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  • Gatsu says:

    Did New Orleans Screw Up Their Basketball Team’s Name? I think I miss the New Orleans Hornets…

    “New Orleans Hornets Change Name to Pelicans Reaction”
    I know that their state bird is the Pelican, but there’s not really thing cool about a Pelican… A Bird that swallows its Enemies/Food, is kind of… well a little on the Rainbow side if you ask me. 😉

  • Beer Farts says:

    Should The New York Knicks Change Their Name? In lieu of the New Orleans Hornets changing their name from the Hornets to the Pelicans, should the New York Knicks do the same thing?

    Although “Pelicans” is a silly name for an NBA franchise, at least it fits since Pelicans are the state bird of Louisiana.

    Since it’s 2012 and nobody wears Knickers anymore, do you think the Knicks should get with the times and change their name?

    If so, what?

    • Curator says:

      Ask this question about the Lakers who play in LA where there is no Lakes, The Jazz who play in Utah where there is no Jazz, The Tulsa Golden Hurricanes who play in Tulsa where theres tornadoes not hurricanes

  • New Orleans Hornets Name Change Suggestions…? I think the fans can do a better job than the owner/officials of renaming this team.

    Pelicans is horrible. Other official suggestions are Rougarou, Mosquitos, Swamp Dogs and Bullsharks which are even worse.

    Another suggestion I heard was “New Orleans Brass”, which sounds a lot like name we used to have Jazz. I doubt we’re getting the name Jazz back from Utah, so I feel like Brass would be a perfect replacement. It refers to brass instruments and the city has a rich musical/jazz/parade history and it basically sounds the same as Jazz.

    So which one of the names do you like if any? Brass, Pelicans, Swamp Dogs, etc. or do you have something else in mind?

    • Curator says:

      The Hornets can’t change their name to the Jazz unless Utah was willing to give up its rights to the name, which their owner has gone on record at times of saying they won’t.

      New Orleans Pelicans it is.

      MJ has said that he is open to bringing back the Hornets name to Charlotte. Now that the name is again available, this could eventually happen.

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