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'The Voice' recap, Teams Blake and Adam rock the live shows

5 November 2013 | 7:56 pm Everything happened in real-time last night as it was Night 1 of the live shows.,0,7403393.story?track=rss

'The Voice' recap: Taking it live for Season 5

5 November 2013 | 7:53 pm Let the voting begin! "The Voice" went live for Season 5 on Monday night, as half of the top 20 — five apiece on Teams Blake Shelton and Adam Levine — vied to impress not only the coaches, but also the American public whose calls, texts, clicks and downloads would help determine their fate.,0,5275110.story?track=rss

The Voice Slips in the Ratings, How I Met Your Mother and Castle See Boosts

5 November 2013 | 6:39 pm Ruh-roh, is The Voice in trouble?! The NBC reality hit finally began its live rounds on Mionday night, but unlike the World Series, these playoffs didn't exactly dominate the TV…

Nothing But The Best (Audio CD) tagged “the voice” 10 times

3 November 2012 | 2:45 am Nothing But The Best Nothing But The Best (Audio CD)By Frank Sinatra Buy new: $10.9486 used and new from $6.05 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: frank sinatra(41), sinatra is forever(15), best of(13), sinatra(13), easy listening(12), timeless sinatra(12), the voice(10), chairman of the board(6), vocal pop(4), jazz(2), best of frank sinatra(2), musical icon(2)

Late and Great: The Voice (Audio CD) tagged “the voice” 3 times

17 February 2012 | 7:30 pm Late and Great: The Voice Late and Great: The Voice (Audio CD)By Vern Gosdin 3 used and new from $10.99 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: country music(6), classic country(5), vern gosdin(5), the voice(3), ken mellons, real country, late great, sad music

The Capitol Years (Audio CD) tagged “the voice” 3 times

28 October 2010 | 7:23 pm The Capitol Years The Capitol Years (Audio CD)By Frank Sinatra Buy new: $29.5272 used and new from $2.73 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: frank sinatra(25), easy listening(5), great music(5), traditional vocal pop(4), ella fitzgerald(4), the voice(3), sinatra is forever(3), michael bubl(2), matt dusk(2), nat king cole(2), ella fitzgerald complete songbooks(2), jamie cullum(2)

Frank Sinatra – A Man and His Music + Ella + Jobim (DVD) tagged “the voice” 3 times

10 October 2010 | 10:03 pm Frank Sinatra - A Man and His Music + Ella + Jobim Frank Sinatra – A Man and His Music + Ella + Jobim (DVD)By Ella Fitzgerald 35 used and new from $3.64 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: frank sinatra(7), jazz vocal(5), the voice(3), ella fitzgerald(3), sinatra-dvd(3), swing jazz(2), antonio carlos jobim(2), best original songs, best studio recordings, best compositions and arrangements, antonio carlos jobim family and friends, five stars

The Voice of Psalms (Paperback) tagged “the voice” 19 times

21 September 2010 | 8:34 pm The Voice of Psalms The Voice of Psalms (Paperback)By Ecclesia Bible Society Buy new: $18.4875 used and new from $1.51 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: psalms(25), the voice(19), bible(19), the voice scripture project(18), bible translations(13), devotionals(12), christianity(9), bible reference(6), artistic(5), thomas nelson(2), bible psalms devotional, bibles

'The Voice': Christina Aguilera & Flo Rida Perform How I Feel …

5 November 2013 | 1:37 pm Beautiful! Magic! and Special! were just a few of the ways that the coaches described The Voice on Monday night, stopping just short of.

Christina Aguilera: 'How I Feel' on 'The Voice' Watch Now …

5 November 2013 | 5:50 am Christina Aguilera: 'How I Feel' on 'The Voice' Watch Now! Christina Aguilera shows off her sheer sexy body while performing on The Voice on Monday (November 4) in Universal City, Calif. The 32-year-old singer was

Tessanne Chin The Voice | Tessanne Chin Many Rivers To Cross …

5 November 2013 | 3:47 am VIDEO – Tessanne Chin performed a stunning rendition of Jimmy Cliff's Many Rivers To Cross on Monday's The Voice Top 20 live show premiere. WATCH HERE!

LEANNE MITCHELL s/t 2013 UK promo CD Screaming Jay Hawkins The Voice

5 November 2013 | 7:10 pm $7.18
End Date: Thursday Dec-5-2013 11:10:20 PST
Buy It Now for only: $7.18
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The Moody Blues – Voices in the Sky: Best of The Moody Blues (Decca Import, AM)

5 November 2013 | 3:14 pm $3.50
End Date: Thursday Dec-5-2013 7:14:52 PST
Buy It Now for only: $3.50
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LOU REED 1942-2013 VILLAGE VOICE just the 10 pages featuring the death of LOU!

