Navy Yard Shooting

Navy Yard Shooting has been in the news a lot lately. Here the latest.

NBC, CBS Retract Identity Of Navy Yard Shooter – Huffington Post

16 September 2013 | 5:22 pm NBC and CBS were forced to retract initial reports about the identity of the shooter responsible for the deaths and injuries at the Navy Yard in Washington on Monday. Both networks identified the same man as the shooter, and

'He said nothing': Witnesses tell how Navy Yard gunman shot at them

16 September 2013 | 3:43 pm WASHINGTON Two workers at the Washington Navy Yard who came face to face with a gunman in a dimly lit hallway recounted Monday how he silently raised his rifle and opened fire on them.

Washington Navy Yard shooting: LIVE UPDATES RT USA

16 September 2013 | 2:02 pm There are multiple fatalities in Washington, DC Monday morning following an armed rampage at Navy Yard that left 12 people dead, according to preliminary reports.

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5 Responses to Navy Yard Shooting

  • Who now? says:

    Will Cons Support Mental Healthcare Reform After The D.C. Navy Yard Shooting Till The Heat Dies Down? You know, the same way they did for a few weeks after Sandy Hook?
    “mental healthcare reform? we supported “mental healthcare reform” after Sandy Hook?
    what in the heck are you talking about?? you sound incredibly confused”

    Nope, not going to work. Look at the conservative answers on this question asked right after the school shooting:;_ylt=Atp6U5n0htk6b6K5NXL_MuwjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20121224133446AAgL7q7

  • Weed A Peapl says:

    Will Today’s Shooting Become Obama’s Gulf Of Tonkin Attack? Will Obama declare that today’s Navy yard shootings were a coordinated foreign attack on U.S. soil, and that he has already attacked Syria?

    Will he compare it to the Pearl Harbor attack, and that a state of war has existed from the moment the first shot was fired?

    Will Obama present evidence to support his claims, then after the war has started all the evidence will be proven to be lies?

    Will Obama lie us into another Democrat war?

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