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Stenographer unleashes surprising outburst on the floor of Congress

18 October 2013 | 3:07 am A stenographer was led off the floor of Congress after her outburst during the House vote to end the government shutdown and extend the federal debt limits.

House stenographer shouts about God, Freemasons during shutdown vote

18 October 2013 | 2:14 am A stenographer for the House apparently lost it Wednesday night as lawmakers passed a government funding and debt limit deal, Roll Call reports. The stenographer began shouting about God and the Freemasons as the vote took place.

'Holy Spirit' behind US stenographer's rant

17 October 2013 | 11:03 pm Washington (AFP) – A US House stenographer who unleashed a rant about God as Congress voted to end a fiscal standoff reportedly said Thursday she was doing the will of the "Holy Spirit."

House stenographer explains her outburst: 'Holy Spirit' prepared me …

18 October 2013 | 12:18 am A U.S. House stenographer who unleashed a rant about God as Congress voted to end a fiscal standoff reportedly said Thursday she was doing the will of the Holy Spirit. The official chamber transcriber, identified by U.S.

'Fox & Friends' suggests House stenographer targeted for bringing …

17 October 2013 | 1:20 pm The host of Fox & Friends on Thursday hinted that a stenographer who interrupted a House vote on reopening the government by yelling about God and Freemasons was the victim of religious discrimination and she simply

Video: House stenographer freaks out on House floor Hot Air

17 October 2013 | 12:56 pm Maybe I'm just ignorant to the field of work, but I would think that even on a good day, being a stenographer would be a very stressful job. The precision needed and doing it over more than just a short while would drive me


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6 Responses to Stenographer

  • SCE2AUX2 says:

    What Did Y’all Think Of The Congressional Stenographer’s…commentary? (Grammaticaly speaking, the proper universal form of “you” is “ye”…but I don’t think it would fly here)

  • Jennifer says:

    Why Are The Republicans On The Radio Denying Today That The Free Masons Exist? I don’t get it.

    This is in reference to the stenographer who stood up and shouted yesterday.

  • Clara says:

    Why Can’ T The British Royal Family Balance Their Books? There seems to be a problem. The crown owned buildings buildings are falling to bits and its going to cost at least £50m to stop them falling into ruin. Why hasn’t the royal family kept on top of maintenance using the civil list/sovereign grant income, as isn’t that’s what it’s for? Is the Queen privately owned castle and palaces falling into ruin as well or is she able to manage the finances for her own independent properties? How does the Government know if civil list/sovereign grant money hasn’t been spent on the Queen private properties? Is the Queen able to pay for the £50m renovation out of the sovereign grant or will she ask the government to pay extra?
    @Bilbo don’t shoot the messenger! Read about in the Australian, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail. It’s big news! I mentioned civil list as I would have thought the Queen has kept up maintenance for the government owner buildings when that still exists. I know she now has the more profitable sovereign grant at her disposal.
    @Lili your a pathetic person however do you live with yourself ? I know other lovely, friendly welcoming Americans, so I realise not everyone is a bitter, hateful, nasty and resentful person like you are. Your such a joke on here. Pretend qualifications, self published book that’s long been sent as recycling after its single small run. Your a sad example of humanity. I’m gathering that your not a mother, which is great as I can imagine the destruction a child of yours would wreck on humanity. Speaking of tabloids the British government body researching the royal finances mentioned the Daily Mail in reference to Air Miles Andy,so not everyone is so closed minded about where the information comes from, like you are. now back off hassling me, like i have already asked you to do. if you can’t say something nice I’d prefer if you didn’t answer my questions too.

    • Curator says:

      The main factor in this is that the Civil List, as it was before the Sovereign Grant was introduced, wasn’t increased for 20 years and the Queen ended up in later years funding her foreign visits out of her own pocket due to inflation. Having written that, I now look up the Telegraph and what do you know, it says the same thing You know me, forget the Daily Fail, read the Daily Telegraph!

      Balmoral and Sandringham, the Queen’s privately owned properties, aren’t in question here and she seems to be maintaining them perfectly well. Even if she didn’t, that’s her own problem and no concern of the government.

      This is about a PAC hearing yesterday. Its home page is at and in due course what was actually said will be published there as “uncorrected oral evidence” – a transcript of the meeting prepared by the stenographers who will have taken down every word said. If there’s one thing I DO know about it’s the PAC – I used to work for the National Audit Office, whose main job is to provide the PAC with evidence of misuse of public funds. It’s NAO audit that tells the government if public money hasn’t been used for its proper purpose. Certainly if any of it had been spent on the Queen’s private properties, that is illegal expenditure, the audit of the Sovereign Grant accounts would have found that out, and it would have been mentioned in the NAO’s report on them. Which always results in the person responsible appearing before the PAC for a big verbal kicking. That’s what always happens when a government department overspends what it has been given. In this case that isn’t the question, it’s more that the royal household hasn’t been spending enough, and the PAC is asking why.

      It might help to explain what the PAC is. The Public Accounts Committee is generally regarded as the most senior House of Commons committee and consists of a group of MPs, chosen to reflect the balance of parties in the Commons, always with a senior opposition MP (currently Margaret Hodge) as chairman to ensure it will be critical. From my experience I know that the NAO always provides the chairman with a list of questions he or she ought to ask to start things off. Like other Select Committees, it chooses things to investigate, calls witnesses for questioning, and writes reports as a result which the government has to reply to. The NAO drafts these reports too, knowing what the PAC is likely to want to say, but of course the PAC has the final word on what the report says. Unlike the others, it has the NAO to do all the preliminary work so it can tackle a lot more than the others do. Appearing before it is not a nice experience, and nor should it be.

      This is the first time the PAC has actually been able to question royal finances now that the Sovereign Grant has been introduced. And a good thing too – the royal family isn’t in the firing line, it’s Sir Alan Reid, the Keeper of the Privy Purse, who is. The feeling I get from all those news reports of the hearing is that the PAC report is actually very likely to slam Sir Alan’s management and recommend that more money should be provided to do the necessary repairs to what are, after all, public buildings. That report will be an interesting read when it appears – they are usually short, sharp and to the point, with a list of recommendations at the beginning. The PDF file often looks like a big download but that’s only because all the oral evidence is included as an appendix.

      These are changing times for royal expenditure… the Sovereign Grant was only introduced 2 years ago so this kind of scrutiny has come as a bit of a shock to the royal household. You might find interesting… the first ever report by the NAO on it. If nothing else, it contains a lot of information on how royal finances work.

      Lili, I hope you are reading all this.

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