5 November 2013 | 11:13 am $2.95 (0 Bids)
End Date: Wednesday Nov-6-2013 3:13:56 PST
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The Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Browne Brand New CD 15 Songs

5 November 2013 | 2:45 am $6.99
End Date: Wednesday Dec-4-2013 18:45:18 PST
Buy It Now for only: $6.99
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4 November 2013 | 10:37 pm $5.00 (0 Bids)
End Date: Thursday Nov-7-2013 14:37:18 PST
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5 Responses to The Voice

  • Amelia says:

    When/should I Come Out Of The Closet? (Female Bisexual)? I’m a 22 year old female who has always had a strong longing for affection from certain females, the same as a girl typically would typically want from guys (whether it was the sound of her voice or just who she was as a whole). Yes, this started at a young age. I have had this feeling for SOME guys, but not nearly as many as girls. Although I still see myself married to a man in my future (possibly, I know there’s a guy for me somewhere, but you never know), my attachment for girls has become a bit stronger ever since I came out to a random girl in the bathroom at a bar (mind you I was dead drunk and crying), but she just comforted me and said “It’s okay! No problem!” I’m worried my family/friends won’t have the same reaction. I’m already a bit “eccentric” in my personality as it is. Will I feel better if I come out of the closet? I’m so confused about what I should do!

  • Gill says:

    Whose Voice Could It Be That I Heard A Few Years Back As Strong As A Thunder ? This is a true story, when i was watching my cousin who was making a kite in a very sunny day, i heard the voice in the sky as strong as a thunder, it moved from the east to the north and it rippled like the wave in the sea and it said ” you are welcome” just then only i asked my cousin ‘ what is that’? then he said ‘ what’??? i said that voice like thunder!!! he said voice!? thunder!?…… .. no nothing i heard like that!! and after just 10 secs it came again and it repeated the same word ” you are welcome” again i said to him you heard right? he said nothing at all what are you talking?? Then only i got shocked and got scared like hell, then i waited for another half an hour to hear some more but no it did not come again. This was the day when fear started to control me for months, i thought my time to die has come or else why tome only that voice should come? but not to others?
    This became a serious question in my life till date.
    if atheist do not believe please do not answer i would sound foolish if you predict wrongly.
    the voice came in my ears and it is still in my ears
    I must say that i am a Christian and i wanted to work for the Gospel of God

  • MacKenzie says:

    Does He Like Me!?! Please Help.. I Will Answer Yours!? This guy i like is not in any of my classes. We haven’t talked to each other, we have talked in a groups before but not one on one.
    I often catch him staring at me
    And here are the other reasons

    Another day i went upstairs to put something in my locker and was going back down satirs, when i got to the stairs 2 of them were on one side and his other friend was on the other, so there was a path between them or around the other guy. So i went to go around his other friend and as soon as i did his friend stepped back.
    But when I went up the stairs they weren’t standing there they were all standing at the side of the stairs.

    I was going up the stairs one day alone and him and his friends were there and they all went quiet and i could feel them looking at me.

    I was standing outside with my friend but if u looked out the door u could only see me, so I was there and I look at the door and the guy I like was looking at me smiling really big ( but may have been laughing at something before that) so as soon as I seem him he walked away. Then I looked out of the corner of my eyes and seen his friends knocking on the door, but as soon as I looked they ran away.. This has happened twice.

    When I cross my arms he will sometimes do the same right after me.. This happened a few times before and I heard it means he likes you.

    I walked past him and as I was going around a corner I looked back and he was looking at me biting his lip.

    I walked past him an his friends and went outside and my friend told me that his friend smile at me.

    I was walking up town with friends and he was between his friends i front of us, so then 1 of his friends turned around and looked at me, then his other friend did it next and then him. They started talking then they did the exact same thing again. This has happened several times.

    i sent him a friend request but he never accpeted it… But one of my friends said to me 2 yrs ago that he doesn’t accept them if he doesn’t know them well.

    We were standing about 2 ft away from each other then he looked over at me the same time I looked over at him and he did this head gesture like “hey”

    He smiled at me when his friends weren’t looking

    He started walking by me one day while his friends went behind us and my friends went in front of us.

    I was standing behind him and his friends waiting for the door to open and his friend said ” oh ____, you’re so stupid.”

    One day I walked around a corner and ran right into him and we both got embarrassed, then his fried started giggling at us.

    A few times I will be walking alone uptown and someone was walking past him and he talked to him as his friends kept walking. Then as soon as I passed them he started walking and we walked with each other and kept looking at each other but didnt say anything.

    He was alone one day in the cafeteria and I was talking to someone and every few minutes we would look at each other at the same time or I would feel someone look at me so I would look at him and he would look away.

    I was standing outside one day and he was walking towards me and said ” move outta my way, I’m not being polite today.”
    But he said it in a kind of funny and friendly voice. Not saying it rude.

    Last, I went to his soccer game and at one point he turned his back to the soccer game and was looking over at me. Then his friend turned around and stared at me.
    At the end of the soccer game he walked to his car alone and I went a few minutes after him and he was standing outside his car an he stared at me the while I walked by.

    Does he like me?
    Thanks in advance!!

  • Ryan says:

    Im 14 And 5″4 Is This Normal? I am 14 and 5″4 and everyone in my year is taller then me, i am also one of the youngest and i was born 2 months early.I have started puberty i have body hair and my voice is breaking. Everyone in my family our tall?

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