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Steve Ballmer Failed to Take Microsoft Beyond the PC

24 August 2013 | 1:35 am Steve Ballmer spent his first two decades as a Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) manager pushing the companys software onto 97 percent of the worlds personal computers.

Steve Ballmer to retire as Microsoft CEO

23 August 2013 | 9:54 pm Software firm's shares jump almost nine percent after its chief executive announced his retirement in 12 months time.

Steve Ballmer ends run as Microsoft's relentless salesman

23 August 2013 | 9:43 pm By Bill Rigby

Daily Roundup: Camera buyer's guide, Droid Ultra review, Steve …

23 August 2013 | 10:26 pm Today, Steve Ballmer announced that he will be stepping down from his CEO position at Microsoft "within the next 12 months." Ballmer's been at the company since the 30 staff member days, and has seen it grow from "$7.5

The GigaOM Report Card: Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO Tech …

23 August 2013 | 8:23 pm In technology and business, it's all three: whether you won, whether you lost, and how you played the game. Now that Steve Ballmer has finally decided to retire, it's report card time.

Steve Ballmer's Classy Exit | TechCrunch

23 August 2013 | 8:22 pm Microsoft is a company struggling to be reborn, but its new trajectory is something Ballmer steered. Were mistakes made under his tenure? Certainly. But that..

Microsoft Rebooted: How Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer Reinvented Their 1591840392

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2000 Bill Gates Microsoft artist drawing with Steve Ballmer Press Photo

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Microsoft Rebooted: How Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer Re

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14 Responses to Steve Ballmer

    • Curator says:

      Yes, this way i can send the xbox 1 and $hit in an envelope back to Steve Ballmer and ask him to tell me the difference and thanks steveo or i would have still looked like an idiot

  • Jose says:

    Aren’t The New And Upcoming Video Game Consoles Like The Xbox One Starting To P!ss You Off? I’ll admit that I’m angered about the Xbox One having to PAY A FEE FOR USED GAMES or BEING REQUIRED TO BE ONLINE 24/7 IN ORDER TO EVEN USE THE XBOX ONE CONSOLE or any other kind Bullshit restrictions. I still haven’t heard much about the PS4 but some people say it wouldn’t be much different. I’m beginning to think these greedy bastards making the newer consoles are really trying to rape us for our money. I miss the old days(I grew up with the SNES, N64, PS1, PS2 and Gamecube) when video games were actually about gaming, not about greed, money, irrelevant features that you can already do on your own computer, iPod Touch/iPhone, Smartphones and other BS.

    This is just my personal opinion, what are your guys’ views of this?

    • Curator says:

      I was of the opinion that the whole “Fee for Pre-Owned Games” and the “24/7 Requirement for Online Play” were merely rumors, because as far as I understood, they didn’t say anything in the Livestream about them, and the only information out at the moment is what appeared in the livestream…

      I think it is just some idiots who thought it would be funny to spread mis-conceptions about it around the internet, to be honest.

      Also, the console is receiving far too much hate than it deserves, when there isn’t even any information about it yet, except for Steve Ballmer saying that it would be the cheapest next-gen console, and they will release two versions; a version similar to the Xbox 360 Arcade, and one similar to the generic Xbox 360, just more advanced.

      I fail to see the problem with the consoles, and, unless the rumors prove true (which I’m not saying they won’t, just it seems likely), I will probably be getting both a PS4 and Xbox One by April 2014.

      I hope this was enlightening, and feel free to disagree, and post links to prove me wrong, but be sure to be able to prove their validity.


  • Chris says:

    Do I Have A Career In Marketing? (I Want Your Opinions)? Hey guys,

    I’m almost 17 now and the original career I had chosen for myself was to become a Chartered Accountant. But I’m starting to realize that I don’t really have a passion for it.

    About me: My English is as good as anyone else’s and I’m generally considered to be likable. I’m more of a persuasive kind of person and I don’t assert my authority on anyone. I also LOVE working through the night and having a hectic mood around me!
    My main weakness is that I’m kind of shy at first, but as I get to know people, I become more confident. (This is actually one of the reasons why I want to work in advertising, to increase my confidence and make me a better person overall.)

    I’m really, really passionate about electronics like phones and cars too. I actually have this impossible dream of replacing Steve Ballmer as the CEO of Microsoft and taking the company to new heights. (I know, weird!).

    So I was wondering if I had a future in advertising, working for companies like HTC and Samsung and help them sell their products.

