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Perez Hilton And Radio 1's Scott Mills In Twitter Spat Over Glee Actor Cory Monteith's Death

14 July 2013 | 10:30 am Cory Was Found Dead In His Vancouver Hotel Room This Morning

16-Year-Old Pop Dynamo Alana Lee Inspires Millions of Fans Worldwide to 'Dream Out Loud' on Her Infectious Single Due …

12 July 2013 | 6:58 pm Three years after sharing the ups and downs of young love on her popular debut single “Butterflies” — which earned the praise of famed pop culture blogger Perez Hilton and scored over 12 million …

Perez Hilton on daddy duty

11 July 2013 | 8:16 pm Being a new father and a single one at that doesnt allow Perez Hilton much down time. But hes decided to leave his son (via surrogate) in Los Angeles for a good cause: co judging the Ultimate Miami Drag Queen contest at Magic City Casino Saturday night. We spoke to the 35-year-old celebrity blogger, also known to his hometown of Miami as Mario Lavandeira Jr.

Take Your Shirt Off: A Novel of Hollywood (Kindle Edition) tagged "perez hilton" 16 times

13 April 2010 | 7:18 pm Take Your Shirt Off: A Novel of Hollywood Take Your Shirt Off: A Novel of Hollywood (Kindle Edition)By Kim Corum Click for more info Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: erotica(27), adult fiction(27), hollywood(27), celebrity(25), sex(24), actors and actresses(22), beach read(22), perez hilton(16), tori spelling(15), how to be famous(13), the girl with the dragon tattoo(10), stori telling(8)

Perez Hilton's True Bloggywood Stories: The Glamorous Life of Beating, Cheating, and Overdosing (Paperback) tagged "perez hilton" 8 times

7 April 2010 | 9:30 pm Perez Hilton's True Bloggywood Stories: The Glamorous Life of Beating, Cheating, and Overdosing Perez Hilton’s True Bloggywood Stories: The Glamorous Life of Beating, Cheating, and Overdosing (Paperback)By Perez Hilton Buy new: $1.73118 used and new from $0.01 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: chelsea goldstein(12), perez hilton(8), hollywood(8), blogs(6), humor(6), popular culture(6), celebrity(6), gossip(5), pig vomit(4), garbage(3), bottom feeding leach, celebrities

Hook-Up Chronicles (Paperback) tagged "perez hilton" 104 times

15 January 2010 | 3:14 pm Hook-Up Chronicles Hook-Up Chronicles (Paperback)By Chelsea Goldstein Buy new: $11.6626 used and new from $3.99 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: chelsea handler(113), tucker max(111), tori spelling(106), perez hilton(104), paris hilton(104), britney spears(104), kathy griffin(101), greg behrendt(94), sarah jessica parker(90), helen fielding(81), emma mclaughlin(77), jessica simpson(33)

Take Your Shirt Off: A Novel of Hollywood (Paperback) tagged "perez hilton" 3 times

12 January 2010 | 10:07 pm Take Your Shirt Off: A Novel of Hollywood Take Your Shirt Off: A Novel of Hollywood (Paperback)By Kim Corum 19 used and new from $7.48 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: adult fiction(29), hollywood(27), erotica(26), beach read(24), celebrities(22), jenna jameson(20), chelsea handler(17), bisexual(16), my horizontal life(16), jackie collins(14), famous(8), bought(7)

Another Gay Sequel- Uncut Theatrical Version (DVD) tagged "perez hilton" 2 times

4 October 2009 | 9:51 am Another Gay Sequel- Uncut Theatrical Version Another Gay Sequel- Uncut Theatrical Version (DVD)By Jonah Blechman Buy new: $12.5834 used and new from $7.03 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: gay comedy(24), gay movie(23), gay sex(15), parody(14), comedy(10), rubbish(5), worst movie ever(4), perez hilton(2), simulated sex(2), fort lauderdale(2), spoof(2), trash(2)

Beyonce Is Hella Smart! | <b>PerezHilton</b>.com

14 July 2013 | 11:19 pm Time: Added: Views: Time: Added: Views: on Facebook · on. Follow @PerezHilton. Send tips and contact Perez at! Radio Perez · Actors Who Have Played Porn Stars!

Cory Monteith Found Dead In Vancouver | <b>PerezHilton</b>.com

14 July 2013 | 5:20 am Our hearts are filled with grief. You're grinning like gaping asshole in a photo you posted minutes ago just underneath this. richard/@richpvoce says reply to this. 10. omg, this cannot be true, youre a liar perez hilton. joe joe

<b>Perez Hilton</b> Chats About Lauren Conrad's Sex Tape On The Show <b>…</b>

11 July 2013 | 7:53 pm Check out Perez chatting about Lauren Conrad's sex tape drama on MTV's The Show with Vinny here!

Advocate Magazine August 2009 Perez Hilton

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Hilton Smith Perez Steele Post Card # 252

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10 Responses to Perez Hilton

  • Keroppso says:

    What Does Perez Hilton Do That Is Productive? Why is he famous?

