Tina Brown

Newsweek's Last Print Issue Cover Has A Hashtag

23 December 2012 | 6:50 pm This week will feature the last ever print edition of Newsweek magazine. Editor-in-chief Tina Brown tweeted , "Bitter sweet! Wish us luck! #LastPrintIssue" with a photo of the cover, and that hashtag, "#LASTPRINTISSUE" is the headline on the cover. [ more ] http://gothamist.com/2012/12/23/newsweeks_last_print_issue_cover_ha.php

Tina Brown Ran Out of Ideas for the Last Newsweek Cover Ever

23 December 2012 | 5:58 pm # journalismism This week's issue of Newsweek is special because it's the last one ever. Yes, as promised, after this issue the magazine is switching to an all digital format . More http://gawker.com/5970866/tina-brown-ran-out-of-ideas-for-the-last-newsweek-cover-ever

The Last Newsweek Cover Has a Hashtag on It

23 December 2012 | 4:16 pm You're pretty much resigned to reading Sports Illustrated or Reader's Digest the next time you go to the dentist's office now because Newsweek is no more. In a questionable move, Tina Brown made the magazine's final cover feature an old picture of the Newsweek building and a hashtag. Related Stories Politico Poo-Poos the Wall Street Journal's Big Fiscal Cliff Story No Humans, No … http://theatlantic.feedsportal.com/c/34375/f/625848/s/26e1a52e/l/0L0Stheatlanticwire0N0Cbusiness0C20A120C120Clast0Enewsweek0Ecover0Ehas0Ehashtag0Eit0C60A2830C/story01.htm

The Diana Chronicles (Hardcover) tagged "tina brown" 21 times

14 July 2012 | 10:05 pm The Diana Chronicles The Diana Chronicles (Hardcover)By Tina Brown 443 used and new from $0.01 Customer Rating: 3.8 Customer tags: princess diana(54), british royalty(24), tina brown(21), diana(15), diana books(15), lady diana(14), princess(8), princess of wales(6), captivating(4), new(4), diana chronicles(3), death of a princess(2) http://www.amazon.com/The-Diana-Chronicles-Tina-Brown/dp/0385517084

Mediagazer: Who killed Newsweek? Tina Brown can't just blame …

30 December 2012 | 10:35 am Who killed Newsweek? Tina Brown can't just blame the internet So farewell then, Newsweek magazine, which published its last print issue this week. After 79 years 15 of them as my employer the venerable old rag http://mediagazer.com/121230/p2

Tina Brown talks about how she finally killed the ailing Newsweek …

25 December 2012 | 1:50 pm Well, that is not how she titles her essay for the final print edition of the venerable magazine but it might as well be. Brown's column is a highly defensive catalog of stories that ran in the newspaper meant to illustrate that under http://washingtonexaminer.com/tina-brown-talks-about-how-she-finally-killed-the-ailing-newsweek/article/2516798

Tina Brown Ran Out of Ideas for the Last Newsweek Cover Ever

23 December 2012 | 5:41 pm This week's issue of Newsweek is special because it's the last one ever. Yes, as promised, after this issue the magazine is switching to an all digital format. http://gawker.com/5970866/tina-brown-ran-out-of-ideas-for-the-last-newsweek-cover-ever

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11 Responses to Tina Brown

  • What Classic Rock Concert Was The Best Ever? Which one do you remember going to? Since I love Classic Rock. I never went to very many but I did see the Beatles, there was so much screaming I lost my hearing for about 3 hours…no fooling. 🙂

    Your bands & links XD
    We did see Creedence Clearwater “revisited” and Journey with Heart as an Opener….she was within the last 8 years or so. I will have to think of who else.
    lol Bob. I am some where in the middle of those 2.

    • Curator says:

      Music wise there were lots that I went to that were great I seen The Rolling Stones 6 times, and the others 1 to 3 times Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe And the Fish, Jimi Hendrix Experience when they opened for The Monkees, Savoy Brown, The Animals, Dave Clark Five, Blood Sweat & Teasts, Chicago, Edgar Winter Group, CCR, Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner when she was still with her husband Ike, and her solo career twice, The Who, The Kinks.

      Some solo artist I have also seen many more than once, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Neil Young Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Paul Anka, Simon & Garfunkel, Elton John, Little Richard, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, B. B. King.

      And so so many more.

