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Red Lobster Claws Aside Closing Rumors

27 December 2013 | 9:23 pm Red Lobster is not going out of business despite a report that the seafood restaurant chain was closing its doors.

Red Lobster not closing, Darden says

27 December 2013 | 7:26 pm Relax, everyone. Your Cheddar Bay biscuits are safe.

Red Lobster not closing, Darden says | Video

27 December 2013 | 7:23 pm Relax, everyone. Your Cheddar Bay biscuits are safe.

Bisquick Complete Mix, Cheese Garlic, 7.75-Ounce Units (Pack of 22) (Grocery) tagged “red lobster” 3 times

23 March 2011 | 4:20 pm Bisquick Complete Mix, Cheese Garlic, 7.75-Ounce Units (Pack of 22) Bisquick Complete Mix, Cheese Garlic, 7.75-Ounce Units (Pack of 22) (Grocery)By Betty Crocker Baking Buy new: $17.58 Customer Rating: 4.1 Customer tags: biscuit mixes(5), bisquick(4), red lobster(3), yummy(2)

Last Night at the Lobster (Hardcover) tagged “red lobster” 3 times

17 April 2008 | 2:48 pm Last Night at the Lobster Last Night at the Lobster (Hardcover)By Stewart O’Nan 158 used and new from $0.01 Customer Rating: 4.1 Customer tags: contemporary fiction(8), restaurant(7), fast food(5), connecticut(5), red lobster(3), employment(3), literary(3), management(3), suburbia(2), blue collar workers, characters, classic

Red Lobster Sinking To Its Buttery Doom? Depressingly Delicious …

24 December 2013 | 4:51 pm Red Lobster turning out the lights on cheddar biscuits? Oh, the humanity!

Red Lobster Owners Planning To Sell Or Spinoff Restaurants | Bossip

24 December 2013 | 1:56 pm Cancel Christmas! The checks have stopped coming in for Red Lobster… According to L.A. Times reports: In a move sure to set the culinary world and classy guys everywhere reeling, Darden has announced that it will either

Red Lobster May Close Its Doors Forever – The Guardian Express

24 December 2013 | 12:01 pm Better stock up on the cheddar biscuits and shrimp prepared in an endless variety of ways; upon the news that Red Lobster's parent company is not doing well financially, many are speculating that the chain may close its

Red Lobster, Olive Garden or Longhorn Steakhouse $25 Gift Card

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NP1901 5pcs Red Leather Braided Necklace lobster Clasp Cool Hot 450MM

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Vintage Red Lobster Clear Goblet Glass Perfect Condition

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7 Responses to Red Lobster

  • Hairy Pig says:

    What’s One Restaurant You Wish Delivered? It can be a fast food or sit down restaurant. It doesn’t matter.
    I wish Chipotle delivered. I’d be a fat ass if they did.

  • Colleen says:

    Should I Give Him Space? My boyfriend is kinda pissed off at me today.
    We planned to go on a double date, and then he texted me saying his mom wanted to go to red lobster with the family and if i wanted to go.
    I called him and asked him what he was going to do
    and he thought i was mad at him so got really pissed off and said that he just wont do either and he’ll just stay home.
    Im scared hes going to break up with me every time we argue..I feel like i should apologize but he called me an ass so it made me really upset..
    Should I give him space for the night and just let him do his thing and see if he texts me later or?
    I’m confused and hurt..

    • Curator says:

      Red Lobster and Olive Garden is owned by the Darden Restaurant Group. Both offer quality food for a reasonable price. And they have lunch deals as well. I frequent both often. As a regular I am taken care of by the servers and always get a few extras with my meal.

  • JOE says:

    What Happened To My Lobsters? Couple days ago My girlfriend bought two live lobsters (3.7 lb & 2 lb) from SF Bay Area’s 99 Ranch (local Chinese grocery chain) for us to cook. It was not our first time to cook lobsters, and for me not the first time to eat a 3.7 lb one, but the first time we cooked this large one ourselves. We boiled them as usual, and turned out that both two lobsters meat were soft, mushy, like cottage cheese, and not firm enough like we always have had before. We googled it and found some possible explanations, such as undercooked (or over-cooked), bad lobster, it may happen on warm-water lobster, the lobster has been dead too long, etc. But we still don’t get it.

    The first point is, we cooked the 3.7 lb one for 15 mins, and 2 lb for 10 mins. I know it looks like we definitely had lobsters undercooked. However, as I was eating large one’s head, its roe was in a beautiful red like it has been cooked just right. Both two shells were also red, the meat’s color looked right. So I assume we didn’t had them under- or over-cooked. After we finished two claws and realized something went wrong, we threw the bodies back to pot to cook it again for extra 10 mins. It seemed a little bit better but didn’t help a lot. I guess once stop boiling, the texture will no longer change.

    Also, we are sure those two we bought were cold-water lobsters, because each of them had two big claws, which you wont see on warm-water lobsters. And in my country our people mostly eat warm-water lobster, so I know the difference. I learned it may happened on cold-water lobster, but on both two we bought? I don’t think so.

    She frozen lobsters as soon as she got back home from grocery, it was two days ago she flew back to our country. And we cooked them two days after her return. In other words. Those live lobsters have been frozen for 2 + 2 + 1 (on the plane) = 5 days. I don’t know if it means “die too long.” We used to bought frozen lobsters in our country, and I believe those lobsters have been frozen for longer time, and they ate just fine.

    Does anyone know what happened? We now rarely travel to the US, and we just waste a great chance to enjoy delicious lobsters. I hope to avoid the mistakes next time.
    To CMC,

    Sorry I forgot to mention, we did thaw the lobsters before cooked them. We pulled them out from freezer and put them in the kitchen sink for like 5 hrs before we started cooking. We also flushed them with cold water for a bit to make sure they could be defrosted completely.

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