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Surface Pro 3: The tablet to replace all laptops?

20 May 2014 | 10:29 pm Microsoft is at it again, releasing the third version in its Surface Pro line. This time it's claiming its the tablet to replace all laptops.

First Look: Surface Pro 3 tablet targets laptops

20 May 2014 | 8:11 pm Microsoft defied some of the speculation leading up to Tuesday's event: that it would go small and compete against the iPad mini. Instead, Microsoft is fighting on a productivity-based playing field.

Microsoft goes big in tablets with Surface Pro 3

20 May 2014 | 7:37 pm Larger tablet with 12-inch screen is pitched as a laptop replacement

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Sings A Better Tune, But In A Frequency …

20 May 2014 | 6:02 pm Microsoft announced its third-generation Surface device today, and the Intel Core-powered line of tablet/notebook hybrids mainly tries to tackle the same problem as its predecessors: How do we build a device that negates the …

Microsoft Introduces Thinner Surface Pro 3 with 12" Display Starting …

20 May 2014 | 4:40 pm Microsoft today hosted a media event in New York City to introduce the Surface Pro 3, the company's next-generation tablet device. Billing the Surface Pro 3 as the culmination of a three-year effort to create a "tablet that can …

Surface Pro 3 Hands On: A Laptop Replacement That Just Might Work

20 May 2014 | 4:25 pm The Surface Pro has never been a bad idea. One device that's both your laptop and your tablet! Sounds great! The problem was that it was just never quite either; it was awkward on both counts. The new, bigger Surface Pro 3 …

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  • Acceptance says:

    Desktop Vs Laptop: Architecture School? My professors specifically recommend Macs, which I’m going to get (yes, I know PCs have better specs for the money, etc) but for tech support reasons, I’m just getting a Mac. Now the question is desktop or PC. I’m a double major in Architecture with a focus in Environmental Design and Political Science. My program is very CAD heavy, so I need memory, a big screen, reliability, and an amazing processor (lots of 3D with heavy texturing, etc)

    For the money, I can get a way better desktop computer than I can a Macbook. If I got a Macbook Pro with the proper specs, it’d cost over $3,000. (I’m not getting a used/refurbished, because if I have to spend the money, might as well bite the bullet and go all out.) I can get an equally, if not more, powerful desktop for about 1/2 the cost.

    Laptop Pros:
    -Able to leave room and study/work on group projects

    Laptop Cons:
    -Battery life
    -More expensive for less power

    Desktop Pros:
    -Bigger screen and better specs for less money
    -No battery

    Desktop Cons:
    -Can’t move it around
    -Takes up more space

    So my question is, ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS (or similar) which is better?

    **Note** I have a tablet that I use for taking notes (Surface Pro) so I can type and draw notes as needed.

    • Curator says:

      Your professor told you to get a Mac because the program you are doing is very graphic intense, and while the specs on a Mac are indeed significantly lower than a pc, there is no comparison when it comes to high graphic needs: Mac is always the way to go for any type of graphic arts (including architecture).

      That said, I completely agree with you, never ever ever buy a used or especially a re-furbished computer of any kind, you’re just asking for trouble.

      You’ve already done all your research so this boils down to one thing, ease of use. If you get a desktop then it will not be portable, and if you are a student then you might really really really wish that you were able to take your computer with you.

      Definitely though you are right, a desktop would be better than a laptop because there’s only so many specs you can stuff into a small area, whereas with a desktop there is a big case to fit bigger components. That said, many people totally love the versatility of a Macbook and with the technology being what it is, you might find that the laptop is more than adequate for your needs.

      What I would suggest is that you actually go into an Apple store and play around with both types of machines and then make your decision from there. It really boils down to versatility. If I were a student, I would definitely be going with the laptop.

  • Okay I Am Currently In Navy Sub School As A Future Sonar Tech , And There Is Special Circumstances Where I Can Go Sub Sonar Tech .? If you are familiar with either job please comment pros and cons . Ik subs get paid more but I’m not sure what to expect from moral on the sub . And ive heard it’s hard to find time for fitness because of the 6hrs 6hrs 6hrs rotation and surface has a lot more personal time . And if anyone could comment and tell me how duty rotations work for surface ships it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Curator says:

      You sub ‘unvol’ at any time.

      On a sub you are on-watch for 6 and off-watch for 12.

      I do not know what a 6/6/6/6/6/6 is.

      Subs are usually 3 section duty. 6 on and 12 off.

      Skimmers are also 3 section duty, plus they are all up for day-time. You have more off time on a sub.

      I did 20 years on subs.

      You are correct that submariners are paid a great deal more cash. Usually 3X more, and we rarely pay income taxes.

  • James E says:

    What Is The Cause Of 4 New Pads And Rotors Showing Multiple Grooves On Rotors? The are Rabestos Pro rotors and professional grade ceramic disc pad set. Could the cause be that the oily film used to protect new rotors was never cleaned off? Could it be that the ceramic pads were not broken in properly. The car has driven about 500 miles on new brakes over 3 or 4 months. Insted of a smooth somewhat shiny surface like the rotors on my chevy, these rotors have multiple light grooves where the pads touch the rotors.

  • EL says:

    Best Tablet Device? Hi there’s so many out there, I do got a Samsung galazy tablet 3. But gmail is not updated for atlease 3 days. does not get amazon prime. And some sites say this device is not supported on this site. I got it at target a week ago. But right next door was a OfficeMax, And I didn’t know they had every single tablet there. They had a new dell tablet running on windows8 for 179. But I think there about the same as far as browsing goes. I need one for just only web browsing, live events, webcam shows like twitch tv. Don’t care about camera or music downloads. Who would win over all. ipad, kindle fire hdx, surface one, does ipad get amazon prime. Thanx for any answers because the sell man or woman. would just sell the most expensive one or one that’s been on the stand to long.

    • Curator says:

      If you are looking for a 7″ tablet I’d suggest the nexus 7.

      $229 for the 16GB version but you can find deals for around $199.

      Also your gmail problem isn’t with the tablet… And amazon prime video is probably only on the kindle fire line up.

      If price isn’t a concern you could look a surface pro tablet… That should be able to get amazon prime video as it’s a full windows 8 OS. but they are $900+ for the surface pro 2. But it’s a 10″ tablet and can do anything a windows laptop can.

  • Annie says:

    Surface Pro Pressure Sensitivity Is Not Working? I’ve installed, uninstalled the wacom feel drive 17 times in the past 3 hours in an attempt to get this to work. I have even followed NUMEROUS tutorials online with ways of fixing this and NOTHING is working. Can somebody please, for the love of my sanity, help me fix this?? I am literally about to cry, because all I wanted to do was draw, but my pressure sensitivity is not working in ANY program. I’ve tried Photoshop CC, SAI, Sketchbook Pro, Manga Artist, and a few other programs as well…. Nothing is working… not even DA Muro….

    Somebody please help me before I throw a table out the window,

    • Curator says:

      1. asus transofmer book t100ta
      2. microsoft surface pro 2
      3. panasonic toughpad fz-g1
      4. dell venue 11 pro
      5. razer edge pro
      6. dell venue 8 pro
      7. lenovo ideapad yoga 2 pro
      8. toshiba encore
      9. sony vaio tap 11

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