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Phil Robertson removed from 'Duck Dynasty' following homophobic remarks

19 December 2013 | 5:19 am A&E's popular series Duck Dynasty is losing one of it's flock for the time being.

Phil Robertson off "Duck Dynasty" indefinitely

19 December 2013 | 4:42 am A&E removes bearded patriarch from hit reality TV show over disparaging remarks about gays

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Suspended By A+E Following Anti-Gay Comments

19 December 2013 | 2:51 am "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson has been placed under a filming hiatus by A+E, the network that airs his reality show, following the anti-gay remarks he made in GQ magazine.

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'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Fired After Making Anti-Gay Remarks …

19 December 2013 | 2:30 am Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson has been placed on indefinite hiatus by A&E in the wake of anti-gay comments he made to GQ. We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson's comments in GQ, which

'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Suspended by A+E for Anti-Gay …

19 December 2013 | 1:32 am The network has placed Robertson 'under hiatus' from filming the reality show for the time being following his controversial comments about homosexuality.

Creative Minority Report: Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Kicked Off …

19 December 2013 | 1:10 am A&E has kicked Duck Dynasty's patriarch Phil Robertson has been suspended from the hit show for stating that homosexuality is sinful and that he personally does not understand the attraction. In statements that threaten the


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8 Responses to Phil Robertson

  • Joe says:

    Why Are Some People Are Not Allowed To Express Their Views And Some Aren’t? Okay so I saw something on the news about duck dynasty guy Phil Robertson so the story was about him getting suspended or banned on A&E cant remember which but he got this punishment for expressing his views on gay marriage saying he’s against and it and it’s a sin. Now I personally have NO opinion on the gay marriage topic I neither disapprove of it or support it. But with this is that gay marriage is becoming a big topic or “thing” now a days and what I found extremely wrong with what happened to Phil just didn’t make any sense the reason I say this is this country does allow freedom of speech and what I found wrong was that so all the celebrity’s and politicians can say they support it but if one person says they’re against it they have to censor it? Or even worse punish the man. Again I have no opinion on the gay marriage topic and the reason I decided to post this because I do believe everyone should have the right to express their views on matters wether you’re for it or against

  • Jordan says:

    To You, What Is A Good Christian? Because, it seems from what American media and many put out today, a good Christian is someone who doesn’t live his faith in the public square, speak his mind on what he believes is right and wrong. If he does, he is labeled as hateful and intolerant, yet Liberals who speak against Christians, that’s their 1st Amendment right, and they are never called out and criticized. Phil Robertson of A&E’s, “Duck Dynasty” is a prime example. Yet, Democrats like Reid, Obama, and Pelosi call Conservatives, “terrorists”, “anarchists”, “arsonists” and Obama’s Chief of Staff calls Tea Partiers, “terrorists with bombs strapped to their chests” and these people are labeled heroes. So, progressives, liberals, and Democrats should be in power and rule the country and Conservatives, Christians, Tea Partiers, etc. etc. are just a bunch of racist, sexist, hateful people who hate everyone and want poor people to die right? And they should just shutup and let the liberal grownups rule?

  • Will says:

    Who Else Is Outraged About Phil Robertson Getting Fired.? I mean come on. He was the best one on there. On camera he’ll control what he says a little. But of the camera you can’t completely, it’s his life. We need more people like him I mean what has America become. I’m not watching the show until he comes back on which is really hard for me because Duck Dynasty was my favorite show but still if people don’t like it them they don’t have to pay attention to it. I remember not to long ago liberal groups said “if you don’t like it change the channel.” Please leave your thoughts in the answers. And PLEASE HELP ME GET PHIL BACK in whatever way possible!

  • Lucas says:

    Will Phil Robertson’s Homophobic Remarks Cause “Duck Dynasty” To Get Canceled? He’s kicked off the show for now but I think this show is done. They got too big for their own good with their branding from underwear to lunch boxes to books to music. Their greed wet them up as they play “good ole country folk” on tv, but really wish they were on vacation with JayZ and Beyonce and partying with the Kardashians/Kanye and the Hollywood elite.
    I will guarantee the fat guy who’s the star’s wife leaves him for someone in Hollywood as she wants to be a big tv star

    • Curator says:

      These things have a cycle. American’s have short attention spans. Right now they’re a fad that will soon fade. I admire their tenacity to cash in while they are hot, because 5 years from now they will be back to making duck calls and still living in the swamp.

  • Lucas says:

    Will President Obama Give His Remarks On Phil Robertson Being Kicked Off Duck Dynasty By A&E ? I wonder if President Obama will have any remarks to share with us about this. Phil Robertson has been kicked off Duck Dynasty for homophobic comments. This could be interesting and lead to that show being taken off the air. Anyone wanna bet Sean Hannity will be having a fund raiser for a norther conservative multi millionaire in the name of freedom?

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