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  • Zhila says:

    Some Songs About Dreams From Popular Singers? I really need a song to remember me that ive got a dream and make me understand that i should follow it. and for having dream it doesnt matter that you are rich or poore…

  • says:

    What Would You Name 10 Siblings From The Names Given? I’m going to try and do one of these every night because I do enjoy them and they do give me names I quite like. All are randomly generated from http://www.randomnames.com/

    Eliza, Kendra, Stacy, Terrie, Bernadette, Maria, Jemma, Hadley, Dulce, Fawn, Iris, Shirley, Kayleigh, Elaine, Bella, Susie, Bonnie, Nadia, Della, Raegan, Kourtney, Isis, Hailee, Suki, Fay, Ziva, Aisha, Astrid, Iona, Emily, Elora, Kayla, Mabel, Davina, Leila, Kyra, Emmalyn, Elise, Lindsey, Isolde

    Cody, Salvatore, Luca, Blaze, Devon, Zachariah, Henri, Brody, Dakota, Bentley, Brady, Sterling, Thad, Rick, Vincent, Duncan, Norman, Giovanni, Merick, Miller, Coby, Martyn, Alexis, Mitchell, Chester, Thaddeus, Kristopher, Kendall, Roger, Samuel, Art, Billy, Ruairi, Kolby, Hector, Gareth, Johnnie, Seth, Kyle, Kenneth

    Enjoy… Star/tell me if you’d like me to continue this. I think it gives me some rather *interesting* names (Ruairi and Ziva? Interesting!!)
    I’d go for 6 girls and 4 boys.

    G – Bella Raegan
    G – Nadia Elise
    B – Brady Samuel
    G – Kayla Iris
    B – Zachariah Duncan
    G – Emily Maria
    G – Aisha Mabel
    B – Luca Kenneth
    G – Ziva Fay
    B – Chester Kolby

    • Curator says:

      Bernadette Elaine
      Eliza Fay
      Kyra Elise

      Luca Hector
      Thaddeus Vincent
      Chester Norman
      Seth Merick
      Samuel Gareth
      Zachariah Blaze
      Kenneth Art

      I came up with a few combos that I love but would never (ever) considered had I not be “forced” 🙂

  • Shirley says:

    I Need Your Help :’c? Right okay. Well, my name is Shirley.
    There is this man who lives by me called Phil Mitchell. He keeps harassing me and it’s getting too much for me to handle!
    He kept following me so I decided to actually start talking to him because I thought ‘YOLO’.
    I actually started to fall for him. He charming gentelmanly social skills and his sexy bald hair cut. Phoar I got turned on.
    Then this blonde haired bimbo came along called Sharon. What even is she? Phil said to me ‘Sorry you ugly tramp, Sharon is my new bird. Go lick Ian off instead’
    So now I’m left here hurt and I can’t stop crying.
    What should I do now?

    • Curator says:

      Whoa, that man is a terrible man. I couldn’t believe he said such thing to you. Unforgivable.

      I’m sorry that you’re all heart broken now, but you just got to try to move on. : This guy is not worth it for you to cry over. Just learn a lesson from this and don’t fall for men easily. Get to know people first before you start to develop any type of feeling for them.

      I hope you’re going to be okay, Shirley. It’s not the end of the world. It just that you met a bad person. Don’t let that takes anything away from you. You’re still a wonderful person.

  • Lovin Life! says:

    Could You Pick A Top Two? We narrowed down our list some. Looking for top two boys and top two girls to help us decide. We are not agreeing at the moment but both open to each other favs.

    Mitchell Dakota Shirley (My fav)
    Cole Dakota Shirley (His fav)
    Jasper Dakota Shirley
    Levi Dakota Shirley
    Jackson Dakota Shirley
    Zayne Dakota Shirley

    Lilah Cheyenne Shirley (My fav)
    Jordyn Cheyenne Shirley (His fav)
    Jocelyn Cheyenne Shirley
    Layne Cheyenne Shirley
    London Cheyenne Shirley

    Sibling is Cooper Christian
    Christian, Dakota and Cheyenne are my sibling names so we would only want to use them as middle names! 🙂

  • Lovin Life! says:

    Cannot Settle On A Name! Help Please!? Long story short, back to square one.

    Things we know…..
    Last name is Shirley
    Sibling name is Cooper Christian (Christian is family name)
    Middle name for a girl will be Cheyenne (family name)
    Middle name for a boy will be Dakota (family name)
    We find out if it is a boy or girl in 10 days and would like to pick around then because family wants to personalize things!

    Things we don’t know….

    Boy options (open to other suggestions as well but please be polite)
    Jasper Dakota Shirley
    Levi Dakota Shirley
    Leland Dakota Shirley
    Jackson Dakota Shirley
    Cruz Dakota Shirley
    Cole Dakota Shirley
    Zayne Dakota Shirley
    Mitchell Dakota Shirley
    Flynn Dakota Shirley

    Girl options (open to other suggestions as well but please be polite)
    Jordyn Cheyenne Shirley
    Jocelyn Cheyenne Shirley
    Camdyn Cheyenne Shirley
    Quinn Cheyenne Shirley
    Camielle Cheyenne Shirley
    Leilah Cheyenne Shirley
    Lilah Cheyenne Shirley
    Layne Cheyenne Shirley
    London Cheyenne Shirley
    Elliot Cheyenne Shirley
    Lucy Cheyenne Shirley
    Lucy Cheyenne Shirley
    Lucy Cheyenne Shirley

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