Thursday Night Football

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Mike Mayock Drew Junk on the Telestrator During Thursday Night …

27 September 2013 | 1:30 am niners-diagram. Watch your back, Vernon Davis. Mike Mayock is going to get you with the telestrator. Or is that a bicycle with a flat tire? SHARE ON FACEBOOK. SHARE ON TWITTERTWEET. SHARE IN EMAIL

Thursday Night Football Open Thread: 49ers v. Rams – Battle Red …

27 September 2013 | 12:15 am Talk about the San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams behind their backs in Battle Red Blog's live open thread for tonight's Thursday Night Football game.

Thursday Night Football: San Francisco at St. Louis | The Big Lead

27 September 2013 | 12:00 am The odds for the first tie on a Thursday night went up with the matchup between the Rams and 49ers. Last year, these teams did tie one of the games, and the other came down to the final minutes of overtime before the Rams


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Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers Tickets Dec 12 Thursday Night Football

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3 Responses to Thursday Night Football

  • Starchick21 says:

    Parents Keep Nagging Me About College Applications? So I’m a senior in high school, and I’m currently in the process of applying to several colleges. I appreciate my parents’ concern and help, but sometimes I think they’re a bit excessive. It seems almost all they talk to me about is college, college, college! I’m already emotional enough about graduating from high school in May. They get mad when I talk about doing fun stuff because they say I need to only focus on college apps. But, hey! This is my senior year, and I need to have fun and make the most of it. Next week is our homecoming week, and I have to stay after school for two days for powderpuff football practice (an annual tradition during homecoming week). So I have to stay after school Monday and Wednesday for practices, and I have to play in the game on Thursday night. The day after that is the homecoming game. My parents don’t want me to go to the game because I’m retaking the SAT the morning after. I tried reasoning with them that I’ll find time to study throughout the week, but they just got mad. The evening of the day I take the SAT is the homecoming dance. They’ll let me go to that because I will have finished my SAT that morning and because I’m a senior. However, I want to be able to go to the homecoming game the night before. I told them I wouldn’t be home late, but they still wouldn’t listen.

    Please help, it seems like they don’t want me to have fun. I already made a deal with them that I would finish applying to all the instate universities this weekend, and then take homecoming week off (with the exception of studying for the SAT). After homecoming week, I’ll start working on the out of state colleges. Is there anything else I can do to convince them that having fun is important during senior year?

  • Daniel says:

    Please Help Diagnose Me!? I am a 25 year old male from NJ.

    Last Saturday September 14 I went to a Rutgers college football game with my little brother in college. My legs kept cramping up and my muscles were twitching a bit but I never thought much of it. I went out drinking later that night and continued normally through the rest of my weekend.

    On Monday I went into work but I was not feeling too well. I had a lot of nose congestion and couldn’t really breath. Plus I had pressure in my ears and in my head with a little bit of a cough at night. On Tuesday all of my symptoms got worse so I decided to go to the doctor after work. He prescribed me 875 ML of Augmentin to take 2 times per day. I started taking this medication on Wednesday since the pharmacies were closed on Tuesday night.

    Wednesday I wound up feeling even worse and Thursday even worse. I called my boss Thursday morning and told him I was calling out sick and I was going to the doctor. I went back to the doctor and he told me I now had a little bit of fluid behind my ears and to just keep taking the antibiotics. I stayed home on Thursday and even Friday from work with my symptoms not changing.

    On Saturday September 21 (yesterday) I had tickets to the Rutgers game again. I ended up going even though I did not feel up to it because I had already purchased the ticket to game a while ago, but only stayed for half the game. I then went back to my friend’s apartment, went out to dinner and then went out to the bars at night. I did not drink anything but water at the bars because I didn’t want to drink alcohol and have that effect my immune system. I was however out until 3AM being designated driver.

    Today my symptoms are still the same. i have head congestion, headache, extremely tired and a cough that usually gets worse at night. The main thing that worried me is how much my body hurts. Its basically aching and feels sore and cramping all over. Mostly in my legs, but also in my arms as well. Sometimes my extremities start to tingle or lose sensation but I feel like this is related to the muscle soreness (or whatever you call this).

    I am not sure what is wrong with me and I’m not sure if I should worry or where to go from here. I am leaving in less than 4 days to go to a 4 day music festival and want to be better by then. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Michael says:

    When Are You Going To Take Out The Patriots-Jets Game Out Of The Pro Football Pick ’em? When are you going to take out the Patriots-Jets game out of the pro football pick ’em?
    You left this message: NOTE: We messed up. The spread for the Week 2 NYJ-NE Thursday Night game changed in the afternoon, affecting people who picked before it changed. To keep the game fair, we are removing the game from week 2 for groups that use the spread. Apologies for the fumble. We felt this was the fairest way to resolve the error.

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