Revenge Season Finale

'Revenge' recap: Season finale, 'Reckoning'

Thu, 24 May 2012 09:33:34 -0700 I hope everyone has taken a few moments to collect themselves after that spectacular finale.,0,7253199.story?track=rss

Revenge cast shares 6 teases for the season finale: "Every character is tested"

Wed, 23 May 2012 09:31:03 -0700 Murder, blackmail, drug use, infidelity, theft — the first season of Revenge has had it all. But will the primetime soap be able to up the ante for season finale?

'Revenge' season finale recap: Death in the Hamptons

Thu, 24 May 2012 07:47:20 -0700 All hell breaks loose as a certain homicidal stripper returns, a truth about Emily's parentage is revealed, and possibly three major characters die.

Revenge Finale Recap — Season 1 – TVLine

If you have yet to watch last night's Revenge season finale, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, please proceed… This season's Revenge finale should've had one of those warnings before it, you know, the kind they put on …

Revenge Season Finale Review: O-Em-G – TV Fanatic

On the Revenge season finale, Emily plans to finish off her adversaries as the Graysons continue to self destruct but in the end an explosive event may change everything.

'Revenge' finale: Gabriel Mann chats live with you on …

'Revenge' season finale: Chat live with Gabriel Mann tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET. by Christian … Well, luckily for all of us we're going to find out Nolan's fate tonight in Reckoning, the season finale of Revenge. And adding his …

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  • Jewel c says:

    What’s Your Theorys On Who “A” Is On Pretty Little Liars? I HIGHLY doubt it’s Maya. Because remember like on the first season when Emily, and Maya are at that party and they take pictures together kissing? Well “A” took those pictures while they were both still in the photo booth. Plus “A” was wearing gloves when she took them. Also, Maya has been away at boot camp, and has only been back for about 2-3 weeks, and she couldn’t talk to ANYONE. I think the whole boots thing was an intentional mislead. The waitress says at the end of the mid-season finale “hey pretty eyes” Maya doesn’t have really pretty eyes (no offense) I’m starting to think it’s Jenna, because her eyes are BEAUTIFUL. And in Dr. Sullivan’s file on “A” it says she has a huge power for revenge, and refers to people as “nosy bitches” which is probably something Jenna would say. What do you guys think?
    The books are so far off from the show.

    • Curator says:

      Well, at the end of the summer finale, the waitress said something along the lines of ‘Hello there pretty eyes.’ From that we can assume that, “A” has pretty eyes. Now, lets go over our list of suspects with pretty eyes, this is going to be subjective because we all have different types and also the way she said the line made it seem as though she was talking to a girl.

      Suspect 1: Jenna. Although supposidley blind, she was getting surgery to fix her eyes. Jenna is the obvious answer on who “A” is, but its TOO obvious. We know her and Garret are the ones who set up the girls but that doesnt make them “A”.

      Suspect 2: Ali. Ali has pretty eyes but it supposidley dead and they have found a body. If that body is Ali’s who knows. Its TV and they can do what they want with it. Also in the summer finale Emily was pulled out of the barn and seen with Ali in a ‘dream state’, but its what Ali says that intrigues me. When asked by Emily if she knew who “A” was, Ali says yes but cant tell her because only 2 can keep a secret if 1 of them is dead. Which makes me think, Ali might still be alive and thats why she asked Emily to join her.

      Suspect 3: Mona. Not really obvious, but her character is a minor character and hasnt really shown me any reason for her to be “A”. She was “A” in the books, but I dont think so in the show.

      Suspect 4: Melissa. Now originally I never thought of her as a suspect but I have heard valid points to sustain this theory. Ali had a thing with Ian, which would give Melissa a little motive. Spencer had a thing with Ian and Wren, which would make Melissa even more upset. Now if it is Melissa, I think she is working with someone else.

      Suspect 5: Caleb. Caleb to me isnt out of the question, although he just happened to be visiting his real parents when the doctor was around trying to find out who “A” is, then the doctor dissapears and Caleb is back in Rosewood to see this all happen. Did you see his face, when at the wedding Hanna took Isabella to the back and Aria and Spencer leave the altar?

      Now lets assume “A” is more than one person, she would almost have to be to be every where, all the time. We know Jenna and Garrett set the girls up to take the fall for Ali’s murder but we still dont have an answer on who “A” is. I dont think its any of the guys, Lucas is such a minor role that it would surprise me if he is part of it. Ezra is a just a love interest. Ian is dead. Jason seems like a candidate but I dont think its him, he just wants answers. Toby was already set up to take the fall and found innocent. Garrett, we know he helpped Jenna set up the girls for Ali’s murder but I think thats as far as it goes. Unless Jenna is “A” and Garrett is helping. Caleb, I hope its not but you have seen my reasoning on why he is a suspect and he is probably working with someone.

      I cant wait for it to come back on the air.