      But the Stones stand out the most to me.

      take care

  • Onnakurai says:

    Are Black Female Celebs Ashamed Of Their Heritage? It’s weird how you can see asian, and hispanic celebd be proud of their heritage… The most cosmetic changes you see are like simple fat redistribution or bleaching of hair but they never go ALL OUT…

    Now when it comes to black celebs tho Alot try everything in their power to change their image…. MJ for one… he went from a black man to a white woman, I understand he had a disease, a problem, but instead of embracing it her became weird and skary kind of. Then there’s lil kim, she used to be mad hood, now she looks Japanese….. It’s crazy, Then there’s Beyonce…. Her blond hair, continually increasing breast implants, skin that’s always getting lighter and lighter, fat redistrubution away from her ass, Nose jobs… she don’t even look super plastic. Then there’s nicki minaj she’s in her transitional phase atm, she is primarily of some Carribean/West Indie descent but you wouldn’t really be able to tell anymore, she seems like she’s going the same route as lil kim and turning asian her skin getting more and more yellow each day. Then there’s Rihanna… dunno wdf she becoming, she seeem like she’s becoming beyonce…. And we all know beyonce is really an animated Macy’s mannequin/ she has no heritage she is supposedly what every race combined would look like atleast that’s what she wants to think.

    The hell is wrong with black celebs… the ones that stay looking black go unnoticed, like Jennifer Hudson she got tossed in the trash, ms kerry gone too… What’s more Ironic is that the mulattos which i could understand would embrace their multi ethnic heritage, they tend to stick to one image… Like Halle berry embraces her black roots, Then there’s Mimi who try to act like she hood now to me mariah carey is a str8 wigga, Alicia keys also must have someone painting her browner on every promo she has cause IRL she is not that dark. IT’s so fucking sad how people who aren’t even black, or clearly is only partialy (or barely even) black try so hard wedge them selves in that “I’m black” Category, Then we got black artists who wanna pretend they ain’t even black. WDF is wrong with America?

    • Curator says:

      Beyonce has a multi-million dollar contract with Feria to keep her hair and image the same. I would dye my hair blonde too! She hasn’t had any work done her face looks the same so stop. People lose and gain weight their face shape changes with weight, but in general she looks the same. Nikki Minaji is unstable mentally why are you making her the standard for all Famous Black Women? What about Kerry Washington, Tina Turner, Angela Bassett, Rihanna, and etc they look black and appear to be fine with it, right? So, what Kerry Hilson didn’t make it she’s boring and her music is tacky! Jennifer Hudson sold millions and is a great actress what does her race have to do with anything? This is a world that doesn’t embrace black beauty, so why are you attacking people that are weak? Just back off….even Asian and Hispanic women dye their hair blonde. Blondes tan to get darker it’s about everyone individual standard of beauty.

  • Emeli Rae says:

    Do You Know Any Good Names? I am writing a story and I need names for the characters
    A 16 year old girl (need a name) is told all her life not to go into the cellar. She goes in to see why. She finds documents and plans and pictures of a small girl, starting from her parents pushing a push chair to a small toddler. She finds a birth certificate for a someone called (need a name) and notices that the girl was four years older and has the same last name. She finds an old picture with her, her parents and this girl in a small, damp hotel. She’s certain that this girl is related to her but her dad goes down into the cellar and orders her out. She takes the birth certificate with her. She goes to her room and Google’s the name and finds an article with a picture of her as a baby, her parents and this girl with the title missing girl and a bigger picture of the girl. She realises that she must be her sister and wonders why her parents hide her life from her. She sneaks back into the cellar and finds bank details with a payment of £10,000 put into an off shore account, just after the date her sister disappeared. She realises that her parents might have sold her sister and confronts her parents. They tell her that they did sell her sister but it was because they had lost everything and needed money and they didn’t want to make people suspicious so sold her sister as they couldn’t say that the baby was missing as it would make people less suspicious if the toddler was missing. They then throw the girl out the house and tells her that she can’t come back until she forgets about her sister. The girl uses her credit card to check into a hotel and meets a boy who’s parents died but he ran away from his foster parents and has been living on the streets ever since. They work together to break into her parents house and take whatever information they could find. They then go on a journey to find the girl’s long-lost sister and find out what went wrong. I need names for all the characters.

    Main character – Girl
    Dark brown hair and blue eyes

    Long-lost sister – Girl
    Black hair and blue eyes

    Homeless boy – Boy
    Dark brown hair and green eyes

    Blonde hair and blue eyes

    Black hair and blue eyes

    Thanks in advance!

