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Paul Walker Faked His Own Death? Conspiracy Theorists Weigh In

27 December 2013 | 11:17 pm In light of Paul Walkers death, family, friends and colleagues of the actor were devastated. Now, almost a month later, everyone is still reeling, as a number of allegations have surfaced. Conspiracy theorists have taken time to dissect the details of Walkers untimely death, and their conclusion has left many in hysterics. Theorists are claiming… Read more Paul Walker Faked His Own Death …

Paul Walker Faked His Death: Awful Rumor Causes Uproar On Twitter

27 December 2013 | 1:12 pm The rumors just keep coming.

Jon Stewart Mocks Megyn Kelly For Insisting Santa Claus Is White

13 December 2013 | 4:36 pm When something really ridiculous happens out there, Jon is always on the scene to joke about it and make sure we dont miss a second of it.

Paul Walker Faked Death Claim The Most Awful Rumor

27 December 2013 | 11:21 pm Paul Walker well-wishers have created an uproar on Twitter because of the most awful rumor which states that he faked his own death. The website,, claims that the whole accident and the car crash that killed

Paul Walker Accused Of Faking His Own Death By Insensitive …

27 December 2013 | 9:49 pm Website reportedly claims that Paul Walker and Roger Rodas faked their own deaths.

Paul Walker Faked His Death – The VanDyk Group

27 December 2013 | 3:13 pm Rumors are flying that Paul Walker faked his own death! If he did to benefit the release of his new movie, Fast & Fu.

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13 Responses to Paul Walker Faked His Death

  • Ann says:

    Can People Really Deny That Something Odd Happened With Paul Walker’s Accident? A few things I’m questioning?

    1. He had a 9 year old tire on his car, how many people have 9 year old tires on their cars?
    2. His friend “jim Torp” Lied in three interviews changing his story on what happened on that tragic day
    3. Paul’s long term gf is seen laughing a long with his father at the memorial cite while she texts the whole time (me? I would be crying my eye’s out) I would remind you, that this happened a few days after his death.

    4. Paul’s brother, Cody, only takes some of Paul’s clothing, a rifle, a water container, and a surf board out of the house days after his death. It sounds more like a camping trip than anything..

    5. How did Roger crash the Porsche on the straight road after successfully making a corner? He’s a professional driver, yet can’t drive in a straight line? I’ve went 100 on that SAME road. It’s not hard. I drove a 2001 Carrera, just 4 years younger than his.. and before anyone says “There’s no way you have a $400,000 car”.. It’s not that expensive. some places you can get one for $30 grand. Look it up

    6. Finally, Why is Paul’s body fully in tacked when Rogers body was partially missing? When I say missing, I mean in pieces?

    It’s even been said that his father was so willing to do interviews less than 20 hours of Paul’s death.. I’ve lost a brother, uncle, and two friends. When real people mourn a death, they are not willing to talk about the death in detail and smile. I know you might laugh when thinking about a good memory but really? less than a day later and your already smiling like nothing?
    Can anyone answer any of these questions without saying “OMG he’s dead!! you’re just paranoid!” I want some answers to these questions. It just doesn’t make sense.

    My opinion? I don’t know.. I don’t think Paul walker is dead.. BUT when I really think about it. Even though his death seems totally fake, I don’t think Paul would fake his death. If he did fake his death, his family would be in on it. which would explain the “no tears” while in interviews.
    and yes, I can add up that if you don’t change a tire on the car, then obviously it ages but what kind of millionaire keeps different sets of tires on the car instead of keeping the tires new and utd like everything on the car? Tires get worn down.. they get unpredictable if used too long. No Porsche did not put old tires on it lol Someone else did. Plus, no, they were NOT racing someone. That’s already been cleared.

    Paul also said that the car was acting up, something is wrong with it.That is the reason they left with the GT.. Then the cops say after investigating. The car had no mechanical issues..even thought witnesses said the car stalled three times. I don’t think he would be the type to fake his death… but like I’ve said. These questions are not getting answered when they should. Only motive for his fake death would be

    1.He wanted out of the Hollywood life but contracts held him in it, he couldn’t just retire. He was signed on to do F&F franchise for the

  • Kelis says:

    Any Doubt That Paul Walker Is Dead/faked His Death? I believe he’s dead.. I don’t want to disrespect him since he is my idol and has been for the last 12 years. I even met him a few times.. it’s just.. I’ve seen the photo of his burned body and it looks somewhat fake. My uncle died of a car accident which ended in flames during a race on the tracks. It’s weird to keep thinking about it but Paul’s body was more… red/orange. Not dark and burned. My uncle was only in the fire about the same amount of time paul was… maybe 2mins less. Plus, the coroner have two different statements out. One says he died as the fire started and the other report said he was dead a nanosecond after the crash.. not fire. Both reports were have been recent “within the last few days” Then at the scene. The coroner lady didn’t even have gloves on while taking paul’s body out of the car. Why not? EVERY coroner is suppose to have some kind of protection on. There’s many things that don’t make since at all.. Could it be possible that Paul is doing this to get away or even for the movie? I know this sounds a little extreme to be part of the movie but I can’t ignore what doesn’t make sense here.. plus, Paul walker was witnessed saying “There’s something with the car. Taking it out for a drive, I’ll be back in 5mins” Then the police/experts said there was nothing wrong with the car? Any ideas?
    I’m thinking if he’s not dead.. his family would know. Just a stunt that his family and a few others may know about. It would explain why his gf was on her phone the whole time she was visiting his crash site..Some people think its for the movie to teach a valuable lesson on how precious life is and other’s think it’s his get away from the spotlight kind of life. I don’t think he’d do this for the movie… this seems kind of extreme.. but maybe not. I might be over thinking again.

