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Weiner's Other Woman, Sydney Leathers, Says He's 'Responsible For His Downfall'

26 July 2013 | 12:06 am Sydney Leathers, the 23-year-old woman who says she exchanged steamy online messages and phone calls with Anthony Weiner, alias Carlos Danger, told Inside Edition in an exclusive interview that she believes the New York City mayoral candidate is responsible for his downfall. I feel sick about…

Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partner, Speaks Out (Video)

25 July 2013 | 11:00 pm Internet Politics Sydney Leathers Sydney Leathers, who was reportedly sexting with Anthony Weiner, slammed the former congressman during an interview on Inside Edition. Leathers, a 23-year-old Democrat, said: "I was so shocked because I didn't think he would be so foolish as to do the whole thing over again" (video below). He was making these campaign promises that hed totally changed, that he …

Sydney Leathers: Anthony Weiner Said He Loved Me

25 July 2013 | 9:45 pm Sydney Leathers claims Anthony Weiner said he loves her and even asked for her advice before running for mayor. In her first public statements, the 23-year-old Indiana woman at the center of the New York City mayoral candidates scandal said the two started their relationship after Weiner resigned from Congress. Weiner admitted Tuesday that he… Read more Sydney Leathers: Anthony Weiner Said …

Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partner <b>Sydney Leathers</b> Speaks <b>…</b>

25 July 2013 | 10:54 pm Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partner Sydney Leathers Speaks. July 25, 2013. I can't get over the fact that her name is Sydney Leathers. If Weiner's mayoral bid doesn't work out, maybe these two could launch some sort of porno review show

Anthony Weiner's sexting partner <b>Sydney Leathers</b> bares almost <b>…</b>

25 July 2013 | 9:16 pm The woman at the center of the Anthony Weiner scandal is a 23-year-old Indiana native who is passionate about politics, and was a strong supporter of the New York politician even after he resigned from Congress amid

Weiner's Sexting Partner <b>Sydney Leathers</b> Speaks: 'I Am Proof' He <b>…</b>

25 July 2013 | 8:30 pm The woman at the center of Anthony Weiner's latest sexting scandal is speaking out today for the first time, in an interview with Inside Edition. Sydney Leathers, a 23-year-old Democrat from Indiana, said she was shocked that


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7 Responses to Sydney Leathers

  • Doug g says:

    Why Are People So Down On Anthony Weiner After All Sydney Leathers Started It? Why won’t we let people learn and grow from their mistakes

  • Ideas To Make My Summer Amazing? Obliviously living in Australia my summer holidays will only be for six weeks (starting a week before Christmas and finishing end of January/start of February). Last year i just went to the beach and shopping with friends. This will be one of my last high school summers and I want it to be jam packed of activities and memories and friends.
    – I’m 5 minutes away from the beach.
    – I have full access to a car.
    – I’m 90 minutes away from the city (Sydney).
    Summer holiday idea suggestions?

    • Curator says:

      Ok so I have given out this list like four times today, but it is kind of helpful 😀 These are my summer bucket lists from 2012 and 2013 😀 You can look them over and decide if you want to do any of these things!

      Solve a rubix Cube
      Win a video game
      Go on a blind date
      Start a blog
      Go bowling
      Be on a radio show
      Go to a drive in movie
      Compose a song
      Learn to play poker
      Learn to juggle
      Have an all day Disney marathon
      Send a message in a bottle
      Plant a tree
      Learn to do a handstand
      Spend an ENTIRE night out!
      Build an amazing sand castle
      Dance in the rain
      Carve my name into a tree
      Pull an all nighter at home
      Go mini golfing
      Walk up a down escalator
      Say yes to everything for one week
      Volunteer once a week
      Play paint ball
      Build a time capsule
      Go to a midnight book, movie or cd release
      Attend a book signing
      Trace my heritage
      make a music video
      Play with dry ice
      Go without electricity for a day
      Do a split
      Hula hoop with lots of hoops
      Tye Dye a shirt
      Make soda popsicles
      Have an all night scary movie marathon
      Hold a tarantula
      Ride on a motorcycle
      Donate blood
      Drive a convertible
      Color a whole coloring book
      Visit a comic book store
      Go fishing and cook what you catch
      Geo cash
      Remodel room

