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  • Anonymous says:

    I Was Accused Of Shoplifting And Given A No Trespass Order? Yesterday at Khols I tried on a few items off a cleanence rack. Nothing fit and I was in the dressing room for all of 5 mins. I then left the store and as I started to back out a guy was running up to my car holding up something. I though I dropped something but he came to my window and it was a tag. he accused me of stealing pants. I let him look in my purse I had nothing. I offered to come in side but he told me to wait in my car. He then came back out with a no trespass form and took down my information. he told me to sign it and he would let me leave. I am 18 and I live with my parents. They are strict and if they even hear I was accused they will be horrified. Will anything be sent to my house?

  • Lila says:

    When I Tag Pictures I Post On Tumblr They Don’t Show Up On The Search Tag Thing? Eg. When I post a picture and tag it, when I look up that tag it’s not there (even when I check back later). Does missing e have anything to do with this?

  • Anonymous says:

    Help Me, I Cheated :(((((((((? I am (was) going out with a absolutly wonderful girl, she is so sweet, and beautiful, and loyal, and she is the best person in the world. but one day i went to a fair just to go with some friends, and my girlfriend (ex) ended up going to (not with me) and well i was playing laser tag when this extremly hot comes up to me and flirts, we talk and then all of a sudden she starts making out with me, i didnt stop, i didnt want to, i was being an idiot then my ex gf comes in and sees, she just left, she walked in, saw then left. i keep calling her but when she does answer, nothing comes out, idk what to say. so i invited her to go with me to the place we met and have dinner, i want something long and romantic to show i care and love her and that i was an ***, help please??

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