National Dog Day

National Dog Day has been talked about a lot lately. Here the latest info.

National Dog Day: Adorable Photos Of The Top 10 Dog Breeds In America

27 August 2013 | 5:27 am For all of you with a special pooch in your life, Monday is the perfect day to show your dog just how much you care. Why? Because Aug. 26 is National Dog Day!

National Dog Day: 10 Adorable Photos Of The Most Popular Dog Breeds In America

27 August 2013 | 1:53 am For all of you with a special pooch in your life, Monday is the perfect day to show your dog just how much you care. Why? Because Aug. 26 is National Dog Day!

How to celebrate National Dog Day

26 August 2013 | 9:57 pm August 26 is National Dog Day. This day is designed to appreciate dogs and all they do and add to a family. However, not all families, particularly children, are ready for the responsibility of a dog or other type of family pet.

10 Heroic Dogs For National Dog Day – Business Insider

27 August 2013 | 2:56 am In honor of National Dog Day, we wanted to showcase the heroism and loyalty of dogs. These selfless canines put themselves in harm's way for the benefit of humans. Some are big, some are small, but all are man's best

Images: What dogs do on National Dog Day because they can …

27 August 2013 | 2:11 am Today is National Dog Day and doggies everywhere enjoyed the day in only the way a canine can. I may or may not be making some of all of this up. Some dogs stood around looking really important. DogSuit. Some of them

National Dog Day The Digital Cuttlefish – Freethought Blogs

27 August 2013 | 1:54 am So, yeah, I only found out a bit ago from Mano that it is National Dog Day* here. Knowing that I have written quite a lot about dogs, I thought I'd do the lazy thing and see what sort of dog verse (doggerel?) I could dig up.

National Geographic JUNE 1951 Austria, BIRD, Alaska, Dog Mart Day Fredericksburg

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National Peace Officers Memorial Day K9 May 15th 2003 K-9 Canine Dog Patch

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Dog Tag D Day Charter Member National World War 2 Museum Nice! om1491

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National Geographic JUNE 1951 Austria, BIRD, Alaska, Dog Mart Day Fredericksburg

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6 Responses to National Dog Day

    • Curator says:

      I’ll be too busy to do anything “memorable”… we live 35 miles northwest of the big Rim Fire burning outside of Yosemite National Park.

      We’ve taken in 2 families, 4 additional horses, 4 dogs, and 20 goats that were in the area evacuated. My ranch-hand and I are taking turns watching our Southern border for spot-fires and the whole family is ready for fire-fighting (our local CalFire and Calaveras Fire Protection engines have been assigned to the Rim Fire).

      It’s so busy locally that they’ve postponed the annual “Day in The Park” BBQ for our little township… we’ve got a population of 1,600 – 75 people are directly involved in fire-fighting and another 500 or so are involved in support roles.

  • Caty says:

    How To Cope With Losing A Pet? Three weeks ago I had to put my dog to sleep that was turning 11 years old in the beginning of September because she got cancer in her throat. I was 12 when I got my dog and I had her since she was 8 weeks old. I am a only child and my dog became my best friend. When ever I was upset she jumped on the bed or sofa trying to lick me in the eye. People may think I am such a crybaby and weird but I am still crying over her. I held her in my arms when she took her last breath. After we came from the vet I didn’t cry but it wasn’t until I went to bed that I couldn’t stop crying. I feel like everyone expect me to be over my dog’s death. I seem fine during the day but sometimes I have moments that I start to cry. I miss my best friend. How do you cope with the losing your pet? I must seem mentally unstable for some people. One of my friends even asked me of life is wonderful just two days after I had lost my pet….

    • Curator says:

      My heartfelt sympathy to you on the loss of the physical presence of your beloved furr-baby. But trust me her spirit is still with you and always will be. In the quietness, let yourself relax and you will feel her brush your leg, you may even see her out of the corner of your eye. Trust these events, that will be her letting you know she is okay.

      Let yourself grieve and don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed for your tears, telling stories about her, or any other method that you are using to cope with this major change in your life. People who are not animal people don’t understand this loss, but it is very real. In fact, grief counselors believe that people grieve longer and harder over the loss of a pet than they do over a human family member.

      Three weeks is just the beginning. This first year you will have all the ‘first’ events, her and your first birthday, first Christmas, first snowfall…all the times and events that were special to the two of you. These events will be hard, I know, so at these times, remember to talk to her spirit in your heart.

      I have put some links below for pet loss. The first is a wonderful website with a lot of resources to help pet owners. They have a weekly Monday Candlelight Ceremony. You can write a memorial tribute to her. I have written tributes for each of mine at the bridge.

      When you are ready, use your talents to do something special in her memory. Some ideas are to write poetry or stories, paint or have a portrait painted of her–especially if part of the fee for the painting will be donated to an animal charity, plant a tree, bush or flowers in a special place, make a picture collage or scrapbook (if you don’t have already) of pics that you have from the time she was a pup until she transitioned.

      Other ideas are to donate money or supplies to a local or national animal welfare group, volunteer your time if you can–they always need people to socialize kitties and walk dogs.

      If you like to read, I can suggest several wonderful books on pet loss. I am reading one now that I can’t put down. It’s called ‘Blessing the Bridge” by Rita Reynolds. Ms. Reynolds has a farm in central Virginia that has become a sanctuary to many ill and dying animals. Just reading her stories, you can feel the love and compassion she has for each animal and the reverence she has for life. Others are “I Will See You in Heaven” (I have the cat version); “Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates” and “Surviving the Heartbreak of Choosing Death for Your Pet”.

      Animals come to us to be our Teachers. I am sure you have learned so many lessons from your sweet furr-baby. I know after the loss of the second of my oldest kitties, and only 9 months after the oldest, I was desperate for relief for the pain in my heart. What those sweethearts hadn’t taught me when they were still in body, they set me on the path to find after they went back to spirit. One of the books I have read and re-read is “Animals in Spirit” by renown Animal Communicator, Penelope Smith. I gave me a lot of peace.

      You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Remember to be gentle with yourself during this time and to ignore callous remarks and actions from those that have not had the pleasure of the companionship of an animal and cannot understand that this is a true loss.

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