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What’s With That Red Equals Sign on Facebook?

26 March 2013 | 10:21 pm If you’ve been on Facebook today, there’s a fairly good chance that you’ve noticed the masses of profile pictures featuring a pink equals sign over a red backgroundand you’ve probably noticed the masses of marriage equality statements coming from those folks. There’s good reason for that: Equal rights activism group Human Rights Campaign started a social media movement to support marriage …

Emblazoned in red , same-sex marriage dominates social media

26 March 2013 | 10:12 pm (CNN) Scroll through your Facebook newsfeed today and there is a good chance you will be seeing red . A…

What does the red equal sign mean on Facebook, Twitter?

26 March 2013 | 10:00 pm WASHINGTON, D.C. If youve been online in the past 24 hours, you may have seen a red equal sign …

What is this red equal sign and how did it take over Facebook …

26 March 2013 | 9:35 pm The Supreme Court is taking a look at marriage today – and if you look at Facebook, your friends are probably chiming in.

Why You're Seeing Red on Facebook Profiles | NBC Bay Area

26 March 2013 | 8:43 pm You've probably noticed by now that some of your friends on Facebook have changed their profile picture to a pink equals sign inside a red square. The logo is the work of the Human Rights.

What does the red equal sign mean on Facebook, Twitter …

26 March 2013 | 8:28 pm Have you noticed that Facebook and Twitter users are changing their profile pictures to an image of a red equal sign? The images are in response to the Supreme Court beginning their hearings on gay marriage Tuesday in

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11 Responses to Red Equal Sign

  • Min says:

    What Are The (trending) Red Profile Pics For On Facebook? A few of my friends changed their profile pictures into a red box with equal sign inside or something.

    • Curator says:

      Today (3/26) and tomorrow (3/27) the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on gay marriage rights, specifically the constitutionality of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act – and Proposition 8 (, which banned gay marriages in California.

      The red box with a pink equal sign is a sign of support for the gay community during these next few days

  • Leaf says:

    My Partner Gets Upset When I Want To Have A Say? We have been together 4 months but if he decides to go somewhere or do something or even decide when to spend a night together he automatically expects me to agree and when I say no or suggest something else he brings up another time that I disagreed with something he said. He tells me he does not know where he is with me that he has to keep second guessing me and that he can’t read my mind that I am always hurting him. I get upset because he makes me feel really guilty and I even end up apologising for having my say. Maybe I don’t know how to be in a relationship or make a commitment I feel really confused. I care for him and sad as it made me have told him that maybe we are not suited but then he tells me he can’t lose me and then he tells me he is sorry and he means it. I don’t know why he is this way a friend told me he was too controlling is she is right I don’t know how to leave him he will be so hurt.

    • Curator says:

      Let’s make a list, hmm?

      1. He makes you feel bad about things that he’s doing.

      2. He makes you feel bad about things that you can’t control.

      3. Everything has to be on his terms. If he doesn’t get his way, no one gets to have fun.

      4. He’s pushing you to make a commitment, even if that commitment makes you uncomfortable. Again, your feelings aren’t as important as his feelings.

      5. He manipulates you to keep you around, even if you really feel like things aren’t working out.

      These are all huge red flags. Read any checklist about unhealthy and/or abusive relationships and you will find all of those behaviors and more. These are warning signs that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It doesn’t matter how many times this guy apologizes because, quite frankly, he doesn’t mean it. He just sounds like he does. What “I’m sorry” really means is that the person apologizing is going to make a concerted effort not to continue to act that way. The fact that you’ve been with this guy for several months and he isn’t changing the way he treats you should be a pretty clear indicator that things aren’t going to get better. This isn’t how a healthy relationship works. Cut this clown out of your life. You deserve someone who treats you like an equal.

  • Trenton says:

    What Does The Red Equality Sign On Facebook Mean? For the past few days, I’ve been seeing a lot of people posted a red equality sign on their facebook profile picture. I know it has to do with gay right or gay equality, but am I missing out some important political event here that I should know?. I’ve been so busy with school recently so I guess I’ve fallen so behind on the news. Can someone to tell me what’s going on? Thank you.

    PS: here’s the link of the image of that equal sign.

  • Jane says:

    Should I Go To The Doctor For M Black Eye? So i was in a car accident last night and i cant remember it. i cant remember about ten minutes before the accident happened. i have a severe black eye no idea what i hit or anything. it is all purple like really dark purple kinda red under the eye and it keeps watering really bad making it a little difficult to see…just wondering if i should seek medical attention or not! anything will help!!! thank you 🙂 my neighbor thinks i fractured my socket bone so im a little nervous!

    • Curator says:

      You NEVER want to mess around with your eyes. You could have a fracture, damaged your tear duct or even have nerve damage.

