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Thief steals van – with plumber inside!

16 May 2013 | 7:42 am A plumber was taken on a terrifying high-speed ride after his van was stolen with him inside.

Emergency Plumber Responds to OFTEC Inspections

16 May 2013 | 7:34 am The specialists behind Emergency Plumber have shared their thoughts on a new scheme from the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC), to offer customers on-site inspections and advice. (PRWeb May 16, 2013) Read the full story at

Len The Plumber Reaches Significant Milestone

15 May 2013 | 8:17 am First employee retires from Len the Plumber after 17 years of service. (PRWeb May 15, 2013) Read the full story at

The Jinx (Kindle Edition) tagged "plumber" 2 times

8 February 2012 | 1:39 pm The Jinx The Jinx (Kindle Edition)By Jennifer Johnson Buy new: $4.99 Customer Rating: 4.1 Customer tags: jennifer johnson(3), luck(2), contemporary(2), romance(2), humor(2), new author(2), plumber(2), plumber story

Drip Dead (A GEORGIANA NEVERALL MYSTERY) (Mass Market Paperback) tagged "plumber" 9 times

3 March 2011 | 1:37 am Drip Dead (A GEORGIANA NEVERALL MYSTERY) Drip Dead (A GEORGIANA NEVERALL MYSTERY) (Mass Market Paperback)By Christy Evans Buy new: $6.2983 used and new from $0.01 Customer Rating: 4.1 Customer tags: cozy mystery(17), amateur sleuth(14), mystery(13), woman sleuth(12), female sleuth(11), women sleuths(10), cozy(10), plumber(9), lady plumber(8), georgiana neverall(7), pine ridge(7), cozy mysteries(6)

The Greatest Gig (Kindle Edition) tagged "plumber" 8 times

7 February 2011 | 3:31 am The Greatest Gig The Greatest Gig (Kindle Edition)By Ryan M. Williams Buy new: $2.99 Customer tags: kindle(8), ryan m williams(8), droids(8), aliens(8), plumber(8), sci-fi adventure(8), kindle author(8), scifi(8), science fiction(8), robots(8), spaceship(2), space(2)

ServiceMagic tagged "plumber" 3 times

6 November 2010 | 12:41 am ServiceMagic ServiceMagic Click for more info Customer Rating: 4.1 Customer tags: servicemagic(8), service magic(7), handyman(3), electrician(3), bathtub refinishing(3), plumber(3), service(2), local(2), kitchen(2), business, brick masonry, contractor

The Bloodbaths (Paperback) tagged "plumber" 2 times

9 January 2010 | 3:24 am The Bloodbaths The Bloodbaths (Paperback)By Steve Libbey 9 used and new from $0.01 Customer Rating: 4.1 Customer tags: fantasy(5), ebook(3), free sf reader(2), epic(2), 2008(2), plumber(2), steve libbey(2), 2008f, nick horton, c

Find The <b>Plumber</b> That Does The Job Right | Glenn Crooks

12 May 2013 | 3:31 pm How much do you understand about plumbing? If you know about your plumbing, do you know how to work on it? How high is your skill level? If you are somewhat vague on the answers to these questions, read on for some …

Choose A <b>Plumber</b> That You Can Rely On

11 May 2013 | 6:26 pm Problems with plumbing can have an adverse effect on your house and your belongings. The tips in this article will help give you the knowledge you need to.

Muslim <b>Plumber</b> Blames YouTube Video for Kicking Dog <b>…</b>

10 May 2013 | 6:07 pm Obama and Clinton blamed a YouTube video for the attack on Benghazi, instead of their own failure to secure the diplomatic mission. And Mahmoud Eid profited from their example.

