Northern Lights

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Northern lights in Utah: Look for the sky to turn red

13 September 2014 | 12:30 am SALT LAKE CITY A phenomenon rarely seen in northern Utah could be visible this weekend. Aurora borealis, aka the northern lights, are more common at much higher latitudes, but highly charged protons from a solar storm currently bombarding the Earths upper atmosphere make it possible to see a glowing sky in parts of northern []

Will the Northern Lights be visible Friday night?

13 September 2014 | 12:00 am SPOKANE, Wash. – We've had a lot of viewers calling in asking about viewing the Northern Lights Friday night. Solar flares directed at Earth should put on quite the dazzling light display for the northern part of the country, depending on cloud cover of course. INSIDE>>>|PHOTOS|

U.S. skygazers could get rare glimpse of northern lights

12 September 2014 | 11:58 pm By Victoria Cavaliere SEATTLE (Reuters) – Stargazers across a wide swath of the United States could get a rare view on Friday of the northern lights, a colorful cosmic display normally only visible in far northern latitudes. The northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, was expected to be visible after dark on the East Coast from Maine to as far south as Maryland, and across large parts of Michigan …

Dreamweaver (Wild Men of Alaska) (Kindle Edition) tagged “northern lights” 17 times

1 December 2012 | 8:30 pm Dreamweaver (Wild Men of Alaska) Dreamweaver (Wild Men of Alaska) (Kindle Edition)By Tiffinie Helmer Buy new: $2.99 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: paranormal romance(20), sexy romance(20), alaska(19), tiffinie helmer(17), northern lights(17), legends(16), hot hero(16), wild men of alaska(16), ghosts(14), short story(13), humor(4), contemporary romance(2)

Awaken the Curse (Kindle Edition) tagged “northern lights” 4 times

7 November 2012 | 10:09 pm Awaken the Curse Awaken the Curse (Kindle Edition)By Alexa Egan Buy new: $0.99 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: legends(5), paranormal romance(5), hot hero(5), ghosts(5), alaska(5), wild men of alaska(5), sexy romance(5), short story(4), northern lights(4), shapechangers, regency paranormal

Our Explosive Sun: A Visual Feast of Our Source of Light and Life (Hardcover) tagged “northern lights” 25 times

20 October 2012 | 4:34 pm Our Explosive Sun: A Visual Feast of Our Source of Light and Life Our Explosive Sun: A Visual Feast of Our Source of Light and Life (Hardcover)By Pl Brekke Buy new: $26.8851 used and new from $0.43 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: solar(27), astronomy(26), space(26), telescopes(26), solar system(25), northern lights(25), sun(25), aurora(25), global warming(23), solar astronomy(22), space weather(6)

Aurora Borealis – Curtains to Heaven (Minute Stories) (Kindle Edition) tagged “northern lights” 4 times

5 September 2012 | 7:00 pm Aurora Borealis - Curtains to Heaven (Minute Stories) Aurora Borealis – Curtains to Heaven (Minute Stories) (Kindle Edition)By Blythe Ayne Buy new: $0.99 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: farm life(4), aurora borealis(4), short fiction(4), inspirational(4), personal growth(4), midwest(4), kindle(4), northern lights(4), love(4), happiness(4), award winning(3), childhood(3)

Dead of Light (Northern Lights Book 1) (Kindle Edition) tagged “northern lights” 5 times

12 August 2012 | 6:55 am Dead of Light (Northern Lights Book 1) Dead of Light (Northern Lights Book 1) (Kindle Edition)By Chaz Brenchley Buy new: $4.99 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: dark fantasy(14), urban fantasy(13), dark urban fantasy(12), chaz brenchley(12), fantasy(12), suspense(11), dead of light(10), urban fantasy romance(9), coming of age(8), horror(7), northern lights(5), book view cafe(2)

Northern Lights Could be Visible in Iowa Tonight |

12 September 2014 | 11:16 pm Schwartz says usually these solar flare-ups don't mean anything to Iowans, but with high amounts of aurora activity expected tonight, the famous northern lights could be visible as far south as central Missouri. A photographer …

Northern Lights could be seen in New York tonight | New York's …

12 September 2014 | 6:18 pm The so-called Northern Lights may be seen as low as New York to Wisconsin to Washington state, according to the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center. The most intense showing is expected Friday night into Saturday …

Northern lights may be visible in New Hampshire skies Friday night …

12 September 2014 | 4:41 pm The northern lights or aurora borealis may be visible Friday night across New Hampshire skies.

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