  • 54 says:

    My Top 100 Favorite Albums Of The 00’s (Rate, Hate, Debate)? I posted this about a month or two ago, but it was just a top 10 of every year of the decade. Now its in the normal continuous format with some minor changes and some additions due to the fact that some years had over 10 albums worthy of the list while others only had like 6 that were worthy. So some albums that were top 10 for their year would have been on the other list but might have got beat out on this list by a better album from a better year but which wasn’t top 10 of its year. Anyway, here’s the list:

    1. Jedi Mind Tricks – Violent By Design
    2. M.O.P. – Warriorz
    3. Dj Babu – Duck Season Vol. 1
    4. Cymarshall Law – Hip Hop In The Flesh
    5. Common Market – Common Market
    6. Sticky Fingaz – Black Trash: The Autobiography Of Kirk Jones
    7. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek – Train Of Thought
    8. Dead Prez – Let’s Get Free
    9. 7L & Esoteric – Dangerous Connection
    10. Binary Star – Master’s Of The Universe
    11. Electric – Life’s A Struggle
    12. Reks – Grey Hairs
    13. Vakill – The Darkest Cloud
    14. Masta Ace – A Long Hot Summer
    15. Fashawn – Boy Meets World
    16. Classified – Self Explanatory
    17. Soulbrotha – Collector’s Item
    18. Skit Slam – A Blessing In Disguise
    19. Braille – Shades Of Grey
    20. Snowgoons – Black Snow
    21. Cali Agents – How The West Was One
    22. Ivan Ives – Iconoclast
    23. Edo G – The Truth Hurts
    24. RJD2 – Deadringer
    25. Bumpy Knuckles – Industry Shakedown
    26. Louis Logic – Sin-A-Matic
    27. DL Incognito – A Sample and a Drum Machine
    28. Inspectah Deck – The Movement
    29. Pacewon – The Only Color That Matters Is Green
    30. Common Market – Tobacco Road
    31. J-Live – The Best Part
    32. Masta Ace – Disposable Arts
    33. Apani B – Story 2 Tell
    34. Mr. J Medeiros – Of Gods And Girls
    35. Surreal & Dj Balance – Future Classic
    36. Various Artists – Lyricist Lounge 2
    37. Declaime – Conversations With Dudley
    38. Big L – The Big Picture
    39. Dj Honda – HIII
    40. The Dwellas – The Last Shall Be First
    41. Insight – Updated Software V.2.5
    42. Macklemore – Language Of My World
    43. J-Live – Then What Happened?
    44. Shad – When This Is Over
    45. Scarface – The Fix
    46. Insight – The Blast Radius
    47. KRS-One & Buckshot – Survival Skills
    48. Murs & 9th Wonder – Murray’s Revenge
    49. Swollen Members – Monsters In The Closet
    50. Gang Starr – The Ownerz
    51. Vakill – Kill Em All
    52. The Molemen – Ritual Of The…
    53. Jigmastas – Grassroots Lyrical Fluctuation
    54. Athletic Mic League – The Thrill Is Gone
    55. Screwball – Y2K: The Album
    56. Army Of The Pharaohs – Ritual Of Battle
    57. Finale – A Pipe Dream and a Promise
    58. Cunninlynguists – Southernunderground
    59. Classified – Trial & Error
    60. Copperpot – Chapter Seven
    61. 50 Cent – Get Rich Or Die Tryin
    62. Code Red – Since Forever Til Forever
    63. The Molemen – Below The Ground/Buried Alive
    64. Mr. Complex – The Complex Catalogue
    65. Athletic Mic League – Sweats and Kicks
    66. PMD & Dj Honda – Underground Connection
    67. Non Phixion – The Future Is Now
    68. Adverse – Way With Words
    69. Ivan Ives – Juice To Get Loose To
    70. Factor – After The Fact
    71. Uppanotch – No Greater Love
    72. The Beatnuts – Take It Or Squeeze It
    73. Asamov – And Now
    74. Oddisee – Foot In The Door
    75. GZA – Pro Tools
    76. Afu Ra – Body Of The Life Force
    77. Ill Bill – What’s Wrong With Bill?
    78. Juice – Tip Of The Iceberg
    79. Speech Debelle – Speech Therapy
    80. Blue Scholars – Bayani
    81. Prolyphic & Reanimator – The Ugly Truth
    82. Cymarshall Law – Hip Hop In The Soul
    83. Pseudo Slang – Well Keep Looking
    84. Public Enemy – How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul
    85. The Thyrday – The Perfection Xperiment 2
    86. Panacea – Ink Is My Drink
    87. Megalon – A Penny For Your Thoughts
    88. Pumpkinhead – Orange Moon Over Brooklyn
    89. Edo G – My Own Worst Enemy
    90. C-Rayz Walz – Singular Plurals Vol. 2
    91. Cunninlynguists – Will Rap For Food
    92. Cannibal Ox – The Cold Vein
    93. All Natural – Second Nature
    94. LMNO – Leave My Name Out
    95. Self Scientific – The Self Science
    96. KZ Kombination – Time Lan Change
    97. Soul Position – 8 Million Stories
    98. 50 Cent – Power Of The Dollar
    99. Factor – Famous Nights And Empty Days
    100. The Game – The Documentary
    I guess yahoo answers is going to be a b*tch and only post this Q but not the other one. Anyway, here’s a link to my top 100 albums of the 90’s list in case it doesn’t post on the front page;_ylt=AtL0dDJ0VYB_Z_1h6I8t_ofsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100906061619AAaDglT
    ^^Scratch that. I got it to post in a different thread. Here’s the 90’s list:;_ylt=AtfxbEQUZrKzAwV_I3q1Aarw5nNG;_ylv=3?qid=20100906063817AAuMDeR

    • Curator says:

      I don’t listen to 2000s stuff nearly as much as 90s or 80s but I think I still know enough and this list does well but how come there ain’t Cube’s “Raw Footage” or Geto Boys’ “The Foundation”, for instance? Just some of my favorites.

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