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20 hurt in mass stabbing at US high school

10 April 2014 | 4:04 am At least four students were critically injured in the shocking assault at Franklin Regional High School, said Thomas Seefeld, chief of police in Murrysville, an outer suburb of Pittsburgh. The 16-year-old boy walked down a hallway flashing two knives, stabbing fellow pupils and the guard as they began arriving for what should have been a routine school day, Seefeld said. The school principal and …

School stabbing in Pennsylvania renews fears

10 April 2014 | 3:18 am Sophomore Alex Hribal, 16, is charged as an adult with four counts of attempted homicide in the attack in Murrysville. At least two adults and 19 students are wounded. MURRYSVILLE, Pa. The hallways were buzzing with pupils arriving for classes at Franklin Regional Senior High School when screams, shouts and the thunder of running feet broke the morning routine.,0,5089916.story?track=rss

Stabbing rampage at Pennsylvania high school leaves at least 20 people injured

10 April 2014 | 12:10 am Police arrest 16-year-old student said to have run through school stabbing at random

Teen Had 'Blank Expression' During Stabbing Rampage: Witnesses …

9 April 2014 | 9:01 pm Bail was denied for a 16-year-old boy accused of stabbing and slashing 21 students and a security guard in the crowded halls of his suburban Pittsburgh high school, according to NBC News. Witnesses say the teen had a …

Alex Hribal: Pennsylvania High School Stabbing … – Hollywood Life

9 April 2014 | 7:26 pm Such a scary, tragic day at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Penn. 19 students and one adult were injured on April 9 when a student walked into school and began stabbing people. The suspect has now been ID'd …

Student Takes Selfie After Being Injured In Violent Pittsburgh High …

9 April 2014 | 4:06 pm Twenty students at Franklin Regional Senior High School in Pittsburgh were injured this morning after a classmate went on a stabbing spree. The attacker is in custody but the motive is unknown. One student, Nate Scimio, …

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7 Responses to School Stabbing

  • Christy says:

    Thoughts On The Franklin Regional Senior High School Stabbing? What Do You Think Caused That Kind Of Reaction? I see that many news outlets are reporting that the boy was bullied but do you think that really was an excuse to stab 21 teens?

  • Aimee says:

    Sharp Pain In My Upper Left Rib Cage.? For the past few days I have been experiencing pain in the upper left side of my rib cage. I’m 15 and female. The pain only lasts up to 3 seconds and it’s a sharp stabbing pain. I’ve had this before but it usually doesn’t come back and it’s a one time thing. I play hockey and this past weekend I played 3 games in a row in one day. I didn’t get hurt or anything but could this be the problem? I also have bad anxiety which is why I worry about pains and I’m stressed with school work. What could this be? Thanks.

  • Bethany says:

    I Think I Have Issues? I’m 14 and a girl, i’m in 9th grade. I go through hell at school. Everyone hates me and I can’t walk past a group of popular people without gettin greith. Its my fault though for prattin around but anyway – The past couple of months, i’ve felt really weird an I keep gettin scared of everything even people. A guy in my food tech class was stood next to me an he picked up a knife last week an I put my hands on my head an flinched an he was just there like “I’m not gonna stab you!” an I dont like people walkin behind me coz I get scared an I cant concentrate in class when people are sat behind me or lookin at me. I get really dizzy when im scared an faint. I’ve been crying at night and self harming. I dont know whats wrong with me. Also, I feel like i’m goin crazy as if I have mental issues. My head feels so messed up an I cant think straight. I’ve been talkin to a teacher about it but she doesnt know about the self harming an I didnt tell her in detail an I was meant to go to her on Monday but I get all dizzy when im goin to speak to her because im scared of talkin to her so I didnt go but I want help so bad. I think I need help. I didnt used to feel like this. I’ve been to the doctors about fainting before when I was like 10 an he said it was anxiety but that was just silly stuff that 10yr olds worry about. I never used to get angry but I snapped at my best friend before over nothing. I dont know who I am anymore. I feel like im loosin myself, like I have no soul. Please help?

  • Andrew says:

    Is He Trying To Ruin Our High School Relationship? I have a gf named Allison and we’ve been dating for just under 2 ½ months now. This guy named Ronnie, who I hate, keeps hitting on my gf, Allison, who also hates him. She keeps telling Ronnie to leave her alone, and she has said to him “I have a bf. I’m not interested, just please, get out of my face!” He constantly tries to stalk her on Twitter and Instagram. Believe me, there are PLENTY of hot girls at our school that Ronnie could go for! And out of literally-and I don’t mean “like” when I say that! Our class alone has over 550 people in it- HUNDREDS of girls, he decides to go after the very ONE that means the most to me! D:< We’re all juniors now, but this feud goes back to 8th grade. He never respected me. He always took stuff out of my binder, even after I repeatedly asked him to stop. He was ALWAYS finding different ways to disrespect me and annoy the f*ck out of me for his own entertainment! After he ruined an important project I had for another class, I lost it and stabbed Ronnie in the back with a mechanical pencil. I am 100% certain that he KNOWS that I'm Allison's bf. He admits it himself!. Wen Allison refused to help Ronnie out, he screamed “What!? Is this because I’m not !? I know everything!” I’m not worried that he’d steal Allison from me because she’s committed to us 110%. I’m worried that I’m now his target. I know I can win in a fight if I face him 1-on-1, but not a 6-on-1 with his buddies!

  • Fast says:

    Is The Liberal School System So Bad That It Didnt Teach Criminals How To Read? PA stabbing he was in a school. they have rules that say DONT BRING WEAPONS! why didnt he read it?

    Movie theatre- “no guns allowed” like omg did dont you know how to read?

    ft hood? ALL THESE PEOPLE! why hasnt the liberal school system taught these people how to read? if they were able to read all these things would have been prevented


  • Would Common Sense Knife Control Have Stopped This From Happening? Teen stabs 22 at Pittsburgh-area high school

    Flailing away with two kitchen knives, a 16-year-old boy with a “blank expression” stabbed and slashed 21 students and a security guard in the crowded halls of his suburban Pittsburgh high school Wednesday before an assistant principal tackled him.

    It is high time we pass tougher knife laws!
    It’s the NKA’s (National Knife Association) fault, protecting corporations like Wüsthof, Henckels and Victorinox.

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