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SOCHI SCENE: Celebrating Sarah

21 February 2014 | 8:34 am Standing in the crowd with Sarah Burke's parents on a magical night at the Olympics was one of those moments. He shared the story about his dad's recent death, at age 96, and how he hasn't been able to truly mourn that loss because of the approach of the Olympics, his trip to Russia and his plans to celebrate seeing his daughter's vision come true. Sarah Burke was the foremost advocate for women …–spt.html

Sarah Burke: Memory Of Trailblazing Canadian Skier Lives On At Sochi Olympics

21 February 2014 | 6:31 am Sarah Burke was one of the main reasons the womens freestyle skiing halfpipe event was introduced to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and athletes at the first ever competition have not forgotten her contribution. More than two years after the tragic accident that claimed Burkes life, competitors at Thursdays freeski halfpipe competition kept Burkes memory alive… Read more Sarah Burke: Memory Of …

Olympics: Sarah Burke remembered by medalists in women's freestyle skiing halfpipe

21 February 2014 | 5:33 am Maddie Bowman of the United States won gold, Marie Martinod of France took silver, and Ayana Onozuka of Japan took bronze in the women's freestyle skiing halfpipe at the Sochi Olympics.

Sarah Burke's night; Maddie Bowman's gold in Sochi Artesia News

20 February 2014 | 9:25 pm KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia (AP) Sarah Burke's parents looked up the hill and saw the halfpipe workers making one last trip down in the formation of a heart. They looked the other direction and saw the scoreboard:

Sochi 2014: Shades of Sarah Burke as Bowman wins first ski …

20 February 2014 | 8:03 pm Bowman emphasised how important it is for half pipe to finally be included in the Winter Games, and reflected on Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke, who tragically died in a training accident in 2012. I think her lasting

Late freestyle skier Sarah Burke honoured on Flag Day – Canada …

15 February 2014 | 5:46 pm OTTAWA Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the family of late freestyle skier Sarah Burke will be presented with a flag from the Peace Tower in honour of Flag Day. To celebrate National Flag of Canada Day, each year the

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12 Responses to Sarah Burke

  • Nina says:

    Help Me; I Need A Clear Pseudonym? Hello everyone,

    so I’d like to ask you about some ideas about thinking of a new pseudonym for my YT channel.
    Of course…
    My real name is Nina, and I’m looking foward to use the name as normally, but only other surname. Of course it doesn’t matter if I’m going to hide my real name and use a pseudonym instead.

    I really like Lana Del Rey’s, Sarah Sorceress, Elena Skellington, Verena Schizophrenia, etc.

    I somehow fell in love with the name Lana Del Rey, and looked foward to use it as Nina Del Rey. But then somehow I was thinking about it as a bad idea to do, ’cause it looks more like copied and so. So I just got here to observe your fellow overpowered minds, since my mind is a bit ‘overheated’. 🙁 Also got the idea of Nina Jean Lane,…

    I’d like to watch how much of you can think of great names, of course I’m also thinking with you. 🙂

    Thanks a lot!


    • Curator says:

      I have to agree with you that Nina Del Rey looks copied. But if you tell people you are a fan of Lana, it won’t be a problem.
      So, some suggestions:
      Van Dyke
      De Lafayette
      Le Strange
      Van De Burke
      Von Arx
      Del Rio
      Van Der Beck
      Del Bene
      Van Ark
      De Baudo
      Van Belle
      De Luca
      Van Courtland
      De Falco
      Van Derve
      Del La Rosa
      Van Halen

      Hope it helped… 🙂

  • Jenna says:

    What Is All This Hate Towards Kastle? I’ve seen a lot of people (who have never even tried them I might add) around the web hating on Kastle skis because they’re “overpriced” and a number of other things. They were saying that people who buy them are gapers and sheep. Well, I just demoed some LX82s the other day and found them to be wonderful. I’m 17, and I’m tiny. I weigh around 100lbs and I’m very short. They had put me on some Volkls that were just too heavy and stiff before that. Yes, I like a lighter weight ski because of my size.. so these suited me very well. The switch edges quickly and smoothly and handle very well at both high and slow speeds. They floated right over the choppy snow and I had no problem with the crud and crust on them. Additionally, I really like the simple design of it.. nothing pink or rainbow and it doesn’t have flowers on it. All the women’s Volkls did! I’m honestly considering shelling out $1000 for a pair of these because I have the money saved up (I was going to spend it on something less reasonable in the first place) and I need new skis. I am by no means rich and by no means a gaper. I really like the handling and they’re just really fun to ski on. Why do people get so infuriated when OTHER people spend a lot of money on ski gear? They get upset over jackets, skis, goggles, everything. It’s the person’s choice to spend that kind of money and they probably had a reason other than the fact that they want that brand name.

    For someone like me it’s hard to find the right ski. Sure there are all these huge guys who want some sort of heavy tank skis but I just can’t do that. I’m wondering if I’m going to get a lot of shit for getting these skis that I REALLY like.

    • Curator says:

      If they’re working for you and you have the money why are you so concerned with what anonymous people on the internet have to say? If you’re 17 the people who’s opinion you should be most concerned with is your parents. Do they approve of you getting these skis?

      My concern as a long term skier, from your other posts, is that you don’t neglect getting your skis waxed and tuned every so often, especially here in the east. Tuned meaning edge sharpened, bases repaired, stone grind, wax– and binding release checked at least once a season for your safety, waxed every 5 to 10 days of skiing, and if you ski ice you really need to keep those edges sharp. The skis will not be performing their best if they are not maintained. Might as well then save your $1200 for college or a car. Ask your ski instructor about ski maintenance.

