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Netflixs best show, Orange Is the New Black, is now back for season 2

6 June 2014 | 9:17 pm Netflix rocked the television industry when it announced its $100 million deal for House Of Cards. The star-studded series showed the world that Netflix meant business. It wanted to be the HBO of the Internet. As for delivering on that promise, House Of Cards was good. The production quality wasmost certainly impressive and the acting wassolid, for the most part, but the writing wasa bit …

'Orange Is the New Black' Season 2: Welcome Back, Episodes 1-4

6 June 2014 | 4:31 pm Netflix released the second season ofOrange Is the New Blackin the wee hours of the morning. Welcome back to Litchfield. Very Important Prisoner:The action of the first episode takes us away from Litchfield, though we're initially not sure wherewe're going.

Orange Is The New Black: A handy guide to the show everyones talking about

6 June 2014 | 3:59 pm Or, indeed, pretend to know what everyones talking about in the pub tonight. Either works.

'Orange is the New Black' season 2 premieres, trends hotter than …

6 June 2014 | 7:20 pm Get your shivs ready. Orange is the New Black is finally back in commission, with season 2 of the popular Netflix original series premiering on the service today. In the now-familiar Netflix format, those who grew addicted to the …

Taylor Schilling Wows In White For 'Orange Is The New Black'

6 June 2014 | 2:11 pm Taylor Schilling's White Dress While Promoting 'Orange Is The New Black: We loved how Taylor was able to take a SIMPLE and CLASSY white mini and tweak it, letting her own sense of style shine right through. The actress …

'Orange Is the New Black' Recap: Season 2 Begins in a More …

6 June 2014 | 12:00 pm Jenji Kohan, the creator of Orange Is the New Black, had promised in interviews that Season 2 would be darker, and the first episode released on Friday, along with the rest of the entire season, ready for bingeing …

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  • Sportygirl says:

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  • Seanie says:

    How Damaging Is Bleaching Your Hair? I have dark brown hair and I want to dye it light blue. I’m only going to bleach my hair once but I was wondering how can that damage my hair permanently? I’m a guy so if my hair breaks off when it gets too long that doesn’t really matter but will I go bald eventually if I dye it too much or something. I dyed it black twice but that’s it. I know my hair might turn out orange since it’s dark. I looked it up a few times and found different answers so I’m not sure. Anyway how damaging is it? Are there any other ways I can lighten my hair without bleach?

  • Fox says:

    Orange Is The New Black – What’s A “shot” In Prison? When the prisoners are late to work or “act out” (nothing extreme), they’re written shots. What’s a shot?

  • How’s Watching Season 2 Of Orange Is The New Black? I’m on episode 5 and it just doesn’t feel as good as season 1 at all yet especially without Alex. Ugh I feel there lacks a real story anymore, now its just kind of getting repetitive so far…

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  • Catyehc says:

    What’s The Name Of This Game? I remember playing a PC game more than 10 years ago. The main character was a little boy with a red cap, whose name is pronounced something like: “Addy Junior”. He has a peculiar dog that stands straight, like a human (not on all fours, like a normal dog), and have hands, but no hind legs, just a suction cup, and it hops around rather than walks. “Addy” also have a robot, and also have an enemy; an orange monster who loves strawberry, but dislikes water, and who “Addy” can scare off with a toy that shoots water (but “Addy’s” toy was not a water pistol, it was something else I don’t know how to describe). “Addy’s” robot can also provide you with a box that contains three traps: 1) A trap that shoots black smoke and dirties the monster, 2) A trap that drops a bowling ball on the monster, and 3) A trap that pretends to hand a strawberry to the monster, but then hits the monster with a hammer while it is distracted. I would like to play this game again, you know, revisit my childhood, but I can’t remember the name of it, please help.

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