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Narendra Modi: what does his landslide win mean for India?

16 May 2014 | 5:51 pm The leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party looks set to sweep to power replacing India's Congress party, who have ruled for over a decade – where will Narendra Modi take India next? http://www.channel4.com/news/narendra-modi-what-does-his-landslide-win-mean-for-india

Modi faces mammoth task to meet India's soaring expectations

16 May 2014 | 5:08 pm * Modi has raised expectations of better times to come * Success in home state hard to replicate across India * Modi has played heavily on his humble roots (Adds Modi victory comments) GANDHINAGAR, India, May 16 (Reuters) – About a year ago Narendra Modi sat down with some of India's best and brightest to mount what one election strategist called a "shock and awe" campaign. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/modi-faces-mammoth-task-meet-170815489.html

Top of the Agenda

16 May 2014 | 2:18 pm Opposition leader Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party ( Times of India ) appeared poised for a landslide victory as election officials counted 550 million ballots cast in India's five-week-long general election ( NYT ) . The vote signals a crushing defeat for the incumbent Congress Party, which has led India for nearly all of its post-independence history. http://www.cfr.org/about/newsletters/archive/newsletter/n1906

Andrew Amesbury: Minhaz Merchant in The Times of India, talks …

16 May 2014 | 2:26 pm Minhaz Merchant in The Times of India, talks with contempt about how "Modi will not give Western governments or its over-rated media the deference they have long taken for granted in the incestuous power warrens of … http://afroml.blogspot.com/2014/05/minhaz-merchant-in-times-of-india-talks.html

Modi eyes 'India's century' after landslide victory – The Express Tribune

16 May 2014 | 5:28 am 6:00pm. Modi tells cheering crowd in Vadodara in his home state of Gujarat that good times are coming, AFP reports. According to the Times of India, Modi says he has always wanted to address the nation from Vadodara.. http://tribune.com.pk/story/709173/modi-poised-for-victory-as-india-veers-right/

The Times of India Group Launches 'Femina Believe' | Indian …

13 May 2014 | 10:55 am MUMBAI: Borrowing a leaf from the legacy of Femina and its connect with the modern Indian women, The Times of India Group today launched 'Femina Believe Learning Academy', a first of its kind learning academy in India. http://www.indiantelevision.com/mam/marketing/the-times-of-india-group-launches-femina-believe%E2%80%99-140513

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  • Lewis says:

    What Do You Think About Indo-Pak Reunification ? If there was unification , the problems would be
    1) – ISI ( as India claims ) and RAW ( as Pakistan claims ) must be COMPLETELY disbanded and merged to form a new intelligence agency with the personnel shuffled up so the former ISI and RAW member do not unite against each other .2) – Both sides will have people and political parties opposed to the unification . Destroy their second and third rung leadership , and in some cases , kill the main leader to weaken the party .3) – Separatist groups will try and take advantage of the situation and increase their intensity of attacks . Deploy the army away from the border and straight against these bastards . Have a curfew in these areas for a month or so or how much ever time it takes to decrease their power to negligible . Spy agencies will be undergoing a merge so they will not be available .4) – Merge the spy agencies in a priority along with the foreign relations and defence department . Them comes the actual armed forces . Atleast the naval , army and air force units deployed in that area should be merged and the leadership and personnel count be kept 1:1 with officers and jawans from Old Indian and Pakistani units . This should be done one unit at a time so as not to decreae the defence capabilities too much at any given point of time .5) – Merge other ministries such as agricultural , transport , financial etc etc .6) – Re elections with the new and unified country . We can give the country a new name and flag , or not .

  • Inder says:

    Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj? As a doctor all doctor always said we can do what we have in hands

    we are not god we do what we can do. our best always a doctor did

    all world need to realize ivf is not a super sonic thing or out off world science

    it works on some methods

    which can work sometimes 100% and some times 0%

    we live in india and first in USA its started and what more n better n best results

    in india are coming its not never we can 100% but it could be chance’s for

    75% out of 100%

  • Does This Girl Like Me? I am a 25 year old fair skinned Indian guy living in India. Last week there was a function and a relative of mine who had come brought along his maid who is from the north eastern part of India.

    The point here is that she was making eye contact with me on 2 occasions and smiling at me even though she saw me for the first time and did not know me.

    does she like me or am I looking too much into it?
    Sensible answers please not one line cocky answers! thank you

  • User says:

    Is My Constant Career Failure Reason For Me Blaming Myself For A Childhood Incident? I am 24 male from india.
    I am a student of chartered accountancy. I have been failing in my final level since last 2 years. This will be my 4th attempt.
    From the past few weeks I am dwelling myself into strange feelings or rather thoughts.
    I had an incident in the past when I was 13 /14. We cousins used to play silly games lyk bf gf. At that time we were totally unaware about what sex means and what making out means. During one such game me n my cousin sis who is of same age as me kind of went physical. Although we dint had sex. It ws like kissing on necks and hugging semi naked. It happened two times in the same week. I dint happen ever again.
    I am constantly thinkng about this since last few months since when I told my gf about it.
    I am blaming myself for whatever happen although I know I was a child. But I fear that I will have to face something as bad as getting accused of sleeping with my cousin.
    I also faced a breakup in this time but my gf is totally ok with my past. Basically we broke up because when she fell in love with me I refused and later she controlled herself. And afterwards I fell for her and then she rejected. But we are very nice friends and we hang out quite well. I am also hoping to get her back.
    I wanted to know whether my career failure can be the reason for my over exaggerated worries?? Also I have exams from next week so I remain under pressure 24/7.

  • Azrael says:

    Is It Alright To Have A Girlfriend At The Age Of 13 In India? So, I really l’m madly in love with a classmate of mine, and earlier I found out that she really likes me too. (We’re both Indians studying in India, by the way, so the society factor might have something to do with my problems) I’ve tried to express my emotions for her many times, but she says that we’re both too young… and that we could start dating when we’re in 12th grade. I honestly freaked out on hearing this. another thing I’d like to add is that almost all of my classmates are really immature and treat issues like this like little kids… so that might be one of the reasons she says we’re too young. I’d really like to know if she’s right, if she isn’t, then how can I convince her that she’s wrong?
    I’m desperately in need of advice, please help me!!

  • Have Bangladesh Been Shortchanged Here? Back in Jan/Feb when the Almighty 3 were backing everyone into a corner, promising money and tours, I thought Bangladesh were guaranteed Test matches in India. Instead, a pointless 3 match ODI series seems to have been arranged to be played in Bangladesh.


    “India’s tour to Bangladesh was in principle agreed upon between the boards at the time of FTP negotiations in February, and the dotted line was signed on the sidelines of the ICC executive board meeting in April.”

    What? I don’t know why this isn’t a bigger story, Bangladesh got ripped off. According to the amended FTP they are only going to get a 2 Test series in OZ (http://icc-live.s3.amazonaws.com/cms/media/about_docs/51f948c53861f-FTP%202011%20to%202020.pdf) in 2018! No Tests in India or England. Who would have guessed putting power into the hands of so few would have been a bad idea….

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