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Obama, Jimmy Fallon slow-jam the news

Wed, 25 Apr 2012 16:33:02 -0700 B ased on early projections, it appears that about 2 million people watched Jimmy Fallon and President Obama slow-jam the news on Fallons NBC late-night show. It was Obamas first appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The show traveled to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for the broadcast Tuesday night. Read full article >>

LOL! See President Barack Obama "Slow Jam" the News on Jimmy Fallon

Wed, 25 Apr 2012 08:46:25 -0700 Slow jammin' with Jimmy Fallon and President Barack Obama! During his appearance on Late Night with[…]

President Obama 'Slow Jams the News' With Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

Wed, 25 Apr 2012 03:06:38 -0700 President Obama made television history last night by becoming the first sitting president to slow jam the news with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on NBC's "Late Night."

Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama: Late Night with Jimmy …

When Jimmy talks to the UNC audience about student loans, he decides a slow jam with President Obama and The Roots is appropriate.

Obama 'Slow Jams The News' With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night, President Barack Obama did what no president has done before: He slow jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on "Late Night." Stepping in for regular news jammer Brian Williams, Obama …

President Obama 'Slow Jams The News' With Jimmy Fallon and the …

President Obama made television history last night by becoming the first sitting president to slow jam the news with NBC's Jimmy Fallon.

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6 Responses to Slow Jam The News

  • Anonymous says:

    Can You View Yahoo As Text? The Site Is Too Slow And Jam Packed With So Much Advertisement – Time For Google? Yahoo is a terrible site to check news/sports. If there is a way to view only text and bypass the ads, it would make it halfway decent. By the way, when the news article is only a couple of paragraphs long and I still have to wait for the dozen or so ads – it’s quite annoying. It makes me wish that Google would finally kill Yahoo so that I don’t have to deal with it…

  • Inside what? says:

    How Does My Book Sound? :D? *Not started from the very beginning, went over on the max characters… sigh.

    “See you in five”
    “Will do, love you”
    “Love you two” I hang up. I placed the pile of DVD’s down and headed for the kitchen. Should be fun, we both love horror films, in fact it was them that brought us both together. Last year, whilst browsing the horror section, I accidentally bumped into a tall, hansom man with blue eyes and brown hair.
    “What it” I spat, anger built up inside me, that was until I gazed into his deep blue eyes. From that moment on I was his. We got chatting, suggesting films and commenting on the ones we had both seen, before we knew it, a whole hour had passed and it was closing time. We both took each other numbers, and things went from there. It’s been a year, and I don’t think its possible for anyone to be as deeply in love as we were. I smiled to my self, as I recalled our first encounter with each other. The sudden rumble in my stomach meant I needed food. Maybe something small for now, so I can enjoy plenty of popcorn with Keith later, in our horror movie marathon! Just thinking about it made me smile once more. Things in life were really looking up, after leaving Highschool with great grades, I head straight for collage. At first I was scared, but soon the nerves worn off and I was having more fun then when I had been in school. In no less than a week, my second turn of collage would be starting. How ever much you love the summer holidays, towards the end you can never fight that feeling of excitement in the closing days. Excitement to catch up with all those friends who live to far away to ever meet up with and chat during the holidays. I opened the freezer and gazed in. Some thing small I told myself once more. Buried beneath a pile of ice lollies I found a half empty packet of fish fingers, place these on a sandwich and presto! A meal to last me till Keith gets here. I greatly anticipated watched Final destination, one of those films I always hungered to watch, but never did the opportunity arise, however some thing told me Keith would opt to watch Nightmare on elm street, that kind of thing was more down his street. I was ok with either, but final destination was the one I hoped for.
    The knock at the door sent my heart racing, this must be him! I wounder what took him I thought, taking another bite of my fish finger sandwich. The door knocked once more, this time significantly louder and harder than the first.
    “Coming” I called. I began to feel uneasy, starting to doubt whether this was actually Keith. Starting to imagine answering the door to a group of police officers, braking the horrible news to me that Keith has had an accident on the way over.
    “Ashleigh?” Came the sound of a deep mans voice, although muffled some what by the door, I instantly recognized it to be Keith’s, but some thing didn’t seem right.
    “Hello?” I asked, opening the door. I sated at Keith. Sweat dripped from his forehead, he didn’t reply.
    “Keith are you ok? Whats happened!?”
    “Ah shit. I can’t do it, Run!” He screamed, instantly pushing me away from him self. I stood firm, Keith whats wrong, is some one following you?” I asked, tears began to stream from my eyes. I guess he didn’t even have time to contemplate an answer, for the second the words left my lips, two tall brutish figures jumped from the either side of my front door, Both wielding a Knife. Before Keith could even move, the taller of the two slashed the blade across Keith’s throat, the other jamming his blade into Keith’s temple. Blood erupted from his neck, spraying me head to toe in the dark red liquid. As if rehearsed, both men let go of Keith’s limp body, letting it fall to the grass, still spraying blood. Before Keith made contact with the floor, they were both upon me. I lost my footing, and in almost slow motion I fell backwards, a million things rushing through my mind. I landed with a thump, Followed by blackness.

