. I also know horses need attention. I think another option is maybe if I had 4 acres of land, I could have 2 horses and some days when I’m too busy to ride they can keep each other company?

    I know I will NEVER be too stressed to ride. Riding is what takes my stress away! It’s kind of my “dream” to make enough money to,

    -Own a moderately sized house in a small to medium town in eastern washington state. Have about 5 to 6 acres of land for my house and horses. (Is that enough?)

    -Kids, husband, couple dogs, couple cats.

    -Take them to disney or another vacation spot a couple times a year.

    If it makes any difference I have joined the National Air Guard and they’re willing to pay up to 100% of my college tuition. Also my current boyfriend, (as cheesy as it sounds) aspires to be a large animal vet. So I’m thinking he could take care of my horses for free? Haha.

    Please don’t make fun of me if I am missing out on a lot of information about horses and things I haven’t thought of. That’s why I’m posting this. To learn from you. Teach me your knowledge. Reference me to a youtube video. Help me complete my dreams. 🙂

    • Curator says:

      1. There are definitely ways to find a good horse without paying an arm and a leg. It is easier to find a well-trained, well-bred horse if you have a big budget, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You just have to be patient and keep your eye open for, yes, newspaper ads, and ads online. Websites like,, and are great places to browse for horses. If you take lessons and pay attention to talk around the barn, you may hear of someone locally selling a good horse for not a lot of money. Especially in this economy, people sell horses just to relieve themselves of the burden of keeping the horse. My own horse was $2000, which is on the cheap end for a horse.

      2.The best way to pick the right horse for you is to look at lots of advertisements and make a list of horses you’re interested in. Then contact all of the sellers and ask lots of questions about the horses’ experience, temperament, medical history etc. You want a horse that has enough experience that he/she won’t be too much of a challenge for you, but the horse should have enough potential in your chosen discipline to get you through for years to come. Ask for lots of pictures and videos. Eliminate horses whose sellers don’t respond or provide good answers, pictures and video. Then you start with your favorite off your list and go try the horse out. Meet the horse in person and groom and ride the horse yourself. Take an instructor or trainer with you to help you make the decision. If you decide you like the horse after meeting the horse, then you should have a prepurchase exam done. The vet will do a brief check up and lameness work up and let you know whether the horse seems healthy or not. If you like what the vet says, then you buy the horse!

      3. I do not have kids myself, but many of the people I ride with do. You just have to supervise your kids while in the barn. It’s easy when they’re very young. You can set up a play pen either in the barn or near the riding arena where the kid is safe and contained, but you can also keep an eye on them. It gets harder when they’re mobile. You may have to have your husband watch the kids while you go to the barn until they are old enough to behave.

      4. Sure! People with horses travel as much as anyone else does, sometimes more if they show. You can keep your horses at home and go away too, as long as you get someone to take care of your horses while you’re away. I have horse-sat for many people over the years, primarily my riding instructor and my landlords. Now that my horses are kept on the family farm, my mom and I just switch shifts when one of us is going to be away.

      5. I don’t know much about this career path. If you can fall into a regular schedule, no matter what that is, it should be easy to figure your horses into the equation. I work Monday-Friday 8-4 and I manage to spend time with my horse. You should have more than 4 acres of land and you should have more than one horse, regardless if your ride everyday or not. Horses are social animals and can develop vices if kept alone. 4 acres (if it included your house and yard) would not be enough acreage for 2 horses. 2 acres of pasture per horse is generally a minimum. If you can have more, that would be ideal.

  • JW says:

    Why Are Dog (and Cat) Owners So Deluded? Too Many Pets, Not Enough People Want Them.? This is just me getting frustrated haha, but seriously I would love to hear some real, serious answers from pet owners. My friend recently gave up her dog (a pitbull mix) to their local animal shelter. Unfortunately the no-kill shelter was full. Anyway, prior to this, she had advertised online about rehoming the dog (craigslist, pennysaverusa, flyers in the neighborhood/area) as well as asked family/friends. This was for about 1.5 months but nobody wanted the dog, possibly because it’s old (6 years old).

    She had to give it up because of money issues and moving into a new (smaller, cheaper) apartment that had a no pets policy.

    Also just a quick note: She leaves the dog locked in the bathroom while she’s at work and a neighbor (who has a dog) is kind enough to come walk it at lunch for about 45 minutes with the neighbor’s own dogs. So the dog is locked in the bathroom for 4 hours, get a 45 minute walk/break, then locked for 4 hours again until she gets home.

    Anyway this dog lover acquaintance/friend went on a self righteous lecture to my friend, saying “Well it was super cruel that you own a dog and you work 8 hours a day so the dog is alone at home and trapped, so it’s a good thing you’re giving it up because now it will get a good home where people can actually take care of it. It’s also selfish of you to give up the dog because of money issues/relocating because if you truly cared for the dog you would find a different apartment and cut costs elsewhere in your life so you could have money for the dog.”

    Well all this was 9 weeks ago and the dog has been euthanized by the shelter.

