Sierra Lamar

Suspect arrested in disappearance of Californian teen Sierra LaMar

Tue, 22 May 2012 04:29:33 -0700 A suspect has been arrested and charged in connection with the widely publicized case of missing Northern California teen Sierra LaMar. The 15-year-old high school cheerleader was last seen on March 16 at her home in Morgan Hill, Calif. getting ready for school, but she never made it there. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department […]

Sierra LaMar's Alleged Killer Arrested: He Worked in Her Neighborhood

Tue, 22 May 2012 03:21:57 -0700 Teen Sierra LaMar likely never saw it coming that her alleged kidnapper and murderer two months ago would be none other than a 21-year-old man who worked at the Morgan Hill Safeway store in her own neighborhood . . .

Murder arrest made in Sierra LaMar case

Tue, 22 May 2012 00:20:33 -0700 A suspect has been taken into custody in connection with the disappearance and presumed slaying of Sierra LaMar, the 15-year-old South Bay girl who has been missing since March, authorities said Monday. Antolin…

Antolin Garcia-Torres Arrested In Case Of Missing Calif. Teen Sierra …

Authorities arrested a man Monday in the two month old disappearance of Northern California teenager Sierra LaMar. Antolin … Authorities said the 21-year-old is responsible for 15-year-old Sierra LaMar's disappearance.

Arrest Made In Disappearance Of Sierra LaMar CBS San Francisco

Investigators made an arrest Monday in connection with the disappearance of 15-year-old Sierra LaMar of Morgan Hill.

The Coming Crisis: Sierra Lamar's 'murderer' arrested: Antolin …

A man has been charged with the murder and kidnapping of missing teenager Sierra Lamar, two months after she disappeared on her way to school. Antolin Garcia-Torres, 21, faced two hours of questioning on Monday …

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8 Responses to Sierra Lamar

  • Anonymous says:

    Do U Think The Media Is Over Doin The Sierra Lamar Case? So many hours n even 49ers are lookin for her. Shes a crazy drug addict. It pisses me off so effin much. There are so many kids missin. Bt no lets focus on her cuz shes white. Come on. Really? Just let it go. Enuf search n mpney has been used. Shell b found wen the time is right dead or alive.

    • Curator says:

      !! You are one hateful girl ! Dont worry It isnt your money or time being wasted ! You dont know if she does drugs ! So just Stfu !!! Pretty or ugly ! If it was my daughter trust me I will die finding her and would do everything it takes to get the community involved ! Alot of people just give up on there missing loved ones and just let it be ! She is only 15 years old ! I hope they find the SOB! ! Nasty pervert ! You are weird to let it bother you so much that MOst people care on finding her ! Time is evil and it will never be the RIGHT TIME !

  • 2012 says:

    Is Anyone Here Physchic That Could Help Me? I need a physchic to tell me if Sierra LaMar is okay. This is not a joke at all. She went missing on the 16th of March and i’m so curious about her case! I just want to know if she is okay? Please helpe

  • Anonymous says:

    Why Cant The Media Keep It Real When Publishing Stories Such As Trayvon Martin And Sierra LaMar? In the both cases the media plays these kids out to be saints. WIth Trayvon the kid had a fecaebook page where he was wearing gold teeth fronts and throwing up gang signs. Not that that calls for him getting killed bt come on now we deserve to know all the facts! WIth Sierra Lamar everyone says she was a good kid and would never be into anything illegal or runaway. One look at her twitter and the girl was popping pills smoking marijuana and very depressed. Media needs to inform not pick and choose what they want to report on.!

    • Curator says:

      Don’t know about the girl, but does that make it ok that they (all I know is Trayvon) died?
      Because that’s what media does. Media hides things, so people argue.

  • Anonymous says:

    What Are Your Thoughts On Where 15 Y/o Sierra Lamar Is? (vanished On Walk To Bus)? She’s a 15 year old i believe from Santa Clara County, US, who has been missing for a week today while on her way to the bus stop to school.
    so far:
    -last tweet @ 6:30ISH am, last text to friend at 7:11 am.
    -her bus leaves 7:24 i think, she was not on the bus, never showed up to school
    -the dogs police brought in have her scent up to the drive way, after that it ends.
    -found phone in empty field couple blocks from her home
    -bag found 2 miles away from home, shirt pants and undergarments “neatly” folded inside


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