Rock The Bells 2012

PHOTOS: Rock the Bells 2012 lineup

Wed, 16 May 2012 10:27:09 -0700 BERNARDINO, Calif. – The traveling hip hop music festival, 'Rock the Bells' will hit California in late August and New Jersey in early September.

Rock the Bells 2012 Lineup: Missy Elliott, Bone Thugs, Kendrick Lamar, and More

Wed, 16 May 2012 07:52:47 -0700 Organizers Guerilla Union has announced the lineup for this year's Rock the Bells three-stop festival series, which is stacked with several generations of hip-hop talent. Though Kid Cudi, Nas, and Wiz Khalifa share top billing on the lineup poster, Missy Elliott and Timbaland, the Hit Squad (EPMD, Redman, K-Solo, and Keith Murray), and Salt-N-Pepa will all join the bicoastal, three-weekend …

Nas, A$AP Rocky, Missy Elliott & More Confirmed For Rock The Bells 2012

Tue, 15 May 2012 22:54:13 -0700 Looks Epic!

Rap Radar :: Rock The Bells 2012 Lineup

Rock The Bells 2012 Lineup. Tuesday, May 15 2012 11:46 PM EST | Posted by: Big Homie | Posted in: Blog, True Story. Announced earlier at the launch party at the House of Blues in LA, were this year's lineup for the Rock …

Rock the Bells 2012 dates, venues & some artists announced

#RocktheBells2012" – Nas Turing hip-hop festival Rock the Bells announces:Boost Mobile in association with Guerilla Union have announced the return of the ROCK THE BELLS 2012 FESTIVAL SERIES powered by …

Nah Right Rock The Bells 2012 Lineup

Guerilla Union have announced their solid lineup for this year's Rock The Bells festival. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will be reuniting and performing E. 1999 Eternal in its entirety along with a tribute to Eazy-E. The Hit Squad, …

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  • What Are Your Feelings On MY Poem? God’s Children? A realization,darkening skies,seem kind of odd,
    Can all these years be wasted,looking for God?
    He’s not in control as the world rocks and rolls,
    A bargain ignored,to be had,selling our souls.
    Souls of nothing,souls just waiting in the dark,
    Dismal bells will toll for you and me,Hark.
    Listen to the loneliness,feel the coldness of yourself,
    An awakening,praying for peace,then only get Hell.
    Ballistic kisses,lying,cut into your mind,a good try,
    As the knives scream,telling you a truthful goodbye.
    God in heaven thou has forsaken the world,Will we ever sleep?
    A silent tomb called love,that’s dead,no one will ever weep.
    Weep for yourself,weep not for those whose love is lost,
    Are you even aware of what is our final cost?
    Maybe you are blind,just hiding in a well seen ruse,
    Wringing your hands,imagining who else to use.
    The end will come,finality not ours to decide,
    We seek for a hiding place in our own mind.

    >>>TBO<<< Feb.18,2012 BYEEEXXX

    • Curator says:

      Hi Awesome poem. Very vivid and concise. Deep words

      The end will come,finality not ours to decide,
      We seek for a hiding place in our own mind

      No one can hide from the one , who created the mind , the soul, and the heart.

  • Cuse says:

    What Would Your Reaction Be To If Some Of These Scenarios Took Place?+BQ? 1.Santino wins the 2012 Royal Rumble
    2.Randy Orton turns heel before WM 28
    3.The Rock and Cena come out for their long anticipated match. After their entrances, it’s finally time to start this match. The bell rings, they have a 3 minute staredown and they are both handed microphones and say “APRIL FOOLS!” and leave the ring.

    BQ:Since Chris Jericho is back full time, do you think that he will win the WWE Title at WM 28?

  • Anonymous says:

    Monday Night Raw Ep.37 Presented By BVW. Is It Good? September 10, 2012

    No Way Out results for Raw:
    **Submission Hell in a Cell WWE Title Match: Nigel McGuinness(c) d. Kurt Angle to RETAIN the WWE Title
    **Tag Team Title Match: The World’s Greatest Tag Team(c) d. The Kings of Wrestling to RETAIN the Tag Team Titles
    **Sin Cara d. Alberto Del Rio to keep his mask

    **Hype up video is shown of the hellacious WWE Title Hell in a Cell match from No Way Out last night. Nigel triumphed over Kurt Angle and attacked him after the match:
    **Tonight on Raw: Winner of NXT Xavier Woods debuts, Mick Foley starts the Tag Team Tournament to determine a new #1 Contender to the Tag Titles, and Kurt angle seeks redemption on Nigel McGuinness.

    Match 1-Three on Three Tag Team:
    Drew McIntyre, Alberto Del Rio, and Evan Bourne d. John Morrison, Sin Cara, and US Champ Kofi Kingston via pinfall after Kingston tapped out to the Cross Armbreaker

    Segment #1: In the back Chris Jericho is looking for Ezekiel Jackson. He asks around. No look. He is pissed off. He says he want Zeke’s head on a platter.

    Match 2-Singles Non Title:
    Hardcore Champ Sheamus d. US Champ Kofi Kingston

    Segment #2: Sin Cara is drying off sweat with a towel in the back when Alberto Del Rio walks up to him. Alberto says that at No Way Out Sin Cara direspected him. They shouldn’t of even had a match, but they did, and Sin Cara pulled off the fluke victory. Del Rio gave Sin Cara good advice, stop hiding behind a mask. Now that he thinks about it, he’s glad Sin Cara is hiding behind a mask, because he is probably uglier than the crowd that cheers him. Sin Cara says that he has some advice for Del Rio. Sin Cara grabs something on a table. It’s duct tape. He says Del Rio needs to learn to shut up, and hands him the tape. He walks away as Del Rio is pissed off.