    • Curator says:

      Main Character: Rebecca Louise Thomas (Becca/Bex) or Charlotte May Williams (Charlie/Lottie/Sharlie)

      Long-Lost Sister: Christina Rose Thomas (Chris/Tina) or Jade Bethany Williams(J/JB/Jadie)

      Homeless Boy: Robert Michael Smith (Rob/Bob/Robby/Bobby/Bert)

      Mum: Melanie Grace Thomas/Williams (Mel/Anie)

      Dad: Marcus Oliver Thomas/Williams (Marc)

  • LOVEMUSIC says:

    Who Are The Top 10 Most Famous Singers In The World? My Option:
    1. Rihanna
    2. Nicki Minaj
    3. Justin Bieber
    4. Taylor Swift
    5. Beyonce
    6. Britney Spears
    7. Chris Brown
    8. Selena Gomez
    9. Demi Lovato
    10. Miley Cyrus

    • Curator says:

      Your list makes me sad:
      Paul McCartney
      Billy Joel
      Simon & Garfunkel
      Elton John
      Bruce Springsteen
      Rod Stewart
      Aretha Franklin
      Bon Jovi
      Stevie Wonder
      Tina Turner

      people who are actually talented & have been making music for more years than your list has been alive. & MUCH BETTER quality music than your list.

  • Kaitlin says:

    Survey Time! I Want To Know What You Think!? Well, be completely honest!
    1. If you could have any name in the world, what would it be?
    2. Favorite song lyric?
    3. Who was your first highschool crush?
    4. Favorite out to eat?
    5. Favorite flavor of chips?
    6. Brown eyes or blue eyes? Which are better?
    7. What hollywood star would you date?
    8. Favorite stereotype?
    9. What color is the shirt you are wearing? If not wearing a shirt, you pants color?
    10. Favorite brand/style if shoe?
    11. Favorite store?
    12. In seven words, describe yourself.
    13. Do you read often?
    14. How do you carry yourself? Casual, mainstream, expressive, or how ever?
    15. Can you speak spanish? ¿Puedas hablar en español? (Correct me if I’m wrong)
    16. Favotite oldie song?
    17. How do you fit in with others? Well, okay, kind of, not really, not at all, or sometimes?
    18. Do you have a form of O.C.D.?
    19. What words can you make with your first name’s letters? Mine is Kaitlin. I can make Kain. xD It? Lina? (Like Tina) At? Kat? … Latin! xD omg, Latin. Win.
    20. Do you know Salad Fingers?
    22. If you do not know Salad Fingers, what about asdf videos?
    23. What is your favorite way to count? 2’s, 3’s, etc.
    24. Did you notice I skipped 21? xD
    25. What is yout favorite text faces? Mine: ^_^
    Thankyou! 🙂 I will read all!

  • Sophia says:

    Did Anybody Realize There Is A Growing Group Of Hollywood That Does Not Support Obama? I absolutely LOVE It. These actors/actresses who are standing up with Clint Eastwood on what they know is right and could care less if they are “blacklisted” in Hollywood or not. Adam Sandler is one of them (did not realize this until today). He backed Romney. I would always think he would be a liberal for some reason but WILL say I will be supporting him by seeing all his movies now. Here is a list of Romney supporters in Hollywood:
    ActorsScott Baio[324]
    Stephen Baldwin[325]
    Orson Bean[324]
    Powers Boothe[326]
    Gary Busey[327]
    James Caan[328]
    Dean Cain[329]
    Kirk Cameron[330]
    Jon Cryer[331]
    Vincent Curatola[332]
    Stacey Dash[333]
    Robert Davi[334]
    Shannen Doherty[335]
    Robert Duvall[336]
    Clint Eastwood[337]
    R. Lee Ermey[338]
    Erik Estrada[326]
    Andy Garcia[326]
    Kelsey Grammer[339]
    Angie Harmon[340]
    Melissa Joan Hart[341]
    Patricia Heaton[342]
    Julianne Hough[343]
    Angus T. Jones[344]
    Lorenzo Lamas[326]
    Lindsay Lohan[345]
    Chuck Norris[346]
    John O’Hurley[347]
    John Ratzenberger[348]
    Adam Sandler[330]
    Arnold Schwarzenegger[349]
    Tom Selleck[40]
    Gary Sinise[350]
    Tina Sloan[351]
    Kevin Sorbo[352]
    Shawnee Smith[353]
    Suzanne Somers[354]
    Sylvester Stallone[330]
    Janine Turner[355]
    Vince Vaughn[356]
    Jon Voight[357]
    James Woods[328]
    [edit] ComediansDrew Carey[327]
    Adam Carolla[328]
    Terry Fator[358]
    Jeff Foxworthy[359]
    Victoria Jackson[360]
    Larry the Cable Guy[361]
    Dennis Miller[350]
    Paul Rodriguez[362]
    [edit] DirectorsDavid Zucker[350]
    [edit] ModelsCindy Crawford[363]
    Melania Trump[364]
    Eduardo Verastegui[365]
    [edit] MusiciansTrace Adkins[366]
    Rodney Atkins [367]
    Jack Blades[368]
    Pat Boone[369]
    Neal E. Boyd[370]
    Zac Brown[338]
    Robert Burck[371]
    Charlie Daniels[328]
    Sara Evans[372]
    David Foster[358]
    Lee Greenwood [373]
    Andy Griggs[374]
    Taylor Hicks[338]
    Vanilla Ice[375]
    Bruce Johnston[376]
    Big Kenny[377]
    Mike Love[378]
    Meat Loaf[379]
    Jo Dee Messina [380]
    Ronnie Milsap[381]
    Sam Moore[382]
    Dave Mustaine[327]
    Wayne Newton[383]
    Ted Nugent[384]
    Jamie O’Neal[382]
    Donny Osmond[385]
    Marie Osmond[385]
    John Ondrasik[386]
    Randy Owen[387]
    Collin Raye [388]
    John Rich[389]
    Kid Rock[390]
    T.G. Sheppard[391]
    Gene Simmons[393]
    Ricky Skaggs[394]
    Scott Stapp[395]
    Cowboy Troy[377]
    Lane Turner[396]
    Hank Williams, Jr.[328]
    Gretchen Wilson[328]
    [edit] Bands3 Doors Down[397]
    Lynyrd Skynyrd[398]
    The Oak Ridge Boys[399]
    The Marshall Tucker Band[400]
    [edit] Porn starsJenna Jameson[401]
    Michael Lucas[402]
    [edit] ProducersJerry Bruckheimer[324]
    Lionel Chetwynd[347]
    Frank DeMartini[403]
    Rob Long[404]
    Gerald R. Molen[405]
    Burt Sugarman[347]
    Joel Surnow[404]
    [edit] ScreenwritersJoe Eszterhas[350]
    Andrew Klavan[406]
    David Mamet[407]
    Roger L. Simon[408]
    [edit] Television and radio personalitiesGlenn Beck[409]
    Pat Buchanan[410]
    Rachel Campos-Duffy[77]
    Monica Crowley[411]
    Sean Hannity[412]
    Elisabeth Hasselbeck[413]
    Robert Kagan[67]
    Robin Leach[414]
    Rush Limbaugh[415]
    Meghan McCain[416]
    Heidi Montag[350]
    Wayne Allen Root[417]
    Mike Rowe[418]
    Michael Savage[419]
    Cal Thomas[420]
    Chuck Woolery[421]
    [edit] WritersScott Adams[422]
    H.G. Bissinger[423]
    Ann Coulter[424]
    Niall Ferguson[425]
    Terry Goodkind[426]
    Dean Koontz[427]
    Brad Thor[428]
    [edit] Athletes[edit] BaseballJ. P. Arencibia[429]
    Todd Helton[430]
    Dale Murphy[431]
    Alex Rodriguez[432]
    [edit] BasketballGreg Anthony[433]
    Bob Cousy[434]
    Chris Dudley[435]
    [edit] BobsledJean Racine-Prahm[436]
    Bill Schuffenhauer[436]
    [edit] FootballJason Babin[437]
    Jay Cutler[438]
    John Elway[439]
    Stanley Jackson[133]
    Brent Jones[440]
    Nick Mangold[441]
    Peyton Manning[426]
    Burgess Owens[212]
    Bart Starr[442]
    [edit] GolfRickie Fowler[443]
    Jack Nicklaus[444]
    [edit] Ice skating/hockeyMichael Eruzione[445]
    Andy Gabel[446]
    Dan Jansen[447]
    Derek Parra[448]
    Dorothy Hamill[449]
    Scott Hamilton[436]
    Bobby Orr[426]
    Jeremy Roenick[450]
    Kristi Yamaguchi[451]
    [edit] Skeet shootersKim Rhode[448]
    [edit] Skeleton racersNoelle Pikus-Pace[436]
    Lea Ann Parsley[446]
    Jimmy Shea[436]
    [edit] SkiingChristopher Devlin-Young[436]
    [edit] SwimmingRowdy Gaines[436]
    [edit] NASCARRichard Childress[452]
    Rick Hendrick[452]
    Brian France[452]
    Mike Helton[452]
    Bruton Smith[452]
    Richard Petty[452]
    [edit] Professional WrestlingHulk Hogan[453]
    Vince McMahon[454]
    [edit] Nobel laureates[455]Gary Becker
    Robert Lucas, Jr.
    Robert Mundell
    Edward C. Prescott
    Myron Scholes
    I got it from this website:

    • Curator says:

      Not to mention a whole lot of below the line and behind the scenes people who don’t dare speak up because it would destroy their careers.

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