Temptations opens eatery on WSU campus

Wed, 18 Apr 2012 17:40:28 -0700 The food options at Wayne State recently expanded as a new branch of the restaurant franchise called Temptations opened last week, looking to add a new flavor to campus. http://thesouthend.wayne.edu/index.php/article/2012/04/temptations_opens_eatery_on_wsu_campus

Motown Fever Hits 'Dancing With the Stars'

Mon, 23 Apr 2012 18:28:00 -0700 Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves and the Temptations kicked off a night of Motown inspired performances Monday evening as Dancing with the Stars ushered in week six of the all-star competition. http://omg.yahoo.com/news/motown-fever-hits-dancing-stars-012800165.html

Get Ready: Definitive Performances 1965-1972 [DVD] – The Temptations (DVD) tagged “temptations” 17 times

Fri, 24 Feb 2012 17:32:59 GMT Get Ready: Definitive Performances 1965-1972 [DVD] - The Temptations Get Ready: Definitive Performances 1965-1972 [DVD] – The Temptations (DVD)By Temptations Buy new: $11.9933 used and new from $9.59 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: motown(44), the temptations(43), david ruffin(20), soul music(19), temptations(17), rhythm and blues(16), soul(9), memories(7), entertainment(5), music(5), classic(5), hip hop(2) http://www.amazon.com/Get-Ready-Definitive-Performances-Temptations/dp/B000GW8RYI/ref=tag_rso_rs_edpp_url?ie=UTF8&tag=cclub-20&creative=381421

Anthology-The Best of The Temptations (Audio CD) tagged “temptations” 6 times

Sun, 26 Dec 2010 15:09:51 GMT Anthology-The Best of The Temptations Anthology-The Best of The Temptations (Audio CD)By Temptations 32 used and new from $16.36 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: motown classic(8), the temptations(7), temptations(6), motown(5), rock and roll hall of fame(3), hip hop(2), great cd to enjoy, cd, jazz, and savor, soul music http://www.amazon.com/Anthology-The-Best-The-Temptations/dp/B000001A96/ref=tag_rso_rs_edpp_url?ie=UTF8&tag=cclub-20&creative=381421

Kingdom Temptations

Anyone who wants to explain the kingdom of God as taught by Jesus/NT is faced with temptations. Here's the first one: to want that kingdom to be almost entirely spiritual something between a person and God, a religious … http://www.patheos.com/blogs/jesuscreed/2012/04/23/kingdom-temptations/

Having Terrible Temptations, any adive?

So i've been clean for 2 months now. I've been quite stressed for the past week or so and i just really want to smoke, I've thought about smoking some of my parents cigarets and of course I've been thinking about ways to get … http://marijuana.supportgroups.com/sg/marijuana/having-terrible-temptations-any-adive


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6 Responses to Temptations

  • Anonymous says:

    Torn Between Both Worlds, Christian Believers Only Please ? Please no atheists or “big bang” theorists. You can have all the “evidence” you believe to twist, but thats YOUR belief. I’ve personally been touched by God before, so I know he’s REAL no matter what. Now on to my question. I’m 19 years old, I’m in College,. I love God, & i want to live a clean lifestyle, & I want to live for My Father, i’m struggling with Alcohol , & all the things most “worldly” young people do. I like drinking & partying, I confess I’m a sinner, & I curse. & I have lip piercings & am interested in tattoos. However I know God doesn’t want me to live like this. But he’s helped me through so much. At times I didn’t have anybody but Myself & the Lord, & he helped me get through so much. So please, if you’ve ever struggled through this , what advice can you give me..? I’ve prayed & I just still have this temptation to have piercings/sleep with women , all that stuff., please help? 🙁 God Bless .
    I appreciate all of you . Thank you so so much..

  • Anonymous says:

    Is Cheating Forgivable? My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years. 4 months ago we started a long distance relationship since I had to go to school.

    I foun out he spent some time with a girl in the mall. It was a maximum of 5 times. They ate, held hands at some point and smacked on the lips as a goodbye.

    One time, the girl offered him to get inside the house. That probably means that something will happen. My boyfriend got so scared, he made an excuse that he had to do something.

