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Peaches Geldof's Death Linked to Heroin Use

1 May 2014 | 3:51 pm Peaches Geldof's heroin use likely caused her death.

Peaches Geldof's death likely linked to heroin, inquest hears

1 May 2014 | 3:33 pm Heroin probably played a role in the death of Peaches Geldof, the daughter of musician and Band Aid founder Bob Geldof, who died in her family home last month while alone with one of her two young sons, police said on Thursday. A post-mortem examination failed to establish the cause of her death on April 7 but an inquest was told on Thursday that forensic tests found heroin in the 25-year-old's …

Peaches Geldof Death: Heroin Likely to Have Played a Role

1 May 2014 | 3:02 pm Peaches Geldof, daughter of musician Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, died of a heroin overdose, according to media reports. Peaches Geldof wasfound deadon April 7.Her mother, Yates, also died of a heroin OD in 2000.Peaches Geldof had conceded to drug use in the past, but claimed that she was never that wild. Peaches Geldof, born in 1989, began her media career at 15, writing a column for Elle …

Cops: Heroin 'Likely To Have Played A Role' In Peaches Geldof's …

1 May 2014 | 3:09 pm Police in London Thursday confirmed sprouting reports that Peaches Geldof's death last month was indeed drug-related, as her recent use of heroin, and the levels identified in subsequent tests, were likely to have played …

Peaches Geldof Death: Heroin Overdose Police Confirm …

1 May 2014 | 2:01 pm Police have confirmed that heroin played a major role in the untimely death of Peaches Geldof, echoing her mother Paula Yates' tragic accidental overdose in 2000. Police are also confirming that the young mother of two was …

Heroin played a role in Peaches Geldof's death –

1 May 2014 | 1:36 pm Heroin likely played a role in the death of British model and television personality Peaches Geldof, authorities said Thursday.

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9 Responses to Peaches Geldof

  • Anonymous says:

    Peaches Geldof, Do Other Smackheads Get The Same Sympathy Too ? Without sugarcoating, anyone else would be negatively called horrible names like junkie,smackhead etc,usually no one cares so why so much outpouring for peaches Geldof ???

  • Anonymous says:

    Do You Think Peaches Geldof Killed Herself In The Same Way As Her Mother For Attention? Eg.

    It was very dramatic; she killed herself by a heroin overdose, the same as the mother 14 years ago.

    She posted a picture of herself and her mother on twitter the day before she died.

    She was holding one of her sons as she died.

  • Bobmonk92 says:

    Why Was Peaches Geldof So Popular? Whenever someone dies of a heroine overdose, it’s always just sad and tragic.

    I saw her once on tv on itv discussing how to raise babies. And I think she was a reporter/writer?

    Anyways, why was she so famous? I would really like to know her work on earth so I can admire it and understand her short life.

  • ArmywifeCF says:

    Is Mandatory For A Family Of Deceased Person Or A Coroner Office To Release The Cause Of Death To General Public? I was reading about Peaches Geldof Case in UK press and I have an impression that everyone is waiting for details, although there is no suspicion of murder. Can family keep privacy or there is a law that demands cause of death informed to the press?

    • Curator says:

      Nobody ever has to tell the press anything. However, courts are public places and if the coroner holds an inquest, which it looks like they will, the press can be there and report the coroner’s verdict. The cause of death also has to go on the death certificate, which is a public document and anyone can buy a copy. So if anyone wants to know what is finally concluded about how Peaches Geldof died, it is on public record whether the family want anyone to know or not.

      We already know there has been a post-mortem (autopsy) and that didn’t reveal anything. So now toxicology tests are being done to test for drugs, that could take a while, and the coroner is waiting for the results too.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why Is It Taking So Long To Find Out The Cause Of Death Of Peaches Geldof? They did a post mortem and the toxicology report is still expected. But why is it taking so long? Surely if it was some sort of drug overdose or cocktail of things the investigators would have an idea after a quick test.

    • Curator says:

      Nope. 6-8 weeks is average for a full panel drug screen. Something like this they may fast track and get it in 3.

