Obama On Jimmy Fallon

Obama on Jimmy Fallon: Top moments with 'POTUS with the most-est'

Wed, 25 Apr 2012 06:36:40 -0700 President Obama has given a lot of major speeches. But never before has he punctuated one by dropping the microphone after, like he did Tuesday night on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (watch videos below) . http://chicagotribune.feedsportal.com/c/34253/f/622812/s/1eb9ee6b/l/0L0Schicagotribune0N0Cnews0Cnationworld0Cla0Epn0Eobama0Eon0Ejimmy0Efallon0Ehighlights0E20A120A4250H0A0H7376770A0Bstory0Dtrack0Frss/story01.htm

Obama 'slow-jams' the news with Jimmy Fallon

Wed, 25 Apr 2012 06:45:37 -0700 President Obama has given a lot of major speeches. But never before has he punctuated one by dropping the microphone after, like he did Tuesday night on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (watch videos below) . http://www.q13fox.com/news/la-pn-obama-on-jimmy-fallon-highlights-20120425,0,1364857.story?track=rss

Obama 'Slow Jams' On Student Loans With Jimmy Fallon

Wed, 25 Apr 2012 07:54:22 -0700 President Obama has given a lot of major speeches. But never before has he punctuated one by dropping the microphone after, like he did Tuesday night on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (watch videos below) . http://www.wpix.com/news/la-pn-obama-on-jimmy-fallon-highlights-20120425,0,5443039.story?track=rss

Obama On Jimmy Fallon: President Discusses Student Loans, Mitt …

President Obama appeared on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" Tuesday night, where he discussed his proposal for lower-rate student loans, the secret service prostitution scandal and his impressions of likely GOP rival Mitt … http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/25/obama-jimmy-fallon_n_1451005.html

Watch President Obama and Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam the News

Watch President Obama and Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam the News. President Obama's much hyped appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon got off to a great start when the two, with help from the Roots, slow jammed the news. Pure gold. http://gawker.com/5904926/watch-president-obama-and-jimmy-fallon-slow-jam-the-news

Barack Obama and Jimmy Fallon Team Up To Slow Jam The News

Barack Obama and Jimmy Fallon Team Up To Slow Jam The News. By Scott Beale on … Barack Obama, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots joined forces last night to Slow Jam The News on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Share … http://laughingsquid.com/barack-obama-and-jimmy-fallon-team-up-to-slow-jam-the-news/

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11 Responses to Obama On Jimmy Fallon

  • Vin says:

    Do You Think It’s Appropriate For The President To Be On Late Night Talk Shows? Or any talk show like The View or Oprah? Obama was on Jimmy Fallon tonight.

  • Anonymous says:

    Aren’t These Political Jokes VERY Funny!? “Sarah Palin gave a speech in South Korea. Just what the Koreans needed: Two crazy dictators in fashionable lady’s glasses.” –Conan O’Brien

    “Sarah Palin is driving all over the country in a bus, I guess to pick up where Charlie Sheen left off.” –Jimmy Kimmel

    “Today in New York City, Sarah Palin had a meeting with Donald Trump. Now, experts say if those two joined forces on a Presidential ticket it would be the greatest gift ever given to comedy.” –Craig Ferguson

    “It doesn’t make it a gotcha question just because it got ya.” —Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin complaining that a reporter asked her a “gotcha” question about Paul Revere (the question was “What have you seen so far today, and what are you going to take away from your visit?”)

    “Sarah Palin is going to London to try to meet with Margaret Thatcher, who’s made it clear she won’t meet with her. Palin went, ‘Who told her I was coming? Was it Paul Revere again?'” –Jay Leno

    “There are rumors that Sarah Palin will run for president. It’s a big decision. On one hand, running for president is a long and grueling process that goes on for months and years. But she could just quit halfway through, right?” –Jimmy Kimmel

    “One of Sarah Palin’s supporters is about to release a documentary about her called ‘The Undefeated.’ That’s like a documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger called ‘The Faithful.'” –Jimmy Fallon

    “Someone made a two-hour documentary about Sarah Palin’s political life. In case you’re interested in watching a movie that’s longer than Palin’s actual political life.'” –Jimmy Fallon

    “A Washington Post columnist is proposing February be a Palin-free month. You know a better month? November 2012.” —Jay Leno

    “We had a national tragedy this week, and the President of the United States and Sarah Palin both made speeches on the same day. Obama came out against lunatics with guns, she gave the rebuttal.” —Bill Maher

    “You know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? At some point a pit bull does stop whining.” —Bill Maher

    “In her video posted on her Facebook page, Sarah Palin condemned the media’s coverage of the Arizona shootings by using the phrase ‘blood libel,’ which refers to a harsh anti-Semitic slur. And I would be super-offended if I thought she knew that.” —Seth Meyers

    “Last night was possibly the last show ever of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska,’ for several reasons. She might run for President and would have to abide by the equal time rules. Also, she just likes to quit things.” —Jimmy Kimmel

    “Sarah Palin, part-time Governor of Alaska, is angry because Michele Obama is encouraging kids to eat healthy. Sarah Palin believes the government shouldn’t tell us what to do. Sarah Palin believes she should tell us what to do.” —David Letterman

    “A new poll shows President Obama ahead of Sarah Palin 54 percent to 39 percent in a potential match up. You know what that means? John McCain could get Barack Obama elected twice.” —Jay Leno