Original Harley-Davidson Carburetor Plumber Manifold Knucklehead Bigtwin

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Action Figures 4'' Intergallactic Plumber

15 May 2013 | 7:50 pm $0.01 (1 Bid)
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3DO Plumbers Don't Wear Ties – tested and working

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New Milwaukee 49-22-4145 10 piece Ice Hardened plumbers hole saw kit

15 May 2013 | 7:16 pm $11.00 (6 Bids)
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  • LLM says:

    WHAT IS A Transfer Of Equity? I just read something on these posts that mentioned it. My mother and father bought a Condo. Dad died and some years later I move in to help Mom. She calls her lawyer to add my name with a Survivor-ship. If one of us dies, the other gets the Condo. My name is also on the car insurance but there is no will stating that I own the car itself now that she has passed on. Her Lawyer told me I didn’t have to do anything about the Condo except to continue payments as usual.

    For the Car, he said to fill out a Voluntary Admin. Form and get a (pro-bono) lawyer to help me.

    I became disabled a few years before she died and I have just started receiving disability literally the week she died. I paid off the funeral and a few debts she owed. She was in the middle of having the bathroom tub and tiles refinished including the plumbing due to the downstairs neighbor’s complaint. So I used my own money and the remaining amt of the life insurance to get that fixed as well as other things she needed fixed in the Condo. I am near broke now and can not stay here with the amt of disability I get a month.

    My questions are:

    1.What is a transfer of Equity?

    2. I don’t really understand the voluntary admin form and what to actually put for answers. It’s just for me to have the car. My brothers do not want it and agree that I get everything if anything. There is no will, so do I add them to the list on the form too? How do I get a lawyer who will do pro-bono?

    3. I now own the Condo. When asking my mom’s lawyer if I should send her death certificate, he said do nothing except continue payments. I checked to be sure and my name IS listed as owner, though it only shows up to 2008. I unfortunately can not afford it alone. I do not trust any strangers enough to rent out a room to. I thought there was one mortgage, but I was shocked to find out there is two mortgages equaling to nearly the amount of the value of the Condo. I want to do a short sale (as is) or some such because I just can’t afford this. How do I go about doing this short sale? Or do I have to tell/ask the Mortgage Co. about it?

    Now I know why I have never wanted to get married or own a home. Too much of a headache and red tape as well as time consuming.

  • Nells says:

    There Are Gurgling Sounds Coming From The Sink And Scratching In The Walls. What It It? For the past couple of months we have has this consistent gurgling noise that would start up for hours all day long and then it would stop for a day or so and then start again. The sound was like one big swallow that ended with a pop. After a while it calmed down, but then one specific place in the wall in two areas of our house started making these scratchy noises, almost as if there were a rat in our walls. We had a plumber come by and they said it could be the filter in the sink, because we have filtered water, might have to be changed, so we did that and the sink stopped for a while, the scratching in the walls however stops for a couple days and then starts up for 1-2 hours. The sink now a couple times a day will do the swallow pop noise, but not as often. The house isn’t too old and is kept in great condition. We have checked the screens so there’s no way that a rat could have gotten in. What could this be? We don’t want to have the plumber come again because it’s so expensive, but what can we do?

  • Kimberly says:

    What Can I Do About Work That Was Not Finished On My House? I recently purchased a house in Bronx, NY. After closing, I moved into the house

    two days later because I needed to leave the apartment that I was renting immediately. The house was being worked on for over a year but there was still things that were not complete when I moved in. I was told that these things would all be completed by closing but they weren’t. The bar tops in both kitchens have not been installed so that there is just a slab of wood covering them, There is a window that has a broken glass that was broken by workers a few days before closing, and I had no hot water or heat for four weeks (that has been taken care of now with help from the plumber who worked on the house). The seller said that he would fix everything that needs to be fixed but it has been five weeks since closing and he has stopped answering or returning my calls and emails. Is there anything that I can do to make him finish the work? I even contacted my closing lawyer and she contacted them but still no work has been done.

  • Carlo says:

    Do You Need Experience To Be Accepted Into A Plumbing Apprenticeship? I have decided to go into the plumbing trade, but I have heard you need plumbing experience to be accepted into the united association plumbing apprenticeship. This doesn’t make much sense because isn’t an apprenticeship where you learn the trade? I have heard you need to either work as a helper to get experience, take plumbing classes at a trade school, or both. Is this true or not?

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