    It’s unedited (Im horrible at grammar, and im sure there is a few misspellings.)
    I am at 40k words with this now.
    The story plot is a group of strangers wake up in a house of some sorts. They are forced to compete in daily tasks in order to survive to the next day. Each contestant has a colllar attached to their neck, which will explode upon activation.
    They are monitored by a weird camp sounding man (Never seen in person) He is simply doing this for his own Amusement – Hence the title. Amusement. 🙂
    I really liked the answer provided by NekoBus.
    It told me pretty much everything i need to know to vastly improve what i have wrote. I know this to many people would be deemed amateurish, but hell don’t forget i am still in highschool my self 😛
    Every time i write i improve, thanks to your opinions i feel i can really take another step forward in writing.

    • Curator says:

      Well if you know you’re horrible at grammar you should keep working until you get the hang of it. It’s hard to read something without it, but it’s not a bad start.

      First remember to put periods inside the ending quotation. “See you in five.” “Love you too.” (not two) Is this a story about teenagers? Do teens really use words like ‘whilst?’ It’s too formal. You mean handsome, hansom means a type of cab. I don’t know what “What it” means or why this character would get quite that angry. Then, you want to include the dialogue here. ‘We got chatting,’ tells me nothing. Details are what make the characters come alive.

      ‘…took each other’s numbers,’ Apostrophe in other’s. then you said ‘as deeply in love as we were.’ meaning the relationship is over? They were or they are? I’m confused. A big hint of advice, don’t state the obvious in your writing, the reader will know what you mean. ‘The sudden rumble in my stomach meant I needed food.’ No, don’t do it. What else would a rumbling tummy mean?

      No need to put exclamation marks unless it’s dialogue. I think you meant ‘headed’ since it happened in the past. Wait, she’s in her 2nd year of college? Everything’s happening very fast with this, slow it down a little. When talking about summer holidays, it seems like she’s fresh out of high school so which is it?

      I’m sorry but when it gets to her heating up the food, edit it way down. The inner monologue about movies seems a bit rambling. It must be him – again you don’t need the exclamation point. Plus, who else would it be? Another bite of the sandwich? When did she take the first?

      Try to avoid words like somewhat, just say the voice was muffled by the door. This action here has my interest – good stuff…then you state the obvious ‘from my eyes.’ Just edit out anything you can to tell the story in as few words as possible. Good action at the end, it makes me wonder why Keith was targeted.

      Not bad at all, just keep working on your spelling and grammar, take out anything obvious or anything you don’t absolutely need. Good luck with it!

  • Freestyler says:

    Is This A Good Verse? Verse for Touch The Sky by Kanye West…please good feedback
    look at me touchin the sky damn i’m so high never thought i’d be havin the time of my life never thought we’d still be bumpin the same jamz damn kanye n twista doin the slow jam we goin back to the classic back to the old school the sh*t we once knew as new f*ck the new sh*t it’s the old news cause we bringin the old back better than new we bringin the dmc the biggie the pac back when jay-z was singing it’s a hard knock when snoop dogg hit the scene with the doc the rappers now days left speechless they can’t even talk sh*t who cares everybody sit back n’ rock to the good ol’ days damn if only that day was today then i’d have it made all i can do is sit back and fade to that time when i had it made

    • Curator says:

      That is a pretty good verse, it could do without all of the name dropping though. Do you think that you are The Game with all of the name dropping that you are doing?

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