      2013 Summer List
      Buy white shoes and decorate them with markers!
      Start running
      Write a book
      Shadow a journalist (or whatever job you are interested in)
      Watch all Harry Potter movies in a day
      Juggle adeptly
      Crochet my niece an awesome blanket
      Get a writing job
      Write in a leather journal
      Donate blood
      Learn to walk in HIGH heels
      Make a scrap book
      Buy Wreck this Journal
      Win giant stuffed animal, give it to a stranger
      Paint roses red
      Build teen blanket fort
      Learn to skate backwards
      Buy a skateboard!
      How many licks to a tootsie pop?
      Dye ends of hair a crazy color
      Use fake name in starbucks
      Write letter to future self
      Send my niece postcards
      Start webisodes
      Get a bank account -_-
      Pay for the persons behind me stuff
      Do a 365 photo project with my phone camera (look it up haha)
      Write in journal every day
      Bake a chocolate cake from scratch
      Get my sewing machine out and sew article of clothing
      Learn sign language
      Keep a plant alive!!
      Make a calander
      Wear a fake mustache all day
      Finish whole tube of lipgloss
      Leave notes in my favorite books at Barnes and Noble
      Make a quilt
      Do a paint by number
      Rock red lipstick
      Buy a mandolin
      Learn to knit
      Buy polaroid camera
      Find cool typewriter
      Finish entire coloring book
      Read every book I own (this will take a while ;D I read a lot…)
      Cook a campfire dinner
      Win a video game
      Use coupons
      Have face paint done!

      Really hope I helped! SO cool that you live so close to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be estatic if I was only five minutes from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zeke says:

    Interesting Animal Facts….? I am trying to come up with 25 fact sheets for animals. So far I have worlds largest, worlds fastest, most long lived and most dangerous. can you think of other i can use. I list the top three animals of the category and then put some pop quiz style facts at the bottom for the ones i cant fit in but deserve a mention anyway.

    • Curator says:

      Dear Zeke, Try these. The king cobra is the only snake that uses its tail to sweep together nesting material. The balck mamba is the fastest snake at 8 to 11 mph. It’s 14 feet and the second longest venomous snake, next to the king cobra which is 18 feet. The mamba can raise a third of its length off the floor and look you in the eye.

      The Sydney funnel web spider of Australia has fangs a half-inch long that can penetrate a leather boot.

      The binturong aka as the Malay civet or the Asian polecat emits an odor like popcorn.

      The blue whale has a heart the size of a Volkswagen. The aorta alone is nine inches in diameter.

      The hippo has wheelbarrow-sized jaws and has killed more people in Africa than all other animals combined. It can run at 19 mph – faster than any human. The hippo can kill a crocodile.

      The crocodile has the strongest biting power of any known animal – 2500 pounds per swuare inch. The muscles used to close its mouth are very strong but the ones used to open its mouth are weak. Despite the croc’s massive size and power, it has a weakness. If it thrashes around too much, it experiences a buildup of toxic gases that could be fatal.

      The true name for the starfish is sea star.

      Orcas have been known to kill great white sharks and giant manta rays through tonic immobilization. The orcas hold them upside down which causes death by drowning in 15 minutes.

      The right whale is not at all shy and will easily and willingly approach boats out of friendliness.

      The platypus looks like a beaver with fur and a duck-bill. It has webbed feet as it is semi-aquatic. When it was first discovered, people thought it was a hoax.

      The Komodo monitor of Indonesia is the world’s largest monitor. Males reach 11 feet and females 8 feet. It can break a man’s legs with its tail.

      A baby blue whale weighs 600 pounds at birth – as much as an adult hippo.