      FYI- 4-time X-Games gold medal winner and Canadian freestyler Sarah Burke skied Roxy skis, they were made by the Dynastar factory in Chamonix, France (Chamonix like in the French Alps), so Roxy skis are not junk. Any ski that’s not properly maintained, whether it costs $200 or $1200 will ski like junk. I have 8 year old Dynastar skis that ski beautifully, I keep them waxed and tuned and I still use them. They are my go-to skis in difficult conditions.

  • Nat says:

    Hasn’t Snowboarding Become Too Dangerous For The Winter Olympic Games? Obviously my first question hit a lot of nerves, so I’ll have to ask it again.

    Isn’t it irresponsible to promote athletes competing in such dangerous sports like snowboarding? It used to be more reasonable but now the half pipe walls can reach up to 30 feet high which means a 50 foot fall to flat bottom if a snowboarder hits the lip at the wrong angle or with the wrong timing. This is why helmets no longer protect those competing in the half pipe and is why Kevin Pearce can never snowboard again and Sarah Burke was killed.

    Also jumps have become unbelievably huge with 100 foot flats to traverse to the landing and massive 40 foot high hip jumps.

    Isn’t including snowboarding in the Wnter Olympicw the equivalent of including motocross or drag racing in the Summer Olympics?

    • Curator says:

      Snowboarding is an extreme sport, it is for brave people who is not scared of steep hills,
      you know the extreme sports, that you mean, is that people could get wounds, cause of the strong fall, but some could like it, it could be for fun, for spending your time actively,
      yeah, it could be dangerous for Olympic games for some people, but what can you do about it, would you direct the another Game for more stronger and brave people, and there you would include those extreme sports/

  • Kevin says:

    Which Team Would Win This 7 Vs 7 Match? Team #1

    QB: George Washington

    RB: John F.Kennedy

    WR1:Barack Obama

    WR2:George W.Bush

    WR3:Bill Clinton

    TE: Abraham Lincoln

    C: William Howard Taft

    Team #2

    QB. Skip Bayless

    RB: Stephen A.Smith

    WR1: Toni Reali

    WR2: Dorris Burke

    WR3:Israel Guiterez

    TE: Sarah Walsh

    C: Woody Paige

    • Curator says:

      These are all taken from Wikipedia:

      Natasha Andersen: Overdose
      Dermot Ashton: Car Accident

      Michael St John Thomas: Fall
      Lee Stanley: Car Accident
      Ollie Benson: Car Accident
      Dawn Cunningham: Leukaemia

      Kurt Benson: Jet Ski Accident

      Rob Hawthorne: Bus Explosion
      Jill Osborne: Brain Tumour

      Lewis Richardson: Committed Suicide

      Jamie Nash: Potholing Accident
      Theo Sankofa: Potholing Accident

      Roxy: Murdered
      Toby Mills: Run Over
      Dennis Richardson: Cirrhosis

      Gordon Cunningham: Car Accident
      Helen Cunningham: Sudden Death
      Mrs Burke: Unknown
      Dan Hunter: Car Explosion

      Stephen Mackintosh:Stabbed
      Ali Taylor: Run Over

      Andy Holt:Impaled
      Charles Hayton:Heart Attack
      Grace Hutchinson: SIDS
      Diane Valentine:Run Over
      Melanie Burton: Fire
      Sam Owen: Fire
      Joe Spencer: Fire
      Olivia Johnson: Fire
      Sophie Burton: Fire
      Kay Price:Murdered
      Polly Clarke: Committed Suicide
      Ben Davies: Shot

      Becca Dean: Stabbed
      Sean Kennedy: Murdered
      Melissa Hurst: Heart Failure and Anorexia
      Noel Ashworth: Cancer

      Beth Clement: Car Accident
      Max Cunningham: Run Over
      Eamon Fisher: Alcohol Poisoning
      Kieron Hobbs: Murdered
      Tina Reilly: Crushed
      Niall Rafferty: Suicide
      Louise Summers: Murdered

      Sarah Barnes: Murdered

      Caleb Ramsey: Killed On Duty
      Calvin Valentine: Shot
      Steph Cunningham: Fire
      Malachy Fisher: Fire
      Dale Greer: Stabbed
      India Longford: Murdered
      Danny Houston:Murdered

      Kyle Ryder: Shot
      Jenny: Murdered
      Rae Wilson: Murdered
      Heidi Costello: Murdered

      Mags: Collapsed
      Lynsey Nolan: Strangled
      Riley Costello: Shot
      Neil Cooper: Explosion
      Maddie Morrison: Crushed
      Rhys Ashworth: Crushed
      Jono: Blood Clot

      Simon Walker: Murdered
      Seamus Brady: Shot
      Texas Longford: Murdered

  • Casey says:

    Hi I Need Help With Names For My Story Please!? Well firstly I need a name for my main character. She is 16 and smart. She isn’t a nerd or super popular, just normal. Her best friends are called Reagan and Kathryn.
    She can see these things that suck the souls out of people (I also need a name for these things please). She is brave and honest. She is nice and kind but also she gives these soul suckers what they deserve and doesn’t feel bad about it.
    She is about 5 foot 9 (so tall)
    She will either have brown or ginger hair as Reagan has black hair and Kathryn blonde.
    She has no brothers or sisters but her mom is called Sarah.
    So yeah I want a name for my character, first and last, middle if you want. And also a name for these soul sucking creatures. Oh and two boy names, one for a good guy and one for a badass 🙂

    • Curator says:

      * 16 yr old = ” Raven ” or Raven Irenna Burke

      * Name of thing that sucks life out = Parasite Tentacle

      * Good guy name = Derrick….Brent…Skylar

      * Bad guy name – Butch…. Damien

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