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Ex- NFL star Herschel Walker: NFL concussions arent always to blame

13 March 2013 | 2:24 am Ex- NFL star Herschel Walker said that the National Football League does have a problem in the amount of brain injuries that players receive but that the long-term effects of concussions are likely being exaggerated.

NFL free agency: Dolphins gain, Ravens lose

13 March 2013 | 2:11 am NFL free agency started Tuesday with two teams well under the salary cap making a splash and the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens losing two linebackers in the wake of Ray Lewis’ retirement.–nfl.html

NFL -National Football League roundup

13 March 2013 | 12:59 am March 12 (The Sports Xchange) – NFL free agency started Tuesday with two teams well under the salary cap making a splash and the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens losing two linebackers in the wake of Ray Lewis’ retirement. The Miami Dolphins complemented an earlier deal with wide receiver Mike Wallace, reaching agreement on a five-year, $35 million contract with former Ravens linebacker …–nfl.html

Take Your Eye Off the Ball: How to Watch Football by Knowing Where to Look (Paperback) tagged "nfl" 12 times

20 November 2012 | 1:50 am Take Your Eye Off the Ball: How to Watch Football by Knowing Where to Look Take Your Eye Off the Ball: How to Watch Football by Knowing Where to Look (Paperback)By Pat Kirwan Buy new: $10.8880 used and new from $6.12 Customer Rating: 3.2 Customer tags: nfl(12), football analysis(10), football(9), pro football(8), pat kirwan(3), systems(3), national football league(3), draft(2), coverage, defense, dime, documentary films

Madden NFL 11 (Video Game) tagged "nfl" 36 times

8 November 2012 | 9:08 pm Madden NFL 11 Madden NFL 11 (Video Game)By Electronic Arts Buy new: $15.95192 used and new from $0.01 Customer Rating: 3.2 Customer tags: xbox 360(78), madden(57), madden nfl 11(56), video games(44), electronic arts(40), nfl(36), sports(24), national football league(21), playstation 3(12), football(7), madden 11(6), ea sports(4)

PAYDIRT (Kindle Edition) tagged "nfl" 18 times

9 July 2012 | 10:27 pm PAYDIRT PAYDIRT (Kindle Edition)By Paul Levine Buy new: $3.75 Customer Rating: 3.2 Customer tags: mystery(20), nfl(18), semi-tough(18), pro football(18), gambling(17), dan jenkins(17), caper(17), jake lassiter(17), paul levine(16), low-priced ebooks(16), thriller(4), super bowl(3)

Catch a Shooting Star (Kindle Edition) tagged "nfl" 18 times

19 June 2012 | 10:35 pm Catch a Shooting Star Catch a Shooting Star (Kindle Edition)By Olivia Ventura Buy new: $5.00 Customer Rating: 3.2 Customer tags: ellora s cave(18), misfit(18), nfl(18), kindle romance(17), contemporary romance(14), olivia ventura(14)

Madden NFL 11 (Video Game) tagged "nfl" 26 times

17 December 2011 | 7:12 am Madden NFL 11 Madden NFL 11 (Video Game)By Electronic Arts Buy new: $10.10381 used and new from $0.89 Customer Rating: 3.2 Customer tags: playstation 3(53), madden(41), madden 11(31), football(29), video games(27), nfl(26), ps3 games(25), ps3 game(15), madden nfl 11(11), 11(4), madden 2011(3), 2011

NFL free agent tracker: Mike Wallace, Paul Kruger headline wild …

12 March 2013 | 10:20 pm NFL free agency got off to a fast start with several big names signing contracts within the first few hours.

NFL free agency: Cleveland Browns sign Paul Kruger –

12 March 2013 | 8:40 pm Paul Kruger is on his way to Cleveland, where he will play a pivotal role as a pass-rusher in Ray Horton's 3-4 defense.

NFL Free Agency: Mike Wallace, Dolphins nearing five-year deal …

12 March 2013 | 8:08 pm The Miami Dolphins and Mike Wallace are reportedly closing in on a deal.

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6 Responses to NFL

  • ALF says:

    I’m In A Weird Predicament As A New Football Fan…. (Concerning Bandwagoning)? Let me explain….

    I just started watching NFL seriously at Super Bowl 46, followed the whole next season, and am still following

    I live in GA, go Falcons right? That’s who I went with cause it’s the home team right

    But about halfway through the regular season, I saw “A Football Life” on NFL Network with Ray Lewis. I was touched. It changed my life. Ray Lewis lead me back to the lord!

    Plus my favorite colors are Black/Purple anyway, so I looked into it and saw that people were ok with the idea of being a fan of 1 AFC team and 1 NFC team.

    So I became a Ravens fan, and bought all the merch like a T shirt, a hat, and even a Jacket, all still well before the playoffs let alone the superbowl were even really a thought.

    So I’ve got this dual fandom thing going on, and when the Ravens ended up winning the Superbowl as Ray Lewis final game ever, I was so happy, I was so proud.

    But since then, the Ravens have :
    1.Ray Lewis retired (Obviously)
    2.Caved to Flaccos ridiculous pay demands (I can’t say I blame them though)
    4.Let Dannell Ellerbe go…. again, WTF?
    5.Let Paul Kruger go….

    What’s f*cking next? They trade Ray f*cking Rice for a Snickers candy bar?

