This Is The End

Everyone has been talking about This Is The End lately. We thought we would add our own take on it.

'This is the End' is Apocalypse Howl

12 June 2013 | 7:47 am This is a movie that could best be described as funny as hell.

'This Is the End': Apocalypse crashes hot Hollywood party

12 June 2013 | 7:42 am Alien invasion? Zombie attack? A massive, catastrophic earthquake? Nope, in This Is the End it really is the end – an old-fashioned, New Testament apocalypse, straight out of the Book of Revelation and happening right now, in plain sight of the Hollywood sign.

You Should See 'This Is The End' And Here's Why

12 June 2013 | 7:39 am Weve all wanted to see This Is Then End ever since the very first trailer hit the airwaves, but now it looks like a ticket to the screening of the…

James Franco Fondles Seth Rogen's Hairy Nutsack In <b>This Is The</b> <b>…</b>

12 June 2013 | 2:02 am MTV's 'This is the End'/'Real World' spoof is 100% HIGHlarious!! See it HERE!

Rogen's Heroes: <b>This Is the End</b>, Reviewed. – Deadspin

11 June 2013 | 9:27 pm When they're not performing, actors are basically worthless human beings. Or so goes the central joke in This Is the End, and it turns out that you can make a really funny movie based almost entirely on that joke. Written and

Review: '<b>This is The End</b>' Definitely the Comedy Event of the <b>…</b>

11 June 2013 | 9:10 pm If This is The End is any kind of prognosticator, the end of times is going to be a hell of a good time. Another prognostication: This is The End is the.

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THIS IS THE END – movie promo item – metal flask

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This is the End Seth Rogen James Franco Emma Watson Jonah Hill Rihanna Poster

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5 Responses to This Is The End

  • Kevin says:

    Why My Computer Gets Laggy After Installing Max Payne 3 ? I just finished installing max payne 3 an hour ago and now my windows is running very slow,btew this is my spec
    Radeon hd 7900
    Intel i7(forget the series,but its definetly a high end processor for sure) 3.5ghz
    8gb ram
    Windows 7 ultimate

  • Daniel says:

    Threatened Verbally At Work And He Said “I’ll Give You 1 At 15 And 2 At 30” What Does This Mean? Background info:

    This is a blue collar environment in Brisbane Australia, I’m a 26yo male fitter of asian descent. This guy is older (50?) caucasian and is a labourer.

    I’m not entirely sure how this started. I was quite friendly and was greeting people by their names, this guy included and he starts giving me a hard time. Some examples are: When he sees me he calls out in a loud voice “love you long time” I find this offensive and so do other people, At first I ignored it but he persisted.

    Second run in was when I was walking for break and he asked me “where my rickshaw was” I I told him it was at his place. And left it at that though I was tempted to go on and elaborate how his daughter/wife took me to work but I held my tongue.

    Third time was when we were at a work held bbq at work and I sat next to him at a table and started eating. He then asked me where I lived and started spouting out suburbs that were heavily resided by asians, “Sunnybank and West end” I replied neither and asked him where he lived. To which he replied “Carindale” I told him I lived next door and he said that can’t be because “I killed all the asians in my suburb” Then I replied “well you mustn’t have looked very hard because I was in your bedroom fucking your wife. Everyone else at the table laughed and I was quite amused. He was very flustered and didn’t say much after that.

    I thought he would settle down but he is still being offensive to me, I don’t care for being quiet anymore so I just give it right back to him and tell him that I’m fucking his wife in the ass and all sorts of things back to him. I’m not really too bothered by him and now everytime I see him I do little air thrusts and he gives me back evil eyes. I laugh at him a lot too.

    So today washing our hands after work I see him and air thrust him and tell him to tell his wife I said Hi. Then he says to me something along the lines of “I’ll give you one at 15 and 2 at 30” when I asked him what this means, He said I’d find out soon… I said “is it some kind of bumming thing?”

    Very scared and I air thrusted him on the way out as well.

    Seriously now, I’m not very afraid of him, though I have noticed him packing a paint scraper and perhaps some other “tools” in his pockets so I’m assuming he wants to use these as weapons? I want to give him a good hiding but I don’t want to lose my job over this.

    If anyone could shed light on what that phrase means I would be grateful. Maybe its like an irish six pack?

  • Halp says:

    Is It Better To Allocate More Or Less Memory/processing Power To A Program, Or Is It Bad For The Laptop? I’m no computer person, so sorry if any terms are incorrect.
    — background —
    The game Pet Society is shutting down so I downloaded VirtualBox and the Ubuntu OS to save an offline version.
    — explanation —
    I can use my own settings and adjust how much memory, video memory, and processing power is allowed. It lets me adjust 1-8 CPUs (whatever that means), up to 128 megabytes of video memory, and up to 8192 mb of base memory.
    My laptop is not high end (it gets a solid 60fps on medium-high League of Legends settings, usually loads in the middle 50% of other users, if this gives you any idea), but it was bought for mild gaming in mind. It has 8 gigs of RAM and an i5 processor.
    Simply running this flash Facebook game on this alternate operating system requires a lot of power.
    If a program seems to be a resource hog, is it better for the laptop to allow more processing power/cores to be used? As in, would allowing more resources make it run easier on the laptop, or would that just make the laptop itself be running too hard and thus damage it? I don’t really understand how this stuff works, in my mind allow more resources would make it easier but worse on the computer, but maybe if I allow less power/resources, the computer strains too hard from limited resources?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Yokovich says:

    French Translations, Please? Hello! I need these sentences to have times added to the end of them (in the afternoon, at night, in the morning)
    1. “Nous faisons du babysitting.”
    2. “Je regarde la télé.”
    3. “Ils jouent au volley”
    4. “Tu fais une promenade avec les chiens.”
    5. “Je joue du piano.”
    6. “Elle nage.”

    Try to alternate between the three times.
    Thank you!

  • Omar says:

    Has To Kill A Mockingbird Been Spoiled For Me? I was reading this chapter 1 summary of To kill a mockingbird here -
    – and i read that at the end of the book, the book goes into someones private life. And somewhere else i read the text mentioned the name of tom robinson, also that the main boys in the story are all mockingbirds. And it also said that boo will be transformed from a villian to a human being. Has the book been spoiled for me? And is it the book still worth reading?

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