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South Korea Ferry Disaster: A Nation Searches For Answers

17 April 2014 | 7:59 am While rescuers frantically search for survivors, the sinking of the Sewol ferry is already being called one of South Korea's worst peacetime disasters

South Korea Investigates Ferry Captain; 9 Dead, 287 Missing

17 April 2014 | 7:17 am South Korean President Park Geun Hye arrived at the site where a ferry sank yesterday, as divers battled high waves and strong winds in their search for 287 people still missing, including hundreds of students. Over 100 ships and more than 500 divers have been searching for passengers who might still be alive in air pockets, officials said. The coast guard was checking if lifeboats on the ferry …

South Korea ferry death toll increases to 9

17 April 2014 | 5:15 am At least nine people are dead after a ferry boat capsized in South Korea, officials said Thursday.

Children On Capsized South Korean Ferry Reportedly Still Alive In …

17 April 2014 | 12:42 am Rescuers saved some of the passengers on a ferry that sank near South Korea Wednesday morning, but hundreds of people are still missing, and a new report from Reuters says that some of the passengers including …

South Korea Ferry Text Messages To Loved Ones – Business Insider

17 April 2014 | 12:19 am Passengers trapped inside a sunken South Korean ferry sent text messages to loved ones telling them they were alive but getting desperate for help as the vessel slipped below the water, ABC News reports. "Love you all for …

South Korea Ferry Sinks: Students Aboard Missing – Hollywood Life

16 April 2014 | 7:40 pm On April 15, more than 300 high school students from South Korea boarded a ferry for Jeju Island. Less than 24 hours later, the ship began to sink with no explanation. Now, most of those high school students are still missing …

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6 Responses to South Korea Ferry

  • JOSEPH says:

    Flights Within SE Asia? Hello, I was planning for a trip to europe, however it is over my budget now that I waited til march to book a trip in July, so I decided to go to Asia instead. I was just curious for those who have experience what the cheapest air routes air within southeast asia. I’ve been looking at and airsia but cannot really get a gage for what airports fly to other international airports for cheap. I am landing in HK and would like to visit vietnam (ho chi mihn or hanoi) bangkok, KL, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan. Anyone know what route would be the cheapest ( feel free to add cities or subtract if a country i mentioned is worth visiting and helps me out at the same time)! I am travelling from July 14th to august 7. Thank you

    • Curator says:

      If you will be landing in HK, you can also visit Macau it is just one ferry boat ride away. Then once you are done with Macau going back to HK you can take Tigerair (Tiger Airways) going to Singapore. From Singapore you can go to KL which is one bus ride away. The bus ride will take around 4-5 hours. You can also check Philippines, lots of cheap flights from Malaysia and Singapore going to Philippines. Check Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Pal has routes in Japan, Bangkok and Vietnam. Hope this helps.

  • What Is The Cheapest Way Out Of South Korea – To Anywhere At All? Japan is close , where else?

    what is the cheapest flight that I can take to leave the Republic of Korea? – Not go to Jeju island etc.

    just for exploring, by the way

    and it doesn’t have to be a flight , boat is ok too , train… etc.

    thanks 🙂

    • Curator says:

      The two cheapest ways out of South Korea are a ticket on the ferry from Pusan to Fukuoka, there is a slow ferry and a high-speed ferry, the slow boat is somewhat cheaper but takes about three times as long… There are some very affordable flights to the Philippines or to China… Depending on whether you want to go one-way or round-trip. Both the ferry and a ticket to the Philippines could run you no more than about $300 – $350 USD if you book in advance.

  • Ckk says:

    Will Moochelle Thank The Tax Payers For Her Birthday Vacation? I guess she needs a break from doing nothing. How many starving poor people could of been fed with all the money spent on Obama’s family golf vacation?

    • Curator says:

      MOMMAMNUKE….I have every right to judge when I am paying for that vacation….
      BUT I will agree this is WAY DOWN the list of my government waste concerns

      I find it mildly irritating that a man who never held a real job and who has a personal fortune of almost two million dollars is having ME pay for his FAMILY’S vacation….. (Bush went to his own Ranch not HAWAII….. or Spain)

      There are so many other things that deserve our attention …

      FIRST A bloated government…. an out of control federal government bureaucracy that has violated the restrictions and mandate of the Constitution…. I seriously doubt Thomas Jefferson wanted the federal government to control how much water you can use to flush your toilet…. or when you can allow your own children to drink alcohol….or blackmail states into submission if you do not like how they are running THEIR state

      SECOND Pork Barrel…. why are my tax dollars being spent to convert a privately owned ferry boat into a crab restaurant? ( $ 1.4 million)….. or spend 3 million renovating a small municipal airport with an average of 29 customers each month just because a Congressman does not want to drive an hour to catch a plane…..or how some remote country farm land…. owned by a Congressman suddenly tripled in value because he got the government to build an interstate highway near it….I have three pages of this crap….. all tax money being spent for the benefit of individuals and NOT the nation
      THIRD Laws, regulations and policies that are stupid and waste money….like government subsidy of Dairy farmers…. in an attempt to keep milk prices stable and low….the government PAYS milk producers…. RESULTS incompetent and inefficient dairy industry….huge warehouses full of government cheese that cost so much we could not afford to keep it….gave it away FREE….and HURT THE DAIRY INDUSTRY…. How about the insanity of paying farmers NOT to grow things….got three pages of this crap also including taxes from the Spanish – American War
      FOURTH 45% of our national budget goes into the military…. we spend more than the next twelve nations COMBINED….. to save money we reduce the pay of our patriots…. our crippled veterans and their families….many of whom are on food stamps….but we spend 1.4 BILLION dollars on an aircraft carrier…. something completely unnecessary either strategically or logically….or the 17 trillion(conservative estimate)…we spent on guarding GERMANY….now we are going broke and they have the strongest economy in Europe….DITTO South Korea…..WHY?
      FINALLY You really want to get angry check into Congress….they work an average of three days a week….get six paid vacations a year…. free postage….take their families on “fact finding” trips to such hot areas politically as Puerto Rico …. can not be given a traffic ticket if they are going to work….41% are millionaires….the rest are going to be…. routinely do insider trading …. vote themselves benefits and pay raises even when they do a bad job….. the list of absurdities is endless

      If we are going to cry about Michelle ….why are you not SCREAMING about these other violations?????????

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