      The taipan snake of Australia is known as the “atom bomb of the rodent world.” Its bite can kill 250,000 mice.

      The box jellyfish that haunts the coastal regions of Australia has no brain.

      The longest chicken flight is 13 seconds.

      The vulture cools itself by urinating on its legs. Sorry.

      If you are bitten by a Gila monster, it will usually only let go when submerged in water.

      People once believed the bite of a tarantula could be cured by dancing – hence the wild and frenzied dance called the tarantella.

      The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backward.

      The millipede defecates cyanide.

      A praying mantis can fend off a raccoon. Hope this helps.

  • Lilit3392 says:

    Laser Hair Removal Sun Exposure After Treatment? I’ve been getting laser hair removal done on some areas on my body for the past 3 months. I know that you can’t expose your body to the sun before or after the treatment for a couple of weeks while getting this done, but as summer is nearby I would like to see my options.

    My first question is, am I not allowed to expose to the sun ONLY the areas that are being treated? Or is it the WHOLE body in general no matter what area you are treating?

    Another question is, if I stop the treatments after, let’s say, 3 sessions (3 more to go), and then resume the process AFTER summer (around September), would that affect the results I would receive at the very end?

    Please reply if you have any experience and have gone through this yourself!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Curator says:

      FIRST OF ALL: the sun and too much soaking in the tub or pool ARE SKIN’S worst enemies. Add laser to the formula . . . I can not imagine how you’ll end up, in the end. Example of one who had them done. The skin is substantially more sensitive to sun exposure after laser treatment. UV rays threaten skin discoloration, and inhibit proper healing. Avoid the sun as much as possible for at least a month after treatment, and thereafter apply a high-strength sunscreen daily. Umbrella, denim or leather is best sunscreen without side effects. Tanning, is a result for ‘damaged skin’ and no products can reverse you from skin cancer or damaged skin, may prevent you from pre-mature aging, but that’s part of the billion dollar beauty industry.

      Example from YA:
      My laser hair removal treatment takes 8 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart to see 60 percent reduction in hair growth. For best results, I got maintenance treatments done once a year for 4 years . Now I don’t want to do this anymore! what is the best way to remove them from now on ?

      Here’s a good one! Google: Brandi Glanville’s Burned Face After Laser Treatment Is Painful To Look At (PHOTO)

      THE laser hair removal industry should be subject to national regulations to protect people from being burned in their quest to remove unwanted body hair, consumer magazine Choice says. An investigation of six salons and clinics in Sydney found four had staff who were not trained in operating hair removal machines, while two had received training from the equipment manufacturer. ~ AAP, October 20, 2011.
      Laser Hair Removal Experts Issue Warning Following Television Exposé
      A shocking television report into laser burns inflicted upon unwitting consumers has prompted industry leaders Facial Attraction to issue a simple warning -don’t tar all reputable laser specialists with the same brush.
      Melbourne, Victoria (PRWEB) April 02, 2012
      With an ever-increasing amount of consumers opting for laser hair removal, Melbourne specialists Facial Attraction have issued a response to a recent current affairs television program that shocked viewers with depictions of painful laser burns and spread of infection on an acne sufferer. According to this leading clinic, the primary issues revolve around the use of cheaper equipment and largely inexperienced and under trained operators.
      “This report highlights the danger of selecting your laser hair removal or laser skin treatment provider based purely on price or convenience. Outlets vary considerably, and experience counts for everything,” stresses Kirsty Warren, Clinic Manager.

      Charlie’s Angels actress Drew Barrymore recently revealed that her pregnancy hormones were so overwhelming while expecting daughter Olive, she grew a beard. She said: “I got a wonderful little goatee, and it was red! I also got hyper pigmentation on my cheeks.”

      1.The rate of hair regrowth will not change because of hair removal.
      2.Hair coverage will not change in density; your body has a set number of hair follicles.
      3.Ingrown hairs are common but not impossible to avoid; everyone has different susceptibility to ingrown hairs.

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