Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has fat neck

Thu, 19 Jul 2012 17:30:00 -0700 There has been much buzz surrounding Anne Hathaway's iconic skin-tight catsuit in The Dark Knight Rises, but she insists it wasn't made into a big deal on set.

Tom Hardy: Im a father foremost

Thu, 19 Jul 2012 17:30:00 -0700 Tom Hardy plans to be a hands-on father and has ruled out moving to Hollywood.

Tom Hardy backs bowel cancer charity

Thu, 19 Jul 2012 08:25:29 -0700 British actor Tom Hardy and his fiancee Charlotte Riley have signed up to become patrons of a cancer charity.

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6 Responses to Tom Hardy

  • Anonymous says:

    How Was Your Experience At The Midnight Release Of The Dark Knight Rises? First off, I have to state that this movie is incredible, the best Batman and Comic Book movie period! And honestly I felt Tom Hardy’s performance as Bane was better then Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker.

    That being said, last night was bittersweet for me. [WARNING SPOILER] The movie froze eary in the movie during the scene when Gordon goes into the sewers and is caught by Bane’s men. Thankfully the theater crew restarted the projector and movie continued with no further problems.

    Then when I get out of the theater, I realize I had locked my keys in my car. So I had to jimmy my car door with a coat hangar a friend brought me.

    But what I hated the most about last night. While I was standing in line for the movie, I was talking to this girl. She was really cute. Really nerdy like me. Loves video games, comics, and Star Wars like me. I even broke out my Star Wars impression and it worked. Then I find out she’s in high school. I’m 24, she said she was a junior. I hate my life. Do you know how hard it is to find a nerdy girl like that when you yourself are single and a nerd. And you live in Texas like me full of country people. RAWR!!!

    So overall, like I said a bittersweet night. F**king awesome movie, my favorite of 2012. But locking your keys in your car and meeting an underage nerd sucks @$$. If she’d been of age at least my night would have ended good. I could have asked for her number then.

    So how was y’alls midnight release?
    Yeah I heard. A shooting occurred at a theater in Aurora, Colorado. A gunman used an emergency exit to walk into a midnight screening of the movie and opened fire on the audience killing 12 and injuring more. My heart goes out to the victims and their family. What kind of b@$t@rd does that?
    Mostly CG? Your a f**king idiot. I have read the comics. I’m a very huge Batman fan. Nolan’s version of Bane is very accurate. So he doesn’t have the “luchador wrestler” look he had in the comics… Did we forget Nolan’s batman movies are taking a realistic feel. Moron. Joel Schumacher’s Bane was an insult. Get your facts right idiot, you can’t beat a nerd.

    At the guy making fun of last night’s unfortunate events. I’d beat the f*^k out of you right now for that statement you insensitive prick.
    I know right. Anne Hathaway surprised the hell out of me. Her performance was great. You could tell she had been studying the Julie Newmarr and Lee Meriwether’s performances from the 60’s tv shows and movie. Much better then Michelle Phifer’s portrayal in Batman Returns. And I’m not even gonna compare her to Halle Berry in that god awful Catwoman movie.

  • Anonymous says:

    What Would U Give Batman: Dark Knight Rises Out Of 10? I went to the marathon of Batman trilogy earlier tonight and totally forgot how good/original/genius the first two movies were. However when it came to the third one i was actually somewhat disappointed. I think the main beef i had with it was that the bad guy, Bane, never kept me fully connected to the story like it did in the first two. I mean yea Tom Hardy did a good job, but his character just didnt feel like something they could build a whole movie off of. Anne Hathaway was also slightly better than i expected but never to the point where she completely proved me wrong. To be honest all in all i thought i was average at best compared to the previous 2. I found myself at points wishing the movie would end and dosing off every now and then. In conclusion my review is i thought it was ok but not anything i would prob see again. Just too many overused ideas in this 1 that have already been used in the first 2.

    Id give a 7.7 out of 10. And dont crucify me plz lol. this is coming from a guy who watches 8-10 movies a week lol im also a aspiring film-maker so im just giving my honest opinion
    1 second ago – 4 days left to ans

  • John m says:

    Why Can’t Hollywood Do This? Batman Returns Again and Again and Again.
    Clooney,Kilmer,Keaton and a hologramic West all roll down to Gotham Town to battle it out mano a mano with Beale to find out who the real Caped Crusader is.We could even throw in parts for the Joker,Riddler and Catwoman in multiple roles!
    Bond ReBonded.
    Connery,Moore,Lazenby,Niven,Sellers,Dalton,Brosnan and Craig as 007 rescue Jamie Lee Curtis again annd again and again from 11 Michael Myers….a Tom Hardy multiple role….running amok in Haddonfield.
    The sex/love scenes would be exceptional although someone would have to play Lazenby,Sellers and Nivens Bond as these actors are dead….a Tom Hardy multiple role again.
    Or even better still lets vamp up the American Political Sysytem with Supernatural Presidents.These are stand alone movies.We could have George Washington Werewolf Executioner,Richard Nixon Zombie Hunter,Jack does Dallas…oops that’s porn…and George W Bush Bigfoot Chaser.

    The cinemas and multi-plexes would be packed out.


  • Anonymous says:

    What Do You See In This Chart, Tom Hardy From Batman? Sun Virgo 22.28
    Moon Libra 18.43
    Mercury Virgo 7.00
    Venus Leo 21.18
    Mars Cancer 8.42
    Jupiter Cancer 3.45
    Saturn Leo 24.32
    Uranus Scorpio 9.14
    Neptune Sagittarius 13.30
    Pluto Libra 13.16

    He’s a very strong actor, he comes across as a tough prisoner, he’s seriously an atypical character. It’s the moon conjunct Pluto, isn’t it ?
    Ok. Yeah, Saturn Uranus square…of fixed signs…

  • Anonymous says:

    Dark Knight Fans, Do You Believe That Tom Hardy Will Do Just As Great A Job As Bane That……? Heath Legend did as the Joker?
    Chris – its called a nickname you dunce.

    • Curator says:

      Tom hardy is alot like johnny depp anything he gets he pulls it off with flying colours i think he will do a brilliant job in the trailer the voice he does is so spooky and well done like in the trailer where someone asks who is and he just says im gothams reckoning is brilliant

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