    If you guys think there is/isn’t a possibility that I could achieve my dreams, please tell me why and how!
    Lastly, how much do people get paid and how are the working conditions like?

    I know this is kinda long, but I’d really appreciate you guys helping me out 🙂


    • Curator says:

      First off, you can do pretty much anything you sent your mind to. Having a passion for something is really helpful.

      There are all types of people who work in advertising and marketing. And there are lots of different things you can do in the field, from creating print advertising to shooting video, web marketing, social media marketing, etc.

      When you’re first starting out try to learn as much as possible and try different things to figure out what you’re best at. There are plenty of blogs and online magazines devoted to advertising and marketing. Spend some time every day reading those. Start studying ads you see on TV and on the web and listen to ads on radio. Try to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

      You could also try to get an internship with an ad agency or marketing firm. You probably won’t make any money at first, but you will learn all kinds of things and sometimes you may get offered a job after being an intern for a while. If nothing else, the experience will be extremely valuable.

      As for money, it’s really hard to say how much you’ll make. A lot depends on where you live. Plus when you’re first starting out, it shouldn’t be just about the money. Make enough to pay rent and bills, buy some groceries, and save some for the future. Your main goal in the early stages is to get the experience.

      Good luck.

  • Iwrahost says:

    Who Is The CEO And Founder Of These..? A. Apple Inc. CEO
    A. …………………………..?

    B. Microsoft CEO
    B. …………………………..?

    C. Twitter Owner
    C. …………………………..?

    D. Facebook CEO
    D. …………………………..?

    E. Apple Inc. Founder
    E. …………………………..?

    F. Facebook Founder
    F. …………………………..?

    G. Google inc. CEO
    G. …………………………..?

    H. Youtube Founder
    H. …………………………..?

    I. Youtube CEO
    I. …………………………..?

    J. Google Inc. Founder
    J. …………………………..?

    • Curator says:

      A Tim cook
      B Steve Ballmer
      C Jack Dorsey
      D Mark Zuckerberg
      E Steve Jobs
      F Mark Zuckerberg
      G Larry Page
      H YouTube was founded by 3 people Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim
      I Salar Kamangar
      J google was founded by two people Larry Page Sergey Brin
      Hope this helps!

  • Ronald says:

    Do You Think Microsoft Needs Steve Ballmer Out Of Microsoft? If yes, who would replace him because I do not see William Gates as a voluntary candidate.

    • Curator says:

      How about the X CEO of JCPenny
      He just got canned
      He is looking for a job after his sales Idea kind of ween deep 6
      He use to work as sales rep for Apple corp.

    • Curator says:

      If you follow Steve Ballmer’s path you attend private college preparatory and engineering classes. Then when it’s time for the SAT exams score a perfect 800 on the mathematical section. Go on to graduate from Harvard University with an A.B. in mathematics and economics. He was also fortunate that he lived down the hall from fellow sophomore Bill Gates.

      After a couple of years with Procter & Gamble he started with Microsoft in 1980. He was their 30th employee. During the subsequent 20 years, Ballmer headed several Microsoft divisions, including operations, operating systems development, and sales and support. From February 1992 onwards he was Executive Vice President, Sales and Support. He was then President of Microsoft from July 1998 to February 2001. Ballmer led Microsoft’s development of the .NET Framework.

      In January 2000, Ballmer was officially named Chief Executive Officer.


  • Why Aren’t These Greedy Multi Billionaires Helping To Spread The Wealth? Warren Buffet – Democratic – Net worth $45 Billion

    Larry Ellison – Democratic – Net worth $27 Billion

    Christy Walton – Democratic – Net worth $24 Billion

    Michael Bloomberg – Democratic – Net worth $18 Billion

    Sergey Brin – Democratic – Net worth $15 Billion

    Larry Page – Democratic – Net worth $15 Billion

    George Soros – Democratic – Net worth $14 Billion

    Steve Ballmer – Democratic – Net worth $13 Billion

    Paul Allen – Democratic – Net worth $12 Billion

    Jeff Bezos – Democratic – Net worth $12 Billion

    Anne Cox Chambers – Democratic – New worth – $12 Billion

    Why can’t they just pay their fair share and help spread the wealth?
    What? Liberals, being greedy? Nooooooo, not possible. MSNBC says only Conservatives can be greedy!

    • Curator says:

      They do by philanthropy, charitable contributions and their companies contributions that help other billionaires companies thrive which belong to the other side of the political spectrum.

      You left out Bill Gates and his wife which work to help educate the poor through their projects here and abroad.

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