National Sibling Day

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Celebrate National Siblings Day With Pics of These Hot Celeb Relatives!

10 April 2014 | 7:12 pm It's National Siblings Day! Go show your brother or sister some appreciation today! Sure, they may get on your nerves at times, but at the end of the day it's all love,…

Michelle Obama Shares Adorable Photo of Her As A Child

10 April 2014 | 6:52 pm National Siblings Day may not get the same federal recognition as Mothers Day or Fathers Day, but Michelle Obama is still sharing the sibling love. The First Ladys twitter feed this morning featured photo of a pigtailed Michelle and her older brother, Craig Robinson, now…

National Sibling Day 2014: 14 Of Our Favorite Brothers And Sisters On TV [PHOTOS]

10 April 2014 | 5:35 pm Happy National Siblings Day! April 10 is a day to honor the relationship that brothers and sisters share with each other, so what better way to celebrate than with a breakdown of our favorite TV siblings! Check out the list below and add your own favorite on-screen brothers and sisters in the comments section. Elena And Jeremy Gilbert The Vampire Diaries

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13 Responses to National Sibling Day

  • Conor says:

    Why Am I So Stressed Bout Everthing? Every day i wake up feel stressed about going to school. there is no bullying or anything but we never learn anything. i am in transition year which is a year for doing nothing education wise. this year is not compulsery but is decided on a vote. most of the people in my year voted yes and those people never come in and only about half of the class goes to school. we dont do anything and it drives me mad. also during the last class i feel stresed because i have to come home. when i turn the corner to my road i feel sick looking at my house. i am 16 the oldest of 4 and i hate my family especially my mother which i always argue with and my dad never goes on my side. they made me do transition year and i cant get it through their heads that its a waste of time and money. they say do something about it but anything i suggest gets shot down by my classmates. 2 of my 3 siblings costanty try to have a go at me and purposely wind me up. i have been to a phycologist but nothing has changed. we will be starting family theripy and i dont think it will make a diffrence. all this stress is starting to take its toll on my mood and rational thinking. i also MIGHT have deppresion.

    • Curator says:

      It sounds like you are really going through a lot right now. Depression can affect you in numerous ways including your sleep, interaction with others and mood. It is hard to cope on your own and is helpful to have some help. If you ever feel suicidal please reach out for help. If you have something you enjoy take time to do it. Other ways to cope is by working out, journaling, talking to someone you trust like a family member or a friend and please keep hanging out with your friends. You can also call 800-448-3000 and talk to live counselor any time.
      Take Care,
      SM Source(s): Boys Town National Hotline 800-448-3000

  • Ariel says:

    Does This Question Make Logical Sense? A sample of 650 Democrats was chosen and it was found that 410 of them support a proposal of the Federal government to legalize National Sibling Day. How many oppose the proposal?

    (a) Obtain the standard error of the proportion of Democrats who support the proposal

    (b) Obtain the 96% confidence interval for the proportion of democrats who support the proposal

  • Holley says:

    I Am 15, Height 5’7, Weight 65kg(143ib), Am I Super Fat? I am 15, height 5’7, weight 65kg(143ib), and my brothers call me a fat cow along with my mom, and because i feel like i am soo fat, i’v been trying to hide from everyone’s sight for 3 years now, im doing every thing i can to lose weight, yet i still feel like i can’t take it anymore , i feel like im going to kill my self. So i asking for a honest answer, no pety, just honesty, am i fat? PS: no matter what your answer is , i wont do anything stupid. Thank you.

    • Curator says:

      Hello, I am a 15 year old girl. I currently sit at 140lb and I am also 5’7. By sibling too call me fat. They tease me ect, mostly because they’re younger than me and like to take the piss. It is not over weight! I am a fashion guru. I complete in national fashion competitions in my country and I love to dress FABULOUS! If you believe you cannot loose any weight, learn to dress for your body type. Eg: if your hourglass like myself, you wear something that draws attention to your best assets and your hips. If you are pear shape, you would want to try to use patterns, fabrics and clothing so that don’t cling to your hips ect, ect. Anyway. I diet that I have tried and using this last couple weeks is trying to exchange your breakfasts with quick and easy smoothies. Like, really yummy ones 🙂 and ry going for a walk or using a treadmill for 20 minutes while watching a movie or tv show! 🙂 I’ve lost 5lbs in 10 days. But it’s not always about loosing but also keeping it off and staying healthy. Anyways, please love your body! Don’t change your self to try and fit this ‘perfect’ image we all see, you need to dress for your shape, like Kim kardashian, she’s not skinny but she looks fabulous! Good luck and stay perfect! 🙂

  • Bradley says:

    My Mum Acts Like She Doesn’t Want To Talk To Me? I’m 16 and gay and I told my parent I’m gay on Christmas day(at night) I’ve tried talking to her about a week ago in the car and she acts like she doesn’t want to talk about it. When I ask her when she thinks I should tell my brother and sister she acts as if shit is about to hit the fan and I’m going to tell the whole world.

    Also I feel really awkward talking about it, like if I see a cute boy I want to say something like “he’s hot” but I can’t because I feel embarrassed. I am very proud to be gay and I don’t car what a one thinks about it, I would choose to be gay than straight if I had the choice but I feel really embarrassed and awkward talking to my parents about it

    • Curator says:

      Coming out on Christmas is a very, very bad idea because if it goes wrong, it’ll make Christmas uncomfortable for the rest of your lives.

      Go ahead and tell your siblings. Don’t ask for her permission, just tell them. That will resolve the problem. She’ll be mad but it’ll be a done deal.

      check out this site; there should be something helpful there.

