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Finding Minnesota: The Shark, The Rocket & Other Oddities Along I-35

11 August 2014 | 4:00 am Drivers do a lot of double takes along I-35 in the south metro, where a life-sized shark statue is on a hillside next to a replica submarine, rocket ship and something resembling a Martian vehicle. Theyre there to draw attention to Hot Sam's, an antique shop overlooking an eclectic salvage yard that's been nicknamed an "antique theme park."

Submarine: Is Discoverys Legendary Shark Getting Megalodon Treatment?

10 August 2014 | 11:46 pm Discoverys annual Shark Week is back, and it kicks off this Sunday with a look at what it claims is the most legendary shark that has ever existed: Submarine, a massive great white that terrorized the residents of False Bay, South Africa. The networks website, however, raises questions about whether Submarine may be getting the

Shark Week: 'Fin of Fury,' 'Zombie Sharks,' more enticing titles

10 August 2014 | 3:01 pm As Shark Week begins Sunday, Aug. 10, so does viewers amazement at the titles of Discoverys new specials.

Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine is a fake documentary …

11 August 2014 | 3:53 am The shark Submarine is an urban legend from the 1970's about a large white shark in False Bay, started by journalists who wanted to see how easy it would be to fool the average newspaper reader. The Submarine shark then …

Shark Defenders: 2014 Shark Week Schedule

10 August 2014 | 7:45 pm Shark of Darkness: Submarine Returns explores the legend of Submarine, an enormous great white shark off the coast of South Africa. This 30-foot shark is said to be the largest great white shark of all time. Locals believe …

Shark Week: How Discovery chooses titles like 'Air Jaws: Fin of Fury …

10 August 2014 | 2:54 pm 10, 9 p.m. ET): We're talking about this legendary shark, Submarine, who has this dark past, Sorensen explains. You gotta go into the heart of darkness to find somethingwell then, could this shark be the Shark of Darkness …

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