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Georgia school shooting: A hero emerges

21 August 2013 | 2:29 pm Antoinette Tuff, the Georgia elementary school's bookkeeper, persuaded the gunman to surrender. "I told the police he was giving himself up. I just talked him through it," Tuff said.

Parents wait, worry after Ga. school shooting

21 August 2013 | 12:05 pm DECATUR, Ga. (AP) Rufus Morrow was at work when he got a phone call with the worst news he could imagine: Shots fired at his daughter's elementary school.

'Lucky' no one died: School shooting arrest

21 August 2013 | 11:09 am A man walked into an Atlanta-area elementary school, ordered a school employee to call a local TV station and fired multiple shots at police Tuesday.

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Mockingbird (Hardcover) tagged “school shooting” 8 times

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Stagger Bay (Kindle Edition) tagged “school shooting” 4 times

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Michael Brandon Hill, Georgia School Shooting Suspect, Made …

21 August 2013 | 9:13 am WSB-TV assignment editor Lacey LeCroy didn't panic when she got word that her next call would come from a woman who was at gunpoint. She picked up the phone.

Michael Brandon Hill Charged In Shooting Of Georgia Elementary …

21 August 2013 | 1:19 am The man who fired shots at a Georgia elementary school on August 20 has been identified as 20-year-old Michael Brandon Hill. Read on for more details.

Decatur Elementary School Shooter's Car Searched For Explosives …

20 August 2013 | 10:15 pm The terrible Decatur, Georgia elementary school shooting could have been so much worse — and the fact that possible traces of explosives on the gunman's car even tipped off search dogs really drives the seriousness home. Get all the latest updates

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Amish School Shooting, Nickel Mines, PA by Harvey Yoder 2008 (Paperback)

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2 Responses to School Shooting

  • Liberal Vs Conservative? I am young. (22 to be exact.) I do not claim to be especially smart when it comes to government and politics. In fact I have to say that there is a lot that I simply do not know about the subject. I have a lot to learn about the world around me still and I am willing to learn and listen to different thoughts and opinions to find answers that I can agree with. That’s why I am here. I want to learn. Now I know there are liberals and there are conservatives and I have the basic understanding of what each side stands for and where each group is demographically. I cannot label myself into one of these categories because I can agree with both depending on the situation. The thing that I find funny is that while doing research on different groups, (looking on different web sites for liberal or conservative views on various different subjects etc) I find that on many subjects both groups have the same stand point. However each group will say that the other will have the opposite stand point because they are evil or uneducated or something to that degree.

    For example: I was reading an article about a boy who was suspended from school in Florida because he stopped one of his fellow classmates from shooting everyone in their classroom with a gun the kid had brought to school. I read through conversations on a site that had a liberal stand point and I read through conversations on a site that had a conservative stand point. The results were the same. The Liberals said that the boy who was suspended was a hero and that it was a crime that he should be punished for stopping a person from shooting people and that it was the conservatives and their ideals and laws that caused this incident to happen. The Conservatives said that the boy was a hero and it was a crime that he should be punished for saving lives too. And they said that it was the liberals and their ideals and laws that had caused this to happen.

    I too believe that the boy who saved the lives of his classmates that day should not have been punished for his actions.

    What I don’t understand is how two groups of people can believe essentially the same things but feel so alienated from each other. How can each group bash each other so harshly when they are essentially the same when it all boils down to it? Is there something that i am missing? (if so please point it out.) I’ve researched dozens of cases like this and the result was also the same. (I also made sure that the sites I was looking at were credible.) Are these two groups really that different from each other or are they the same and divided by the illusion that they are different? If so how can they not notice this? How could so many people be so blind on both sides? What is going on here?

    I do realize that there are some subjects that the two groups don’t agree on, for example, abortion. However there are only a couple of these subjects I found that it was obvious the groups disagreed. Gun control and marriage laws being a couple other big ones. I’m not talking about those big ones. I’m talking about the every day situations that the groups are blaming each other for. Is it a few big questions that divide them or the illusion that the other group is evil and against every aspect of their lives that divides them? Why are they so threatened by each other?

    Please only serious comments. No trolls. As weird as my question is I seriously do want to learn more about the subject and more about how these groups work, think, identify themselves etc.

  • Chris Nelson says:

    So I Have A Couple Questions About The Navy SEALs.? So I’ve wanted to become a SEAL since I learned about them in like 5th grade (I’m in college now 20 years old). And I know their incredibly rigorous routine only has about maybe 100 pass a year. But I still want to try and get in to becoming one of the best. But I have a couple of questions first.

    1.) When doing sit ups for the PST, does someone hold your feet or is it free ankle and feet?
    2.) I already train heavily, but I know the SEALs demand so much more. What should I shoot for when it comes to the PST times and measurements.
    3.) Is there a certain contract ( like the Rangers have to have an Option 40 contract and some SF get 18 X-ray contracts) I need to sign to be able to try for SEAL?
    4.) What are some of the schools you can go to once done with the SQT?

    These are a few questions I can’t seem to get a straight forward answer on. If I could get some help on these from some former military vets, or god willing a former SEAL. It would be greatly appreciated.

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