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Petals On The Wind Movie Spoilers: 9 Major Differences Between The 1980 Book And 2014 Lifetime Movie

27 May 2014 | 3:23 am Lifetimes movie version of Petals On The Wind, the V.C. Andrews sequel to Flowers In The Attic, premiered on Monday, May 26. The book, which was originally published in 1980, told the story of the Dollanganger childrens life outside of the attic of Foxworth Hall a place they were captive for years by their own mother and grandmother.

'Petals on the Wind' not as good as 'Flowers in the Attic,' should have been two parts

27 May 2014 | 3:11 am Lifetime has now turned two of V.C. Andrews' first set of books, the Dollenganger series, into TV movies. While "Flowers in the Attic" was an enjoyable adaptation of the disturbing first novel in the series, "Petals on the Wind" failed to capture us the same way. The biggest problem was the pacing and the amount of material that had to be contained in a two-hour movie. "Petals on the Wind" the …

'Petals on the Wind': As bananas as the book?

27 May 2014 | 3:05 am Hillary Busis' judicious use of fast-forward zeroes in on novel-worthy craziness

Oh No They Didn't! – TV Review: 'Petals on the Wind'

27 May 2014 | 12:21 am Hitting the air a mere four months after Lifetime scored a ratings bull's-eye with guilty pleasure literary adaptation Flowers in the Attic, sequel Petals on the Wind certainly looks and feels like a rush job, but nevertheless …

'Petals on the Wind' blooms with 7 [5] weird and wacky moments

27 May 2014 | 12:12 am "Petals on the Wind" picks up where "Flowers in the Attic" left off, with Heather Graham returning as bad mother Corrine, and Wyatt Nash newly cast as an older Christopher. But can its lesser-known sequel, "Petals on the Wind …

[WATCH] 'Petals On The Wind' Premiere What Do The Critics Say …

26 May 2014 | 8:00 pm We've taken to the industry's critics to see if Petals On The Wind is worth tuning into this Memorial Day weekend. Keep reading to see what the experts have to say is it the perfect guilty pleasure? Plus, click to WATCH the …

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5 Responses to Petals On The Wind

  • Does Christopher Dollanganger Ever Love Anyone Else But Cathy? So i dont really understand if after Petals on the wind Chris stops loving Cathy as a wife. Does he start loving her as a sister? I havent read the last book but do they continue having an incestuos relationship? In other words, do they still continue loving each other until the day they both died incestously?And what was the reason of Cathys death? And in petals on the wind what does the last mean when Jory says that finally Chris has released the strange hold he had on his sister? This if for a book club assignment and any insight would be great!

  • John says:

    Can I Beat The Elite Four With My Team? Pokemon Emerald? My lineup consists of
    Swampert lvl 65
    – Surf, Muddy water, earthquake, takle
    Magnectric lvl 58
    – Bite, thunderbolt, thunder, thunder wave
    Vileplume lvl 50
    – Acid, sleep powder, petal dance, poison powder
    Rayquaza lvl 70
    – Extreme speed, outrage, rest, fly
    Absol lvl 55
    – Bite, razor wind, slash, sword dance
    Dusclops lvl 55
    – Shadow ball, willowisp, ice beam,confuse ray

    – I’ve been just grinding the interviewers with exp share for one of the pokemon. I haven’t tried the elite four yet because i want to know i can beat them before i try. Please give some input whether or not i will be able to beat them. Either it will be a challenge, moderate, or easy win. Thanks!

  • ANby says:

    When Do We Use + Been? There’s some word we can use with “been”,
    (Have,has,had) + been = It means the subject of sentence has been affected by something or someone ?

    For example.

    Last petal has fallen? OR Last petal has been fallen?
    Petal is not an object?? What if caused by the wind?
    Should I say “Petal has fallen by wind? or Petal has been fallen by wind?

  • Ellie says:

    What Is The Meaning Of A Single Red Rose Petal In Front And Back Doors Of My House? Today is very windy and when I went out to pick up the trash bag to deposited in the front, there was a single red rose petal. I didn’t make much of it but when i went to the front door there was another single red rose petal right in front of me. I took that one, deposited my trash and went back and pick the other petal which both still have their scent. The wind is blowing and there is no rose bush in sight. What is the meaning symbolism of this?

  • Philip says:

    Why Am I So Bad At Talking To People? I wrote this when I was very depressed a few nights ago. Fear nearly killed me. So how can I conquer it?

    I was always a shy boy. I sat alone to avoid them seeing as most groups were mixed gender. Girls always scared me. Because they are of the opposite sex I know that their physical intention is that of intimacy and so I feared physical judgement. Or being compared. Truth is, I’m a weed in a field of roses. Worse, but nonetheless unique. I want someone who cares for a mind and a kind heart. Since I haven’t found a flower of the same interest I will be forever alone. All
    this potential, all the ingredients for the beautiful and motivated individual I could become but it’s all squandered. My hope for finding love is nearly vanquished. The wind of doubt has swept away all my petals. Only one remains, one bold petal capable of keeping alive the dream this life once sought.

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