    The thing is, I hear this kind of stuff from dog lovers (note: dog lovers, not dog owners. Dog owners seem rational compared to dog lovers) all the time, about how some people, because they work, or they feed the dogs once a day, or for whatever reason, are being cruel to the dogs and they don’t deserve the dog and the dog should be given up because “good, it will go to a better home”

    Considering the statistics of how many unwanted dogs there are, I just don’t get the rationale of dog lovers who criticize dog owners for small things?

    Also, another thing is, this was from about a year ago, but my local newspaper was advertising about how this poor dog was going to be euthanized soon because it had been given up 3 times for behavior problems, but all it really needed was someone to love it. Anyway, it got adopted right away thanks to that newspaper ad, while dogs with no to little behavior problems, get euthanized.

    It just seems dog lovers absolutely love adopting problem dogs (I see this not just in my local newspaper but online, on national websites like yahoo, etc.).

    I guess I’m trying to say is that, do dog lovers not understand that there are not anywhere near enough people who want dogs compared to the number of dogs that need homes? Thus it’s better for a dog to be locked in the bathroom while the owner is at work than for the dog to be given up to a shelter? Or that we should euthanize dogs with a proven behavior problem record than to send a plea about how it just needs love, while dogs with no behavior problems are euthanized.

    Okay, so if you read all that, the question is: What’s the rationale behind how dog lovers “think” in regards to dogs should be treated as gods/humans and if not worshipped, should be given up to a “better home” even though these “better homes” don’t exist because people don’t want dogs.
    @Reality Bites you’re obviously one of those deluded dog lovers – your arguments and points are thus worthless. Have a nice day and go post on some dog lover website please. No time for your idiot statements. If you aren’t willing to read the whole post, then don’t reply back, especially when some of your points are taken care of in the context of the whole passage.

    • Curator says:

      I think it’s mostly them trying to be self-righteous thinking they’re doing good and that others don’t understand a dogs needs. I’m Lucky I’ve been blessed with the finances and space to own my 5 dogs, and I adopt/foster older dogs as much as I can. But I also know that not Every dog with issues is worth saving if there’s an equally loveable, less troublesome dog out there because not everyone (hardly any average person) is equipped or knowledgable enough to rehabilitate a problem dog anyways. No-kill shelters are a joke, they still kill dogs, they just send them away when they’re full. If people really cared they’d end backyard breeding and make Strict laws on puppy mills and such and demand they be reinforced, not just complain about it. I give lectures on backyard breeders and puppymills to people in schools and places to educate them and I volunteer at a Kill shelter. And giving up a pet sometimes IS unavoidable, but there are cases people just don’t try hard.

    • Curator says:

      I posted a question myself about this in the horse racing section the other day, right after I saw this online. While I respect the judge in this case as an officer of the court, it’s obvious to me that he knows absolutely NOTHING about horses or their nature, nor does he realize that what happened to this toddler was the result of the boy’s father’s STUPIDITY and total lack of COMMON SENSE. He deliberately ignored the warning signs that were clearly posted around the property, and put his son in danger because he thought it would be cute to get a picture or two. What he didn’t count on was that “Scuppy” ( the horse) would take umbrage at having a baby held so close to his face. Of course the horse snapped at the boy- I would hardly have expected him to do otherwise in a situation like that. It was tragic that his teeth connected and the boy was left disfigured ( probably permanently, although that could potentially change as he gets older and the bone structure in his face develops more) but it was not undeserved, and it most certainly was NOT A SIGN of the horse’s being inherently viscious. The horse bit the child in self defense.

      As for the judge’s claim that “cats have a tendency to scratch and horses have a tendency to bite”, that’s simply NONSENSE. I’m a horse owner and professional myself, and in the 26 plus years I’ve been in the business, I have never been bitten even ONCE by any horse I’ve owned or worked with. I was never bitten as a child, either- and I’ve had horses of my own since I was a teenager. NO horse is ever born mean, which is clearly something that this judge is IGNORANT of. They get that way because they are mistreated and abused, and there are plenty of horses out there who never become viscious at all. The big thing I worry about with regard to this legal case is the effect that an adverse ruling will have on the state and national horse industries, including but not limited to the racing industry as well as the performance or sport horse side of the business. If horses are declared to be inherently viscious regardless of breed, age, training, or discipline, this could have a potentially disasterous impact on both the state and national economies. Connecticut is a huge hub for many different horse sports, including racing. The hunter and jumper circuits have major venues in CT, and the state does have tracks. In addition, the state has lots of lesson barns. If horses are declared to be viscious animals, these businesses will automatically become uninsurable. Some of them may be forced into bankrtupcy, simply because they can’t afford to operate without insurance protection. Then there’s the issue of the tracks, which employ thousands of people, and which help provide tax revenues for the state government. Declaring that all horses are naturally viscious (including racehorses) could result in the closure of at least some of these venues. It’s not a pretty picture I’m painting here, but it’s what could happen if the state’s Supreme Court decides to uphold the ruling of the lower court. So yes, other horseowners and professionals nationwide need to pay attention to what happens this week. If CT gets by with doing this, then you can bet the other states will follow- and the whole industry could suffer as a result. Think about it, folks.

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