    What does he do with his life other than make gossip about people he hardly knows? I mean does he have any charities? Is he a screen actor? Is he some sort of artist?

    My cousin talks about him ALL THE TIME. My cousin is a stereotypical homosexual, (No offense to anyone) and talks about how apparently Perez is all about LGBT support. I mean when I take my cousin to the shooting range, “I wonder if Perez Hilton likes guns.” When I take my cousin rock climbing, “I wonder if Perez HIlton would like this kinda thing.”

    Anywho, what does Perez HIlton do?

    • Curator says:

      He is a blogger and television personality. His blog, (formerly, is known for posts covering gossip items about celebrities. He is also known for posting tabloid photographs over which he has added his own captions or “doodles.” His blog has garnered negative attention for its attitude, its former “outing” of alleged closeted celebrities and its role in the increasing coverage of celebrities in all forms of media.

  • Haha says:

    Is Justin And Selena Still Dating? Justin Bieber has a pic with selena gomez that he just posted few days ago? but so many people told me how they broke up again? what?

    • Curator says:

      According to Perez Hilton there are some speculations about they are back together and they say he posted a pic with #heartbreaker and they say she’s maybe involved with his new album… Personally I don’t know, their relationship is quite complicated and hard to understand they break they go back together like 1000 times…

  • ! says:

    Is Amber Heard Cheating On Johnny Depp With Her Ex Girlfriend? Last sunday Amber was seen spending the day with her ex girlfriend and I wonder how can be friends if they shared such an intimate relationship before…. I don’t buy that they don’t feel attracted by each other anymore and I don’t buy that her ex girlfriend has her life now because she seems still too much into Amber’s life instead. I heard Amber went with her at the gay pride and wow, this says it all. If you’re bisexual and you’re dating a man but at the same time you keep seeing your ex girlfriend and go with her at gay pride events mhhhh…. that means only one thing: you’re still living a gay phase and probablu having an open relationship wth the man.
    They must have an open thing because Amber keeps dating women and they neither formalized they are a couple after almost 2 years…. look when a couple is serious, it’s natural for them to formalize they’re dating but since Depp and Amber didn’t do it I guess they’re not serious at all. Their PR never confirmed and either Amber and Depp refuse of talking about their relationship in interviews. That’s strange for a regular couple.


    I0m starting to believe it’s true because there are several clues and I never believed that Amber is the monogamous and faithful type. Many bisexual people aren’t after all and Amber and Johnny could have an open relationship…..
    What? It’s the first time that I post here this question!
    I’m a Johnny Depp’s fan and I’m really worried about his relationship with this fake bisexual woman. I think she’s not a true person, she’s ambiguous and doing the “double-cross”….

    • Curator says:

      Who cares? Depp has cheated on a lot of women too and besides he’s just using her just like she’s using him. She wants fame and he wants to get laid with hot young women.. It’s not true love.

  • Sabina says:

    When Did Amanda Bynes Begin To Act Out? I have a couple of questions about amanda bynes:
    Whats wrong with her and her dad?
    Does she have a mental illness?
    Why is she acting so messed up all of a sudden?
    Who are the celebrities she mainly attacked?

    Im just super curious, all the sites I looked dont have good answers..

    • Curator says:

      It all started last year when she got involved in a hit and run then started getting worse
      Not sure what went on with her and her Dad. But my guess is he tried to intervene to get her help and that’s why she called him ugly. She doesn’t think needs help.
      Not sure if she has a mental illness but my thinking is she does. Does explain all her weird behavior out of the blue.
      She’s attacked, Miley, Rhianna, Drake,Perez Hilton,RuPaul, Jenny Mccarthy, Dr Drew,Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend, and her family.

  • Bifrost says:

    Why Is Perez Hilton Starting Trouble About Chris Brown? On his website celebrity journalist Perez Hilton is saying all of these things about Chris Brown that aren’t true and are just mean.

    People are saying that Chris Brown “hit another woman” with his car and people are still calling him a “woman beater” even though he’s worked so hard and follwed all of the procedures in the car accident.

    Like I listen to “Fine China” alot, Justin Bieber and Vhris Brown are friends even.
    Rihanna even hit a fan with her microphone a couple of days ago at her concert, How do people not Blame her and just forgive her for that?

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