    This is the first time it ever happened in our relationship. Ive talked to him. It was nothing to him. Right off the bat, he told the girl that he can not be friends with her anymore. He was honest and i felt like he was sincere. He said that this is just a roadblock in our relationship and were going thru more hard times in the future, but not in this context. He said he realized why he never cheated when there were a lot of temptations before, because he realized that it wasnt for him. It made him realize how he appreciated and valued our relationship.

    I dont know if this is God’s way of testing how strong our relationship is.

    Im coming home in a week and we’ll continue to talk about this more in detail.

    I dont know what to do. I fee like he is sincere, but I cant feel scared that it might happen again. But what if it doesnt happen anymore? What if it is really just a test to make us stronger?

    I know that forgiveness is important in any kind of relationship. Should this be forgiven? I need some insights please. Thank you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Advice And Experience From Girls In Austin Please? I’ve got a BIG problem here girls, and any way you can help would be great. Now I’m a 19 yr. old guy who recently converted to the LDS church in Utah. I wasn’t raised in the church, but just recently converted.I was sent here to Texas with 3 other people for our missions. We spend most of our time on/near the UT campus. We’ll be here from 2 years, and have been here almost 2 months so far. Now in our church, premarital sex, among other things, is taboo. I always believed that my faith was very strong, that temptation wouldn’t overcome me. Back in Utah, the girls don’t dress very open, it’s more conservative. But here, the UT girls are incredibly thick (well built), very, very cute, and it seems like every single one of them has 1 of 2 pairs of shorts they wear. It seems every girl wears these shorts here, maybe has 10 different pairs! I found out they’re called Soffe shorts, and the others are Nike running shorts, and they have a double strip down the side. I hadn’t seen these before. But these shorsts girls wear here showcase 2 things all the way-big butt, and thick legs! I HAVE to look down at their big butt and legs when I see them wearing these shorts, it shows it off, I can’t ignore it! I can see them wearing them from 40 feet away. I’ve tried to ignore it, and not look down when I see them, but it’s impossible not to! It’s very frustrating, this isn’t fair! These shorts aren’t fair, because I can’t ignore it when they wear them, and they all do! Most do anyway. I even had 1 blonde I volunteered with a few weeks ago, she’s 19, and very cute. She slooked at me, I looked at her, then I looked down. Yep, she had blue soffe shorts, and she’s thick! When I looked up, she smiled, and so we talked and we went out on a date, got together. I couldn’t ignore her! Those dang soffe shorts! A few times I’ve actually been left slack jawed in shock by a few girls that had them on, “Uh, WOW! Dangit!” that was all I could think. This is a BIG problem, because I do not want to get kicked out of my church, but I’m about to give up, I can’t ignore it when girls wear these! I tried first using all my willpower to just not look down. That didn’t work ONCE. It doesn’t work on these girls. Then I tried praying for strength to ignore it. That doesn’t work on these girls either. I’m about to just give up, I’m starting to think it’s impossible to ignore it! I’ve tried my best. I can’t! I thought I was stronger in faith than this, but I don’t know how to ignore it against these girls down here with their soffe shorts, I just CAN’T! Aaauugghhh, this is frustrating. Since you girls are from the South, do you know these shorts I’m talking about? Is there even a way possible to ignore it? If you know these shorts, then you KNOW how hard this is for me! Do you have any suggestions? What can I do? Or what should I do? I really need your girls experience and advice!

  • Wild Breaker says:

    What Makes Me Want To Masturbate? I have tried so hard to stop as it distracts me from doing things and wastes a lot of time

    My aim was to stop masturbating by the start of 2012, yet 3 months in i still sometimes find myself masturbating at uncertain times.

    Also i feel guilty as well, i feel really guilty and i feel parthetic, u know u get that feeling when u have let urself down, ye thats the feeling i get but worse……..i am embarassed and i feel as if i have no control over my temptations because i am a strong minded person and masturbating makes me look like a fool.

    Plz help i am a 17 year old guy…….

  • Anonymous says:

    Bands Like Evanescence? I asked before, people gave me shitty bands, Imo. I don’t like

    Lacuna Coil,
    Within Temptation,
    Leaves Eyes
    Amberian Dawn
    Rhapsody of Fire

    Non of those I liked, I hate We Are The Fallen, I need something that’s not operatic, not so much pop, I need something alive! I don’t like Marylin Manson, I lost interest in his music a bit.

    Right now, Ev. Is the only thing I listen to, I don’t like the idea of that, any other suggestions? I need something AWESOME.
    By the way, I hate metal.

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