      PFLAG is for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and might help your mother deal with a surprise she really didn’t want. Remember, nobody expects that their kid will be LGBT, so it may take awhile for her to adjust. But most parents do.

      Also.. Explain that it was nothing she did or failed to do. it is BIOLOGICAL.

      Epigenenics -National Institute For Biological Synthesis…
      Epiginenics Wikipedia…

      as much a choice as Handedness Scicence says…

  • Ima Cool says:

    Will I Become Schizophrenic? My oldest sister is 30 and she was diagnosed with disorganized schizophrenia about 2 years ago. And I heard that if you smoke marijuana and you have a family member with schizophrenia, you are vulnerable to getting it. I am 16 now, and I have only been smoking pot here and there for the past 3 years. If I only smoke a few huffs here and there and nothing heavy, will I still become schizophrenic? My sister who has it has never drunk or done drugs a day in her life btw

    • Curator says:

      You’re right to be concerned as any types of outside substances for a high may increase the risk of mental illness, including Schizophrenia. With a family history of it (which includes a sibling), you’ll want to be that much more careful and steer clear of drugs (and that can include alcohol).

      On that note, please avoid any type of hallucinogen (includes ecstasy which is part hallucinogen and part stimulant) as that can especially bring on severe mental illness, such as Schizophrenia. Why take the chance with any outside substances, right (?)

      I’d heard of a guy (of an acquaintance) who’d had a “bad trip” from drug use and then used marijuana and started getting violent as in a psychotic (mental break from reality) state. No one else reacted that way to the marijuana but him.

      Pertaining to your sister, I’m not sure if you and/or your family know about the non-profit organization, NAMI (national alliance on mental illness), but they might have a local support group or workshop for the relatives and friends of the person with the mental illness: and can click “Find Your Local NAMI” or such.

  • Keith Pullen says:

    How Do I Go About Reporting An Abuse By Staff At A National Childrens Home In 1950? This was at a State run National Children’s Home at Ashford Kent early 1950’s.
    I was 5 years old – my Father was imprisoned for 5 years in 1951 – for sex offences against my 3 year old brother, My mother had a mental breakdown because of this.
    All 3 children -[ siblings ] were sent to children’s homes – I don’t remember them being at Ashford with me.
    I remember on my first day at the children’s home feeling so isolated & alone that on the first night I wet my bed – I went to the matron / nurse to report what had happened.
    I was marched back to my soiled bed – had to strip the bed – then marched to the bathroom with my wet sheets – and had to wash them over a large cast iron bath,- This patten happened night after night – the regime was very severe and brutal that it destroyed any self confidence.
    There was no Love or Care shown at Ashford – just a strict regime.

    At another children’s home at Seaford in East Sussex in April 1957 -[ my father had returned from prison – and my mother was expecting child number 4.]
    All 3 of us children were all put in this children’s home for a few weeks,- on one occasion – I was locked in small shed – a bit larger than a toilet – I was given a hundred weight of potatoes to be pealed before I was released from this small shed.
    The regime at Seaford was not as severe as Ashford – it was more demoralising than encouraging.

    I am now 68 and still suffer from the trauma of those days & weeks at Ashford Children’s Home.

    • Curator says:

      To be honest, it’s not likely that any legal action can be taken this long after the fact.

      Ashford sounds harsh, but not surprising in that day. Seaford sounds like it was abusive.

      I was in a home in Canada and in foster homes at the same time as you. I was abused in some of the foster homes, sadly. But I chose to raise myself to be a good person and I didn’t allow that trauma to define me. I cannot change the past, but I do not let it haunt me because I am now a good husband and father.

      I don’t think reporting or any lawsuit will give you respite from your feeling that you are still suffering. I think you need to make a conscious decision to not let those sick people define you. I am surprised that you seem more traumatized by the coldness at Ashford, rather than the abuse you suffered at the other place. They were humans with human failings. You can become a free person by deciding to forgive them for their illnesses. I hope you will allow yourself to heal.

  • Jordan says:

    How To Find The Courage To Report My Parents For Child Abuse? I’ve been going through child abuse my whole life. I am currenly 16 and at this point in time my folks have caused me so much pain that today I decided it was the right day to call the national abuse hotline and report them. I called maybe 10 minutes ago and the operator answered and I hung up because I’m scared of going to a foster home and being separated from my siblings and school and friends and especially my boyfriend. Please help

    • Curator says:

      I can understand how scary this must be for you. I stood up to my abusive father and left him when I was 17 years old. It is very empowering and also the scariest thing in life to confront our abusers.

      Please know that being abused is never ok, and it is NEVER your fault. You did not ask for this, and you do not deserve any of it. I understand your fears, as they are rational and normal to feel how you feel. You don’t want to risk being exposed, to have further repercussions to you, to living with another family,losing your boyfriend etc. Who would not be afraid of such things?

      When I was your age, I had a supportive group of friends that helped me stand up to my father. I was lucky to have such brave friends, but I honestly believe your boyfriend would support you (if he loves and cares about you) no matter where you live.

      Is there a professional at school that you can talk too? Is there a way you can talk to a social services agency that can be supportive to you and just listen without the threat of being taken away? Maybe you can call the hotline from an anonymous phone number and give them a fake name. Simply tell them what would happen to you and see if you feel comfortable about giving them your real information once you know how they will handle it? Be careful about which phone you use and don’t use one that can be traced to your parents account! Try to buy one of those pay as you go cell phones real cheap. Maybe you can buy one after school and call the number when you feel you are safe and your parents are not around or at home.

      Be patient with yourself and know that you are so much stronger than you even realize. I commend you on seeking help. Dont stop learning about ways you can reach out to professionals.

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