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DealBook: In Safeway Buyout, a Reminder of a Painful Takeover Years Ago

7 March 2014 | 7:49 pm Two decades ago, Safeway was a symbol of the human toll sometimes extracted when private equity used large amounts of debt to take over a company. This week, another private equity firm is taking over the grocery chain, with none of the uproar of the earlier saga.

In Safeway Buyout, a Reminder of a Painful Takeover Years Ago

7 March 2014 | 7:20 pm Two decades ago, Safeway was a symbol of the human toll sometimes extracted when private equity used large amounts of debt to take over a company. This week, another private equity firm is taking over the grocery chain, with none of the uproar of the earlier saga.

Safeway Drops on $9B Merger Deal

7 March 2014 | 6:50 pm Safeway announced that it will merge with private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management LP's Albertsons.

Kidco Safeway white G2000 (Baby Product) tagged “safeway” 7 times

21 November 2011 | 2:32 pm Kidco Safeway white G2000 Kidco Safeway white G2000 (Baby Product)By Kidco Buy new: $42.955 used and new from $38.99 Customer Rating: 4.0 Customer tags: stair gate(27), baby gate(21), baby gates(15), baby proof(11), baby-proofing(10), safety(9), gate(8), dog gate(8), safeway(7), kidco(4), kid and dog proofing(2), the first years(2)

Albertson's Buys Out Safeway, Fresh Market Closures | KTXL FOX40

7 March 2014 | 7:50 pm Fox40 financial analyst Keith Springer breaks down Albertson's buyout of Safeway stores in a 9-billion-dollar deal, and explains why Fresh Market is closing stores in our area, but expanding elsewhere.


7 March 2014 | 5:06 pm Major grocery store chain Safeway has agreed to be acquired by an investment group led by Cerberus Capital Management, the owner of several supermarket chains. The acquisition is worth about $7.64 billion in cash and,

Albertsons and Safeway to Merge in $9 Billion Deal | KTLA 5

7 March 2014 | 1:12 pm Albertsons parent Cerberus Capital Management is setting its sights on the grocery throne currently occupied by Kroger, buying up rival Safeway Inc. in a deal valued at more than $9 billion. Through its AB Acquisition arm,

N Scale SafeWay Foods NADX 6499 North American Railway Train Box Car

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Vintage Sewing Needle books kits, Sewing Susan, sew & stitch, safeway,farmers

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Classic Metal works Pair of Safeway Foods semi and 32' Van Trailer N Scale

7 March 2014 | 2:37 am $3.95 (0 Bids)
End Date: Sunday Mar-9-2014 19:37:20 PDT
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$40 Safeway Gift Card

7 March 2014 | 1:19 am $39.80 (6 Bids)
End Date: Sunday Mar-9-2014 17:00:13 PDT
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10 Responses to Safeway

  • Chris says:

    How Much Money Would I Need To Survive In San Diego For 2 Months? Im a 21 year old man and I will be working at a hostel for free accomodation and a couple of meals a day, but i was wondering would the supermarkets be expensive?, and would it cost a lot to take part in activities their?…and lastly what is the nightlife like their?, is it good for a single man, thanks

    • Curator says:

      Gas here is like about 3.75 …4 dollars or so and the stuff here kinda not too bad depends which shopping center but I would say shop at Castco, Safeway (has another name but owned by Safeway) prices here are reasonable and hotels are pricey af I’ll tell you that. I would say more than a grand but if you’re really good at budgeting and saving but I think maybe two grand or lower…would do unless you’re paying rent and stuff …but I would say two or three grand …Unless you have a friend but other than that not all bad and really busy during the day..and nightlife isn’t bad it’s pretty cool…not ghetto that’s for sure but really nice and the smog in the morning is crazy but I see a lot homeless people in the mornings, literally… I’m moving here too and just checking around and so far so good…make sure you have a gps to get places lol I got lost many times..going on day two here and I’m planning on moving here from Salt Lake City, first time here and apartment hunting as well.

  • Sharon says:

    Is Safeway A Good Job? Im going to an interview Tuesday and I had a few questions about the job.

    I cant work October 4th because of a wedding.
    I also cant work November 20th-November 24th because I have an already planned birthday vacation to florida.

    Will they be okay with this?

    I was also wondering will i start working full time as soon as im hired?
    How many days after the interview will I begin working?
    what will they ask me in the interview?
    What will i need to wear if i get the job?


  • Bain says:

    Does Safeway Training Trainee Get Paid Too? (Job)? She says yes but so far in a week few days after pay week, I’ve gotten only $10?!

    It says in my phone bank account

    I’m afraid to ask her cause she’ll think I’m desperate

  • Exposed To Bronchitis, What To Do To Prevent Getting Sick? For 45 minutes I was in a car with a lady who has bronchitis and is just on the 3rd day of meds that aren’t supposed to begin working for another week. I already washed my forearms and hands really well with soap and warm water in a Safeway bathroom and plan on spraying down my backpack and tshirt and jeans with lysol when I get home in addition to my phone and all the stuff in my pockets. I also plan on poping some vitamin c pills, what else should I do though? Should I go to the er? Help me I can’t get sick here!

    • Curator says:

      Lots of Vit C and get the kind with zink do double the recomended amount or buy the stuff fist sign or what ever its called its actualy just what i told just has D and B vits also

  • Codreezy says:

    What To Do About Harassment From Your Boss? I work a part-time job, it’s not much but it’s a job that pays the bills and I’ve been there
    nearing 4 years in June 2014.

    I have dealt with a lot of B.S. from this company, (Safeway)
    but most notably, the store manager.
    he consistently harassess me.
    I used to get an average of 35 hours per week but since last July (2013) he started to threaten me more and more about by job. then my hours were dropped to 4 hours per week which I stuck through it all the way.

    now I’m working swing shift between overnight and daystock and cashier all in the same week.
    but he still contiues to harass me,

    I really could file a lawsuit against him but that would cost me my job.
    is there anything I can do ?
    I am a member of the Local 27 Union which they don’t do anything.
    should I threaten the Union to get something done with this manager.

    he is the worst manager.

    especially harassing me while on an overnight shift with 15 minutes left of the shift,
    after working overnight, if you’re going to harass me, at least say Good Morning
    you know, not this guy.

    he denies me of any requests I’ve asked for.
    I have never missed time, the only time I called out was 3 days straight and I had the Flu
    other than that, I worked during Hurricane Irene and Sandy
    come in during snow storms, try to break my back for this company because it’s my job but I can’t take pride in anything with this harrsment.

    it’s caused me to seriously go with psychologial disorders, I used anti depresents and have even knowingly developed alcoholism due to this stress and harrassment

    what can I do ?

  • Sean says:

    What Is This Song? I Can’t Find Any Information Online, Please Help! 5 Stars To Correct Answer!? I’ve heard this song several times at Safeway on the in store music. I’ve searched on every search engine and couldn’t find any information. Even soundhound couldn’t identify it. Some of the lyrics are:

    When I see you in the street
    Feel it rushing through me, rushing through me
    It gets harder to breathe

    The song is upbeat and I would really appreciate it if someone can find the name and artist.


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