    So I feel like I’m in a predicament. The team I have chosen for myself and not just cause it’s my home team is imploding……

    I feel like I won’t even be watching the same damn team anymore… my hero Ray Lewis is gone…. and now they’re dumping all these other guys I’ve come to know & love watching….

    People act like it’s some kind of unforgivable football sin to abandon your team. You’re labelled a “Bandwagoner”

    Like I said, I got on w/ the Ravens before the playoffs or superbowl were even a thought, at the point I jumped on board they could have possibly not even made the playoffs

    But I just fear that I may lose that love of the team with my aforementioned hero gone, and all these other guys I came to love too getting let go…. I feel like it’s not going to be the same and that I might be tempted to abandon them…. -_- but then… I’d be… the dreaded band wagon douchebag :/

    I guess to make it technically a question

    Q.Would I be a piece of bandwagon scum if I do end up walking out on the Ravens after all of these losses?

    BQ : Why is it that the players can clearly display no f*cking loyalty to their teams? But that the fans are expected to?

    BQ2 : I was born in Louisiana, and mostly raised in Florida (Eh hem) If the Saints, Bucs, Dolphins, or for some reason Jags start doing very well, would I be a bandwagoning piece of crap for being on board with and proud of my other-home teams?
    @Panthers : Yeah, I’m not making any “Rash” decisions yet.

    I just meant that if the ravens go like 0-16 or something beyond ridiculous I’d be very tempted to just say “F*ck em” and forget about them….

    Speaking of the Panthers, I love watching their games. Cam Newtons really entertaining in particular, not saying I’m gonna jump over to them or anything, but Cam is just really great to watch yeah?
    & I didn’t think I was admitting to being a bandwagoner, that’s why I emphasized that I got behind the Ravens before the superbowl or even playoffs were even a thought in my mind.

    I thought in order to bandwagon you had to jump to a team strictly because they’re doing well, and I did this before any of that was evident to me just because I liked the colors/logo & Ray Lewis o_o

    It’s like I somehow cannot be considered a Falcon bandwagoner, because I live here but Ravens maybe?

    If I had hypothetically lived in… IDK Kansas or somewhere with a sh*tty color scheme/logo/weak team when getting into football I could have instantly still hopped behind Ravens, never rooted for the home team and possibly be called a bandwagon Ravens fan, but if the Chiefs won the superbowl down the line and I jumped on with them I’d be exempt of the bandwagon label, on basis of living there

    Idk, I’d just like to think I’m not a bandwagon Ravens fan because I got on board in about
    week 6 when no great success was obvious yet

    I’ll admit that I’d acknowledge bandwagoning if I was like “GO BUCS!” if they hypothetically started the next season with a 10 game win streak or something. I’d be like hey! That’s what would have been my home team in the past and they’re pwning people (Hops on bandwagon & admits it)
    But what I was saying is, I don’t think anyone would ever actually accuse anyone of the label bandwagoner of their home team

    So, say hypothetically the Saints play like Gods this year, I think by all rights you as someone living in Louisiana or me as someone born and halfway raised there are like… rightfully allowed to be fans exempt from that label, even if we weren’t REALLY on board prior to success >_>

    That being from somewhere, or currently living there is almost like an exemption from being labeled

    That’s just what I think anyway.

    • Curator says:

      Well, this is the negative of winning the superbowl. The value of key players skyrocket. The Browns overpaid for Kruger. Miami gave Ellerbee a nice deal. Players will come and go so I suggest you find something about the Ravens organization that you like. Maybe study the history of the owner and stadium.

      Or you can just support a different AFC team. I wouldn’t condemn you as a bandwagoner since you have the decency to admit that you are one.

      I suggest you wait until the regular season before making any rash decisions, The Ravens definitely won’t be the same without Ray Lewis but they should still be a good team.

      BQ: The NFL is a business. The players are employees. If you can get a suitable raise, work for a better organization located in a better venue then you take it. Loyalty doesn’t play a factor in most cases.

      BQ2: No. Support whoever you want dude. Don’t worry about the bandwagon label, so long as you’re an NFL fan that supports the game you should be free to cheer for whoever you like.

      I live in Louisiana, I’m a Panthers fan. And while I’d never be a full fledged fan of the Saints, I will cheer for them for time to time since I live practically minutes away from the Superdome and the city is passionate about the team. My Panthers always come first, but there are other teams that I really like and will support from time to time.

  • Nate says:

    Computer Protection Help:? I was curious if Advanced Systemcare Ultimate 6 is a good program. I have been using that a long with Crap Cleaner, and Iobit Malware the last 2 using the free versions.

    I upgraded Ultimate 6 and have been scanning, and using full scan. Was wondering if there is something better, or if this is sufficient. I generally only use my computer for school work
    Or school research reports.

    So I don’t go on anything dodgy like porn sites and such.

    Was just wondering if this is sufficient or should I look for something else? I Also don’t have loads of money to spend.

    BQ: What is Microsoft Silver light?

  • Anthony says:

    If Some One Buy NFL Jersey From This Site Named Really wann to wholesale jerseys from china,i need know if someone bought from that site;secondly,if that site is legal;last,how is the quality?please show me your advice

  • Isaac says:

    What Are My Chances Of Getting Into The NFL? I’m a Junior in High School and I am a Center. I’m 5’11 245 and I can rep 225 13 times and my max Squat is 610.

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