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  • Please Girls I Need Advice This Is Complicated!? Okay first I should tell you the whole story.

    There is this girl who I like(d). She has this boyfriend who is a cool guy, from what I know. Him and her girlfriend are always breaking up about every other week. Every time she would always come to me to tell me what happened between her and her boyfriend. I always listened and gave her advice. She then started a routine where she would “borrow my algebra 2 homework” each day. One day out of the random, when she was single, she asked me if I liked her?

    This is where I think I made my mistake. I said yes. She asked me why and I explained how I like her because “I can act myself around her”

    She replied that she wasn’t looking for a relationship and that she wouldn’t treat me any less.

    Well now my she is doing the same thing to my friend randy? She goes to him with the same stuff she goes to me with. I just couldn’t stand it.

    Well after a week I asked my friend, this other girl how could I get out of the friendzone, and I explained what was going on. She told me that “be careful since her and her boyfriend are dating again. She may be only going to me for my attention and is using me, if I do anything wrong she won’t ever talk to me again”.

    I felt as if to test this I’m gonna ignore her for a week and see what happens. Is this a good idea?

    I’m already deleted her snapchat…

  • Anonymous says:

    Does He Like Me? See, he is this straight-up guy and he’s honest about almost everything. he’s “real”. he’s one of those really handsome guys who are fit. he’s quiet in person, but he’s not shy. like, he’s not the type of person to go up to you and say hey, (well he does with his guy friends, of course) I think he likes it when people talk to him first. he does FWB’s, but not dating. he thinks it’s “scary”. he gives off this vibe that he doesn’t care about much, especially relationships. he said I’m one of the realest people in Sacramento (my city) that he knows, he suggested me to talk to him more in person in the beginning when we first started to talk. I always caught him staring at me, my friends did too. I always kinda gave him this flirty look back. once, this girl said she was going to jump me once, and he even kept an eye out for me that day, like he kept staring at me. we’re pretty close. we have each other’s backs (according to him). I make attempts to say hey and hug him when I can. I’m a little comfortable with talking to him in person, we haven’t had an actual convo in person though. he also started to send me these funny and weird pictures on Snapchat, and he told me not to be freaked out by them because he sends dumb stuff to people he’s comfortable with. he’s really chatty on text, but quiet in person. he’s confusing. I’ve liked him for a long time though, I want to tell him how I feel, but I just don’t know how I should do it. it sounds stupid, but I need help on this, lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    How Come My New Snapchat Wont Let Me Video Chat Live? The button will not turn blue me and my friend are trying to figure it out but we don’t know the problem

  • Angel says:

    Does She Like Me Or She Just Really Friendly? We text and snapchat all the time, she invited me to the movies with her friend, and we went to prom together last week too. It seems like she likes me but I’m not sure if she just sees me as a friend, we just started talking a lot about a month ago.

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