    • Curator says:

      It is a possibility, but the thing is, why would he do it? I'm sure his life was going good the way it was, don't forget he was in a carrera gt which would be more powerful than what your uncle was driving, maybe there were more flames. Also his friend died too, who knows, but time will tell. He can't hide forever, there have been passed celebrities faking their deaths

  • Juicy says:

    How Do I Get Over Paul Walkers Death? I haven’t actually seen a lot of his movies and I of course didn’t know him personally, nor did I know roger rodas, but something about his death is unsettling to me. I really loved him in the first couple fast & furious movies when I used to watch them all the time, and still really like him, but I got really depressed last night after I watched fast & furious 6. It just makes me awfully sad that he won’t be able to complete fast & furious 7, or any new movies. I read he was excited about being closer to his daughter and having new movie opportunitys after his movie “hours” and now he’s all I think about. it makes me sad that somewhere out there, his family is grieving and his friends and cast mates. his cast mates saw him as family. and makes me devastated that they are going what they are going through. I wish it was all fake. its hard to believe that he was here one moment and gone the next. I wish It wasn’t true. he was a genuinely amazing person, and I don’t know how to cope. how do I cope with the death of someone I didn’t even know?

    I remember feeling similar to this when Cory Monteith died, and I actually loved Cory and aspired to meet him and loved him in glee, but I feel even more distraught over paul walker and I barely even noticed him when he was alive. I think maybe I feel more depressed because paul didn’t die because of an overdose. I miss cory and all but I wish he would’ve took his life in a different direction other than drugs.

    ok sorry for the rant. please help me? I wish I knew paul and I wish I could’ve saved him and I just wish this was all a dream and fake and not real. he was such a good person. I miss knowing he was alive and well.

    • Curator says:

      I feel the exact same way you do!! I only knew him from F&F series and Eight Degrees Below and thought he was good looking but I never obsessed over him but his death hit me hard and since it happened I spent everyday for the past 2 weeks thinking it wasn’t true or really him but its just denial. He was a really great person by what everyone says about him and what he did and his death was unexpected so that is what is causing you to mourn him even though you didn’t know him personally but saw him all the time in his movies and interviews etc. He just had this attractive aura about him and you probably regret not knowing him better and the fact that his death was so undeserving and tragic. I’m not sure how to overcome the grief but you need time to adjust to this and accept death as part of life and it was his time to go. Remember him in his happy times and think of the fact that he’s in a place where he might be happier and at peace now. But life goes on for you and you just have to be more aware of being appreciative of everything now and making the best of life. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Kyle says:

    Paul Walkers Death VERY WIERD? OK guys i know this is going to sound weird but do you think that Brian dying from a car accident have anything to do with Brian o Connolly aka Paul walkers death. i mean they both were characters that survived anything. then all of a sudden they die something you didn’t expect to kill them. my friend says he faked it but hes an idiot. it could have something to do with the Illuminati!!. something dosent seem right because news report and video surveilence shows that the car caught on fire 1 minute after the crash. NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW WHAT WENT DOWN IN THAT CAR!!.
    Brian from family guy forshadowed his death

  • Edward says:

    Did Paul Walker Fake His Death? Apparently There Has Been A Sighting Of Him In Miami? I was heartbroken and upset after hearing one of my favorite actor’s, namely Paul Walker , the star of the fast ad furious films had died in a car crash a few days ago in Los Angeles. .

    I looked on the internet yesterday and came across an article that showed a sighting of a man, clearly is Paul Walker ( or a very very similar looking man) , the man was on a jet ski riding on the ocean. I would upload the article with photo if I knew how.

    I don’t know if Paul Walker really is dead or if he is actually still alive and if he faked his own death and what the motives for being so would be but I have heard one thing which could explain him faking his death, I heard he owed Hollywood movie directors a lot of money and by faking his death he could escape bankruptcy but as said, I don’t know if it’s true or not.

    • Curator says:

      I Believe he did indeed fake his death, alongside his friend, but i doubt, he would be stupid enough to be seen in M.I.A. in plain view, if anything my guess is he’s in Hawaii, with his baby momma, or his friend’s country El Salvador, he loves the water & animals, he can be what he always wanted to be, a Marine Biologist, it’s a possibility, after finding out Mj faked his death among other things, i stop believing everything that came out of Hollyweird!

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