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National Day of Prayer observed at Village Green

2 May 2014 | 4:23 am Dark clouds parted and rays of sun descended on the Village Square in Salem Thursday as a large crowd gathered to pray – one nation united in recognizing God's presence.

Citizens unite for National Day of Prayer

2 May 2014 | 3:31 am The power of prayer brought citizens of Alamogordo together at the Sgt. Willie Estrada Memorial Civic Center Thursday.

Dozens gather in Hamilton to observe National Day of Prayer

1 May 2014 | 11:22 pm Members of several Christian denominations prayed for government, the military, education, business and families.

American Psalms: Prayers for the Christian Patriot (Kindle Edition) tagged “national day of prayer” 2 times

3 December 2012 | 4:39 pm American Psalms: Prayers for the Christian Patriot American Psalms: Prayers for the Christian Patriot (Kindle Edition)By Joshua J. Masters Buy new: $5.99 Customer Rating: 5.0 Customer tags: intercession(2), leadership(2), memorial day(2), america(2), praying(2), discipleship(2), national day of prayer(2), christianity(2), prayer(2), devotional(2), president(2), christian living(2)

The Big Ben Minute: The History and Significance of the Big Ben Silent Minute Observance (Paperback) tagged “national day of prayer” 2 times

23 March 2012 | 1:38 pm The Big Ben Minute: The History and Significance of the Big Ben Silent Minute Observance The Big Ben Minute: The History and Significance of the Big Ben Silent Minute Observance (Paperback)By Andrew Dakers Buy new: $8.0921 used and new from $4.10 Customer tags: world war ii(4), national day of prayer(2), prayer(2)

'Harbinger' author to open National Day of Prayer – WorldNetDaily

2 May 2014 | 12:20 pm Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of runaway bestseller The Harbinger, has been invited to join the speakers for the 63rd annual National Day of Prayer on a date he tells WND holds a special significance in both his book and …

National Day of Prayer: Unconstitutional & Anti-Sex | Sexual …

2 May 2014 | 7:27 am To give America an extra edge during the Cold War against godless Communism, President Harry Truman designated the first Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer. Every year since, that's when government officials …

National Day of Prayer celebrated in Erie area (Updated: 1:25 p.m. …

1 May 2014 | 6:27 pm A National Day of Prayer event was held in Bagnoni Council Chambers at Erie City Hall. More than 50 people attended the nearly one-hour event organized by Erie-area Christians. Another National Day of Prayer event will …

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10 Responses to National Day Of Prayer

  • Anonymous says:

    What Do Atheists Say, Do You Know That TODAY Is National Day Of Prayer? DOES THAT OFFIND YOU OR DOES IT TURN YOU ON????????????????or Both??????????????

  • Anonymous says:

    Does The FBI Or Other National Law Enforcement Agencies Have Offices In Ireland Or Other Countries In Europe? I wonder because I always hear the story of my mom’s cousin. Her name was Margaret but everyone called her Mollie. She was a high school English teacher out of college, and she took a break from that and somehow decided to go into the FBI. This was sometime before I was born I am guessing early 1980’s. The story is always about how she was really good in the FBI academy, one of the few females, but she had never fired a gun in her life. In those days they had to fire a pistol like 8 times within a certain amount of time and hit the target within that allotted time. The story goes that the first time she ever fired a weapon, she said a prayer in her head, closed her eyes and shot, and when she opened them it was a perfect score. Anyway, after she graduated, and had been working for a few months, her and her friends took a “vacation” to Ireland for some reason, and to make a long story short, she and her friends were killed in a suspicious car “accident” I have seen her obituary in the paper and everything, and some of her family thought that they were probably run off the road or something or were being pursued. Why would an FBI agent have gone to Ireland in those days? Did the FBI have a presence there? Do they now? I know at that time the was the “troubles” in Ireland but why would the FBI have a presence there? Do they have offices there?

  • Anonymous says:


    • Curator says:

      May 1st traditionally is Labour Day. Get out the red flags and sing the Internationale. If that is a day of prayer for you then fine but few others would class it so.

  • Anonymous says:

    What Is High School Like In Canada? So I may be moving to Toronto next year for my junior year. I’m from Turkey, and I was wondering how the high school life in Canada is like.
    1) How does the school system work? What subjects do you do?
    2) What kind of groups, gangs are there?
    3) How would I be treated as a foreigner?
    4) What are the guys like (lol just wondering)
    5) Do schools have lunch or do you pack lunch?
    6) Do you wear uniforms? If not, what is the dress code like?
    7) Sex, drinking, partying, drugs among teens?
    8) How many breaks do you have in a school year?
    9) Can you just shortly tell a day in your school? (like we arrive, chat with friends, national anthem, 3 classes,break …)
    10) Best school in Toronto in your opinion (if you live there ofc)?
    11) Can you go to any school, or do yoy have to choose one in the area which you live in?
    12) How are the teachers?
    13) How is bullying?

    Just any information will do, I don’t know anything about the schools there so.. THANK YOU!!

    • Curator says:

      It depends on what type of school you go to. If your school is semesteredthen you do 4 classes for 5 months, and then another 4 classes in the next 5 months. If your school isnt semestered, you do all 8 classes in 10 months, and then you have 8 exams in a row at the end of the year

      the people are really friendly, if your from another country people will find you very interesting. The boys here are also very friendly, some of them are jerks but most of them are nice

      We have a cafeteria where you can buy lunch. Uniforms depend on what school you go to, all catholic schools have uniforms, and one or two public schools do.

      In gr11, a lot of people have engaged in drugs and sex and stuff. But you will never be pressured into doing it.

      I believe we have one break every month

      So you get to school at 8:25 and the morning prayers and announcements come on. And then first period is 75 mins. And then you have 5 mins to go to your locker and get to the next class. After second we have lunch for 40 mins. And then third and fourth play out. And then you go home

      In Toronto it kind of depends on your race…but all schools are nice. It’s preferred that you go to a school close to you. But you can go anywhere you want.

      The teachers are relatively young, and you can easily relate to them. They make learning fun

  • Anonymous says:

    Why Are Atheists So Arrogant And Mean-spirited? There is a group at my college called that Secular Student Alliance, and there was one day called “blasphemy day” where they wrote on the sidewalks in chalk different things that mock Christianity, much of which was extremely hurtful. Another time, I peaked into their Facebook page, and they were talking about going to the national day of prayer and showing up in Wizard costumes and were going to hold up stupid signs saying things like “National Day Of Spell casting” and the leader suggested that they have a “prayer competition.” I just feel like they are not open minded towards others, and that really saddens me that atheism is just a bunch of ignoramuses claiming that everyone else is wrong.

    • Curator says:

      That group may be mean-spirited and arrogant but you shouldn’t let this low kind of radical group speak for all atheists. After all, don’t you hate it when a radical mean-spirited, arrogant Christian or Chrstian group makes atheists think that all Christians think and believe like this?

      Pray for their salvation instead.

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