      My main concern is your memory loss. That could be a sign of a concussion. Which is a movement of the brain in any direction can cause you to lose alertness. How long you stay unconscious may be a sign of the severity of the concussion. You do not always have to lose consciousness. Most people who have a concussion never pass out but describe it as seeing all white, black, or stars. You can also have a concussion with no conventional symptoms and not realize it.

      Symptoms of a concussion range from mild to severe and can include:

      Acting confused, feeling spacey, or not thinking straight, Being drowsy, hard to wake up or similar changes, Headache, Loss of consciousness, Memory loss of events before the injury or right after, Nausea and vomiting, Seeing flashing lights, Feeling like you have “lost time”.

      Then there are emergency symptoms of a concussion. Seek medical care right away if there are:

      Changes in alertness and consciousness, Convulsions, Muscle weakness on one or both sides, Persistent confusion, Pupils of the eyes that are not equal in size, Remaining unconscious, Repeated vomiting, Unusual eye movements, Walking or balance problems. Head injuries that cause a concussion often occur with injury to the neck and spine. Take special care if you suspect you have had a head injury.

      While recovering from a concussion, you may:

      Be withdrawn, easily upset, or confused, Have a hard time with tasks that require remembering or concentrating, Have mild headaches, Be less tolerant of noise, Be very tired.

      A more serious head injury that involves bleeding or brain damage must be treated in a hospital. For a mild head injury no treatment may be needed. But be aware that the symptoms of a head injury can show up later. Friends or family may need to keep an eye on you for symptoms after you are released from the emergency room or doctor’s office.

      After even a mild concussion:

      Do not do activities that can cause further head injury, Avoid tasks that require concentration or complicated thinking. These include reading, homework, and preparing reports. Avoid bright lights and loud sounds. These can overstimulate the brain.

      Recovering from a concussion may take days, weeks, or even months. You may have trouble concentrating, unable to remember things, irritable, have headaches, dizziness, blurry vision, and nausea that comes and goes.

      You should get help from family or friends before making important decisions. This is because reasoning and thinking processes may be impaired.

      To sum this up please, please go to the Dr. to get checked out immediately. Hope this helps.

  • Question About My 12th House? I was reading my birthchart, which said that my north node is virgo and my south node is pisces, but there was a part on the chart that said i have leo in my 12th house. I researched it but spme sites said that because my south node is in pisces, it means that i have pisces in my 12th house. Just a little confused lol. Also what does leo or pisces in the 12th mean??

    • Curator says:

      First go to and get a free natal chart picture
      So this is what a circular natal chart PICTURE looks like. On this particular one there are also progressions (in green around the outside) and transits (in red around the outside)
      by right mouse on picture, this menu comes up, so just select *save picture as* to your hard drive, then upload to photobucket or similar and post the *direct link* into your threads, do not copy/paste from address bar as this will give access to your account!

      It would have been helpful to say what was your ascendant sign, Libra? this means Virgo would be ruling your 12th house cusp in equal house system (mine) I think your confusion may be that Pisces is the *naturual ruler* of 12th house. Look at my pictures above.

      Equal house system v Placidus;_ylt=AiptrmcKfolRj6_05xgZRofty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130226181820AAf5Pce

      If North Node is Virgo 12th house, pisces South Node must be 6th house. BUT (caveat) if any planet or Node is within 5′ degree orb rule of the house cusp, it should be read as if in the next house along going anti clockwise. So if you Virgo N Node is within 5′ of Asc then read as if in first house.

      “North Node in Virgo and/or in the Sixth House
      With North Node in Virgo, our South Node is in Pisces. With North Node in the sixth house, our South Node is in the twelfth house.
      A tendency to avoid dealing with the details and practicalities of everyday life, to lead a rather haphazard and unorganized existence, to avoid formulating clear goals, and to put too much faith in a grand plan while neglecting practical concerns are some of the issues this position suggests. With this position, we need to work on developing some healthy and practical routines and schedules. Otherwise, we may be victim of vague worries and anxieties.
      North Node in Pisces and/or in the Twelfth House
      With North Node in Pisces, our South Node is in Virgo. With North Node in the twelfth house, our South Node is in the sixth house.
      A tendency to worry unremittingly, to be plagued by vague (and sometimes not so vague) feelings of guilt about under-performing, to lack faith and trust in a larger more spiritual plan, and to over-analyze ourselves and others are some of the issues this position suggests. With this position, we need to put some faith in spiritual powers or the “big picture”, to let go of some of our fears that we are not doing enough, to love ourselves and others with more compassion and understanding, and to be humble, feeling safe in the knowledge that we (and others) are not perfect. We need to trust and develop our imagination, as well as our capacity for compassion.
      Learning to let go of some of our obsessions with rules, details, and fears of not doing things perfectly will help us to achieve a greater sense of balance and to ease our fear of failure and guilty feelings.”

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