    Segment #3: Mick Foley music hits and he makes his way out. He shakes hands with the wrestlers as they make their way past him and into the back. He heads to the ring with mic in hand. As he gets in the ring the crowd erupts in cheers. He says tonight as he guaranteed a tag team tournament will start. The winning tag team will receive their tag title shots in three weeks at Vengeance. He has made sure that the tag team title matches have never taken place before, he has done the best he can for the fans. He gives them a, “Bang, bang!,” And leaves the ring. He heads back up the ramp. As he gets to the top Triple H runs out in suit and tie and gets in his face. Mick laughs, and tries to walk away but Trips pushes him. Mick says, “Not now.” Trips and Mick go face to face. As WWE staff runs in to make sure nothing happens. The crowd boos as the segment ends.

    Match 3-Round 1 in the Tag Team #1 Contender Tournament:
    The Colons(Primo and Carlito) d. El Generico and Delirious via pinfall after Stereo Backstabbers

    Segment #4: New generic rock music hits, and Xavier Woods makes his way to the ring in street clothes. He stands in the ring with a mic in hand as the crowd chants, “Good luck, Xavier.” Xavier smiles. He thanks the crowd, and says that he is going to need it to stay afloat in the WWE. Tonight, the WWE wanted him to come out and introduce himself to the WWE universe. He was born in Georgia, and grew up watching WrestleMania wishing it could be him. His mama didn’t. His mama wanted for him to college, and so he did. He began to study in psychology, but that didn’t fulfill him. He goes to says something else, but “Somebody’s gonna get their ass kicked!” Mark Henry makes his way to the ring. Mark says that just because the WWE wants him to talk doesn’t mean he has to. He needs to earn his word just like Mark earned his place. Mark thinks that tonight he feels like kicking some rookie ass. Xavier asks if that’s a threat. Mark says it’s not. It’s a promise. Xavier kicks Henry in the gut, but Mark pushes him down as the ref runs down. He rings the bell.

    Match 4-Singles:
    Mark Henry d. Xavier Woods via pinfall after the World’s Strongest Slam

    Segment #5 After the match, Mark Henry grabs Xavier by his afro and drops him with another WSL. He stomps on his head a couple of times, laughs, and walks away smiling.

    Match 5-Round 1 in the Tag Team #1 Contender Tournament:
    The Young Bucks(Jeremy and Max) d. The Usos(Jey and Jimmy) via pinfall after the More Bang for your Buck on Jey

    Match 6-Singles Non Title:
    WWE Champ Nigel McGuinness d. Kurt Angle via pinfall after the Jawbreaker Lariat

    • Curator says:

      Match 1-8/10

      Segment 1-8/10

      Match 2-8/10

      Segment 2-9/10

      Segment 3-9/10

      Match 3-8/10

      Segment 4-7/10

      Match 4-7/10
      Segment 5-8/10

      Match 5-9/10

      Match 6-10/10

  • I’m Too Hurt Beyond Repair. But How Do I Get Out? I am in an abusive relationship, confirmed. He shouts at me when he disagrees even if I am right. He tells me he has a problem, waits for my advice then acts when it’s too late. I go to see him at 6-7pm but he’s always “tidying the flat” when it’s time to come down mine. He also changes me views to my family. Now we’ve met the last straw.
    We were offered a flat together on Monday. We were both excited and got asked to go have a look at it on Wednesday. We went along and loved it, so when we got back we started boxing things up. Then a social worker called me Thursday to go through money and that was when it hit me. He wasn’t working, he wasn’t signed on, he didn’t have anything. So when the agent rang up about 30 mins later I hadn’t had time to think, so declined the flat.
    He ripped into me, saying I hurt him and he wouldn’t of minded earlier but it hurt him to leave him with his room in boxes was cruel. I managed to calm him down and tell him that we didn’t realise it’d have nothing (not even carpets) and we’d now have 6 months to get stuff together for our own home. He agreed but now he’s the one who’s hurt me. I was up at 2am looking at homewares and pricing it all up to see what we’d need to save. He sent me a link for a hard drive on Ebay he’d bid on. Alright for now, but 30 seconds ago he wanted a fat with me, He told me he has the PC for now but alarm bells are ringing. He told me I’m being unrealistic but I KNOW your first home is costly. We were meant to get married on 3rd August 2012 but now he’s telling me he wants to live- and he’s put a rock on my finger!
    I’e had enough now, I feel guilty about leaving him with his “room in boxes” but I’m not buying the relationship and flat. I am a disabled person on a range of benefits because I cannot work (I tried but GP put me on sick with depression in the end). He is depressed and often throws violent tempers and talks about killing himself if he lost me. We’ve had fun in a relationship, but one minute he wants a life with me then he’s fulfilling his love for technology and i can’t take anymore of this to and fro. What route do I take? I can’t talk to my parents about this because they’ll get accused of manipulating me. Thanks

    • Curator says:

      1. Get out you can do better.
      2. Don’t feel guilty about leaving him.
      3. See the social worker and get them to help you maybe move away.

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