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Everyone has been talking about North West lately. We thought we would add our own take on it.

North West debuts; Kanye West talks Kim Kardashian, baby girl

23 August 2013 | 7:58 pm Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter, North West, is REAL!,0,6392741.story?track=rss

See North West! Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Baby Revealed

23 August 2013 | 7:49 pm It's the day Kardashian fans have been waiting for… a picture of baby North West has been revealed!

North West's Reveal and 6 More Highly Anticipated Celeb Baby Debuts

23 August 2013 | 7:45 pm Finallythe first photo of baby North West! Little Nori made her long awaited debut this morning on Kris Jenner's talk show, where proud parent Kanye West gushed over his two…

Baby North West Picture – Photoshopped, "Darkened" to Look Black …

23 August 2013 | 5:57 pm Baby North West Picture Photoshopped, Digitally Darkened – MediaTakeOut Claims Kim Kardashian and Kanye Daughter Made to Look More Black.

Kanye West Talks North West & Kim Kardashian in Emotional 'Kris …

23 August 2013 | 4:50 pm Kanye West Talks North West & Kim Kardashian in Emotional 'Kris' Interview Kanye West gave an emotional, no holds bar interview on Kris Jenner's talk show Kris for the season finale on Friday (August 23). The 36-year-old

North West's Photo Debut! Who Does She Look Like More: Kim Or …

23 August 2013 | 4:42 pm Kanye West proudly showed a photo of baby North West on Kris Jenner's talk show Friday morning the first ever seen! As precious as she is, we're torn. Who does she cater to more in the looks department?? Kim or Yeezy?

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7 Responses to North West

    • Curator says:

      It was originally. They came to the west coast of North America about 15,000 years ago but probably didn’t reach Main until thousands of years later.

      They were Mongol people, and possibly what is called Tibetan now. I claim that only because other Mongol people told me Tibetans turn reddish, as opposed to just brown or olive color, when tanned by the sun. Our “indians” were called “red men.”

      According to genetic tracing though, our Native Americans are supposedly descended from the “Chukchi” people of northeastern Asia. I don’t know yet how or if they are related to Tibetans.

      Thanks to evolution they could have evolved to be reddish just as Tibetans did but not be directly related to them. It is also possible only some Native Americans turn reddish but European descendants here attributed it to all of them.

      Now if you mean a few Viking seamen based in Ireland, Greenland, or Iceland, who washed up on the eastern shores of North America within the last couple thousand years, that probably happened. One or more old settlements have been found that appear to be European style structures.

      It is possible early Viking culture did attempt settlements in that area but they didn’t survive as they didn’t on Greenland. They held on until today only on Iceland, and a whole lot so far as I know. The ones in North America died off, were killed off, assimilated into the Native American cultures, or just packed up and went back to their homelands.

      Many Viking and other culture Norsemen assimilated with or replaced Celts in the British Isles. Southern Britain is mostly Norse and other Germanic descent (Saxons, Angles, Jutes and other Danes). We now call them “English” (Angle-ish).

      PS: That’s way beyond what you asked. If you meant the recent Euro-culture fishermen coming to North America, that was only a few centuries ago and their history is readily available online and in libraries.

  • Juan says:

    Why Does Kim Kadarshian Get So Much Hate? Ok,so I bearly found about her like 6 months ago and when I see comments of her on here,they are mostly mean.So why does she get so much hate?Did she do like something bad or something?Thanks

    • Curator says:

      Kim and her family became famous when someone leaked a sex tape that she made with her boyfriend at that time. they now have a tv show called keeping up with the Kardashians that has aired 7 seasons and currently showing the 8th on E! kim has 2 spin of shows with her sister Kourtney, Kountney and Kim take Miami and Kourtney and Kim take New York. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe have 3 stores called Dash:Calabasas, Dash:Miami and Dash:New York.
      Kim now has a daughter, North West with Kanye West and is getting a lot of hate for called her North West. I personally wish everyone would stop the hate on all celebrities as they may take it seriously and possibly end their life.

  • Jerry L says:

    Physics Help! Vector Displacement & Velocity? A boater wants to go straight north across a river. The boat can travel at a speed of 7.00 m/s. The current in the river flows west at 1.50 m/s.
    A) In what direction must the boat be directed in order to travel straight across the river?

    B) What will be the boat’s actual speed in the water?

  • John says:

    Physics Problem! Please Help? A pilot flies her route in two straight-line segments. The displacement vector A-> for the first segment has a magnitude of 244 km and a direction 30.0° north of east. The displacement vector for the second segment has a magnitude of 175 km and a direction due west. The resultant displacement vector is R-> = A-> + B-> and makes an angle θ with the direction due east. Using the component method, find (a) the magnitude of R-> and (b) the directional angle θ.
    The answers are a) 127 km and b) 73.4 degrees.
    If you could work it out or explain it for me, that would be great. Especially on how to draw the vectors. I’m stuck.

    • Curator says:

      Traveling 244km at 30° North of East places the aircraft
      at cos(30°)×244km = 211.3 km East and
      sin(30°)×244km = 122 km North
      Traveling 175km due west places the aircraft at
      211.3km – 175km = 36.3 km East and 122 km North
      Distance from starting point = √(36.3²+122²) = 127.28km
      arcsin(122/127.28) = angle of displacment

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