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Newtown Pastor Reflects On Sandy Hook Tragedy 1 Year Later

14 December 2013 | 9:00 am Saturday marks the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass shooting that shook up a quiet Connecticut town and stunned a nation. A Bucks County native, who is a pastor in the heart of the still reeling community, reflects on the past 12 months.

On one-year anniversary of Sandy Hook shooting, terror and grief remain

14 December 2013 | 8:29 am GREENWICH, Conn. – It has been a year since Kaitlin Roig barricaded herself and 15 first-graders in a bathroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School, hiding from a gunman who would go on to kill 26 people in an 11-minute rampage.

In Newtown, 'there's nothing that hasn't changed' a year after Sandy Hook

14 December 2013 | 2:12 am Newtown s road to recovery: A look at how the Connecticut town tries to get back to normal one year after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Ted Nugent: Get More Guns Into Schools So Sandy Hook Kids Won't …

13 December 2013 | 4:39 pm Ted Nugent remembers the first anniversary of the Newtown Massacre by calling fro more guns everywhere. What could possibly go wrong?

After Sandy Hook, Must Our Schools Look Like Stockades?

13 December 2013 | 3:40 pm A year after the Newtown school massacre, architects assure us that safe schools don't have to look and feel like bunkers.

How the Sandy Hook Gun Vote Became a Turning Point.For the Press

13 December 2013 | 2:07 pm On April 17, families of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims watched from the Senate gallery as Republicans led a successful effort to filibuster a series of bills designed to address and curb gun violence. Following a

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      However, when we don’t know what you asked? We can’t begin to tell you why it was deleted. Be aware that some rather innocent questions get deleted on Yahoo all the time. It’s a big reason why members quit.

      I will give you some good advice. Really look at the Community Guidelines. If you are certain that your question didn’t break any rules? Appeal the violation. I have had appeals overturned.

      Trolls are a word used for people who are a darned nuisance. They ask questions that will get people all upset. That’s what they live for.

      An example of this might be. – Why can’t I marry my sister if we are in love?

      Some trolls go after certain events that disturb people.

      An example of that might be – Why don’t people realize that the Sandy Hook shootings were all a hoax?

      Some trolls give answers that are meant to insult or offend. – “You question stinks and so do you.”

      What I don’t understand about trolls is why they spend so much time on Yahoo Answers if they hate it?

      *Here is an important fact to know about trolls. It is often trolls that report innocent questions and answers. The irony is that people don’t report the trolls, and then they get upset when they get undeserved violations.

    • Curator says:

      I need to know a lot more about him lol….but here is a ok line.

      I’m the best and it will be me IN THE END

      You’re just an annoying,nerdy ass IN DI AN

      (In the end and Indian rhyme if u enunciate them.)

      What kind of name is DAMITH

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      U know ur gonna look back on this day when ur THIRTY

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      “Every one clappin, I guess they couldn’t STAND ME

      This is a tragedy and I’ll hit u with a hook, like SANDY

  • Poll : Why Was Sandy Hook Still Open The Time When The Shooting Happened? It happened on 14 of december last year and about that time my school (high school) and all the schools around where I live had closed for christmas.
    So why was sandy hook (an elementary school) still open?
    Or do American schools close late?

    • Curator says:

      My school was still open on December 14th…not sure when schools close in other countries but in the state that I live in (in America) this year school doesn’t get out for break until December 23rd. Same for last year.

  • Eric says:

    Is The Banning Of Journalists In Sandy Hook A Clue That They Are Tired Of Being Pawns For The Liberal News? , the democratic party and anti gun zealots of the liberal base?
    you cant ban the press, but you can threaten with negative news stories for those that don’t comply, or issue threats of incompassion to tarnish their reputations. It is very much a ban. If they go in there. the lame stream media will hunt them out

  • Are You Surprised That The AZ GOP Raffled Off The Same Assault Rifle That Killed The Newtown Kids? On the anniversary of the massacre?

    GOP committee raffles off AR15 at holiday party

    MESA, AZ (CBS5) –
    The season of holidays gatherings is upon us but the raffle prize at one holiday party has some scratching their heads.

    District 26 Republicans get together once a month, and also during the holidays. The holiday gathering also happens to be four days before the anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    “We don’t do raffles hardly at all, mainly for Christmas and for shock value,” joked Craig Ray.

    While some joke about the raffle, members of the District 26 Republican committee, which represents Mesa and Tempe, said the message is serious. They want to raise awareness for their constitutional right to bear arms – even an assault rifle.

    “We need to protect ourselves,” Denna Ray said. “There are too many people behind weapons.”

    “My attitude’s always been, the more guns, the safer,” Stephen Ray said.

    But the timing of the raffle has some scratching their heads, because it was held days before the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre.

    “To raffle off an AR15, a military-style assault rifle, the same rifle used to murder those children almost a year ago, is completely inappropriate,” said District 26 Democratic committee chairman Randy Keating in response. His group is collecting money for a group called Arizonans for gun safety.

  • If Ted Cruz Wants To Honor Mandela, Shouldn’t He Follow Mandela’s Example Of Peace & Tolerance? Ted Cruz tried to regain some of the conservative street cred he lost when he complimented Mandela. To accomplish this he walked out during the Mandela memorial delivered by Cuban president Raul Castro.

    Only problem is – nobody noticed. There no cameras on him and no comments from the press. So Cruz did the next best thing – he told everybody.

    The story consists almost entirely of a statement from a spokesperson for Cruz:

    “Sen. Cruz very much hopes that Castro learns the lessons of Nelson Mandela. For decades, Castro has wrongly imprisoned and tortured countless innocents. Just as Mandela was released after 27 years in prison, Castro should finally release his political prisoners. He should hold free elections, and once and for all, set the Cuban people free.”

    If Cruz wants Castro to learn Mandela’s lessons, he should start by following Mandela’s examples – peace, forgiveness, and tolerance.

    • Curator says:

      Yes, and there is nothing about Raphael Cruz’s behavior that isn’t self-serving including this stunt. Of course, he wants to distance himself from the Cubans because he is a Cuban and the US has viewed Cuba as an enemy of the US for the past fifty years. Cruz has presidential aspirations, however, he will never be president of the US because nobody likes him.

      I would be more impressed if he would do something good for society instead of doing harm. He should be demanding improved gun regulations, but just five days after the Sandy Hook murders Cruz was touring one of the major gun manufactures facility and supporting the NRA. Then there was the $24 billion dollar shut down which, would have paid for the entire Affordable Health Care Act. We got nothing for that money from the republican congress.

      I have zero respect for Cruz, there is nothing he can do at this point to redeem himself, so, it is time for him to crawl back into the woodwork.

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