    “On Glenn Beck’s radio show yesterday, Sarah Palin accidentally said, ‘We have to stand with our North Korean allies.’ Then Palin was like, ‘Wait. North Korea’s the one in the south, right?'” —Jimmy Fallon

    “On Fox News, Sarah Palin said, ‘I want to clean up the state, that is so sorry today, of journalism and I have a communications degree.’ After that sentence, they might take it back.” –Jay Leno

    “A new study says that radiation from Wi-Fi is hurting trees. Environmentalists are calling it the worst assault on trees since George W. Bush and Sarah Palin became authors.” –Jimmy Fallon

    “Palin’s book just came out. It has just over 300 pages and just under 900 made-up words.” –Jimmy Fallon

    “Three finalists on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ two of whom can dance and Bristol Palin who cannot, but her mother has an army of Eskimo robots calling in votes day and night. The Palins dream of a future in which no one will ever be disqualified from a job simply because they are unable to perform that job.” –Jimmy Kimmel

    “The New Oxford Dictionary has declared Sarah Palin’s word ‘refudiate’ to be the 2010 Word of the Year. Palin was honored and said she would do her best to ‘dismangle’ the English language.” –Conan O’Brien

    “Sarah Palin says she wants limited government. Does she mean fewer elected officials or more officials who resign in the middle of their terms? I think limited government will be perfect for her limited abilities.” –David Letterman

    “While campaigning in Florida this past weekend, Palin also plugged her upcoming reality show Sarah Palin’s ‘Alaska.’ If you h

    • Curator says:

      Sarah Palin put herself in the spotlight and answered questions with a condescending tone. If you’re going to talk down to the American public AND make really bad comments and assertions with no basis in fact, then you should expect to be vilified.

      And yet, not ONE of those comedians called her a whore!

  • Gatun says:

    Have The Comedians Turned Against The Messiah? You know the honeymoon is over, when the comedians start.

    The liberals are asking us to give Obama time.
    We agree…and think 25 to life would be appropriate.
    –Jay Leno

    America needs Obama-care like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask.
    –Jay Leno

    Q: Have you heard about McDonald’s’ new Obama Value Meal?
    A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.
    –Conan O’Brien

    Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
    A: A fund raiser.
    –Jay Leno

    Q: What’s the difference between Obama’s cabinet and a penitentiary?
    A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers, and threats to society. The other is for housing prisoners.
    –David Letterman

    Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved?
    A: America !
    –Jimmy Fallon

    Q: What’s the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?
    A: Bo has papers.
    –Jimmy Kimmel

    Q: What was the most positive result of the “Cash for Clunkers” program?
    A: It took 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road.
    –David Letterman

    Solution to the problem in Libya :
    They want a new Muslim leader, Give them ours.

    Conservatives call Hussein the messiah in deference to liberals who actually think he is the messiah, a god like figure who will give them all free stuff.

    • Curator says:

      When the loony left read these jokes their heads want to explode. Hussein could be caught on tape having sex with a goat and they would still support him.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did U See First Lady Play Dodgeball In Room Filled W Historic WH Art & Hop Across Rugs In Scratchy Potato Sack? To promote exercise, Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon competed in a fitness challenge!

    Obama and Fallon raced up the stairs liked kids, did push-ups, and played indoor tug-of-war, enlisting the help of staff members and red velvet ropes. After that, Michelle and Jimmy hula-hooped and played dodgeball in a room filled with historic paintings and plenty of breakables. The challenge concluded with a potato sack race on those pink Oval Sun Ray rugs……..


    I love Michelle Obama, don’t you? The First Lady was willing to risk all that Priceless Art just to get kids to exercise and potato sack race more often!

    • Curator says:

      Only Right Wing Republiscum broom pushers who listen to Rush everyday on their headset radios while sweeping out public buildings would elevate a sponge ball to a RPG for the sake of irrational criticism.
      And Rush thinks Michelle Obama is fat. Does he ever look at himself?
      Whatever, you have another 5 years to whine about it. I enjoy your pain.

  • Anonymous says:

    Will Michelle Bachman Manufacture Outrage Over A Song Until The Primaries? She is milking the Jimmy Fallon band slight for all it is worth…this is one molehill that will be made into as many mountains as possible for as long as possible. She got her apology from NBC…but was having a hissy fit because it did not come from the President of NBC personally.

    Her tone suggests the only thing fitting would be to put Fallon’s head and the members of the band’s head’s all on stakes and place in front of NBC for all to see followed by NBC shutting down their business. She keeps harping “if it was Michelle Obama the President of NBC would have committed suicide on live TV to atone.”

    So do you think in late January we will see Michelle Bachman still milking the Fallon diss because manufactured outrage is really all she has left for getting attention?

    • Curator says:

      The song isn’t well known, the candidate has already fallen from serious consideration.The program it was on is on so late at night only night workers watch it.

      She got more publicity for the band playing a risque song than she has in weeks.
      As long as they spell her name right, she doesn’t really care.

    • Curator says:

      You know what the best part of that whole thing was? The best part was that Ms. Bachmann had no clue what had been done to her. I don’t usually like Jimmy Fallon’s style but that was Great! Maybe if Republicans would listen to more than just country music they would begin to understand the American people as a whole and support them over the super rich.

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