      And never think that the investigators, both police and medical, are telling you everything they know. They probably do know what killed her, but they won’t say anything until they have confirmation of cause of death. Then they have to determine manner of death on top of that.

  • Anonymous says:

    A Juice Diet? Any pros and cons from personal experience? I am hoping to use it for weight loss and combining a couple of small meals with maybe a couple of juices a day…

    any thoughts welcome – thanks

    • Curator says:

      Stop buying into these sick fads. Juicing is not healthy and you will never detox on it if thats a goal besides weight loss. Your body already does that if you eat a healthy diet without effort. Its smart enough to even when you eat junk. Anybody who promotes juicing diets is a quack or a criminal who should be put in prison for endangering ignorant, desperate people.

      It is just drinking SUGAR the entire time. Sugar is toxic, not cleansing. The majority of people on juicing diets suffer from headaches, migraines, dizziness and even fainting, infections, new cavities, hallucinations, panic attacks, electrolyte imbalances, sudden heart problems, type two diabetes, vomiting among many other problems.

      Some have even died… look at that peaches geldof, she just died from a juicing diet. Steve jobs ate just fruits and juices. He died from pancreatic cancer. When ashton kutcher went on a juice and fruit diet to prepare for his role as jobs, he was hospitalized for sudden life threatening pancreatic issues. These all juice and all fruit diets are not diets, they are not healthy no matter what the crazies who promote them claim. They are based on pseudo-science. We did not evolve to do this. It is extremely unnatural and unhealthy. I cannot repeat this enough.

      This is the truth that the brainwashed freaks who promote those propaganda films like fat sick nearly dead don’t show you. This is the truth behind juicing, fruitarianism, raw food and low fat high carb vegan diets.

      Even if you make it through an entire week or more on this sick fad without permanent damage, any weight you lose you will instantly regain but guess what? You’ll also lose muscle which will be replaced with new fat. All the suffering you went through will have been for nothing.

      You want to be healthy and lose weight adopt a relaxed primal diet. You’ll lose or maintain weight without torturing yourself. You get to eat delicious satisfying meals everyday and not worrying about any calories, becoming toxic etc… Read about it on marks daily apples free article how to succeed with the primal blueprint. It has everything you need to get started on a truly healthy life. His site will shatter all the myths you believe about nutrition in general. Highly recommend it.

      You don’t even have to do a ketogenic diet if you are patient. You can do 50-100 carbs a day without counting calories, doing a ton of stressful cardio and still lose about 2 lbs a week if you need to lose. If you’re maintaining, you can go to 100-150, maybe even more if you are very active. You don’t even have to eat 100% primally, you can have smart indulgences and treats. I still eat some things that aren’t primal but don’t make me gain like beans or their products (like explore asian pastas), full fat dairy products, peanuts/peanut butter, stevia/erythritol sweeteners, low carb desserts etc… Just eat smart foods and make smart exceptions when you are hungry and finish when you feel satisfied.

      I’ve done everything from juicing, raw 801010, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, traditional calorie counting, abc etc and all of them made me sick emotionally or physically. The only thing that has ever worked for me is a moderate primal diet.

      I’m 5’2” and easily maintain 106 with over 2000 calories a day, just light walking everyday + pilates/barre three times a week (weight loss/maintenance are 80% determined by diet, 10% genetics, cardio is overrated and will not help you lose weight, toning is most important after diet). If I begin to gain its not because of extra calories, its because I’m eating too much fruit and starches. As soon as I reduce them the few pounds come off in a few days.

      My calories the other day came out to about 2230 calories, 151 carbs/93 net carbs, 134 grams fat, 121 protein. I typically eat like this and no weight gain! If I just reduced the carbs more, nothing else, even increasing calories from fat, I could begin to lose if I wanted.

      Calorie king and other apps tell me that i need 1100-1300 to lose, 1550 to 1750 to maintain and 2050 to 2250 to gain for my weight, height, age, level of activity. Well that might be a good estimate if I deprived myself with an unnatural, unsatisfying, low fat, grain filled, empty carb diet but its not so in this kind of lifestyle.

      Why would you ever want to do something so miserable as juicing or calorie counting when primal works for well?

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