Tony Nominations

Tony Awards 2012: Nominations led by Once, Porgy and Bess

Wed, 02 May 2012 12:09:18 -0700 The biggest contender in the 2012 Tony Awards is a modest musical about two Irish musicians in love. Once, the musical adapted from the 2007 award-winning film of the same name, is leading the Tony Award nominations pack, and has been recognized in 11 categories including best musical, best choreography, best orchestrations, and for its lead and featured performers, among others. Read full …

'Once' leads Broadways Tony Award nominations

Wed, 02 May 2012 06:06:46 -0700 The nominees of the 66th annual Tony Awards for outstanding Broadway theatrical productions are led by Once, the musical based on the 2006 film of the same name about a street busker and an immigrant, with 11 nominations, it was announced May 1 at the New York Public Library.

Tony nominations 2012: Surprises and snubs

Tue, 01 May 2012 10:58:23 -0700 NEW YORK — Clybourne Park, Angela Lansbury and a play about a dysfunctional family were among those overlooked when Tony Award nominations were announced here Tuesday morning.

'Once' Leads Tony Nominations, 'Spider-Man' Musical Snubbed …

The low-tech musical Once, based on the love story of a Czech flower seller and an Irish street musician in Dublin, got a leading 11 Tony Award nominations Tuesday, proving sentiment can…

'Once' Leads the 2012 Tony Awards Nominations –

The nominations for the 66th annual Tony Awards were announced at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The musical adaptation of the movie "Once" led with 11 nominations.

Tony Nominations Coming Tuesday: Let the Combat Begin …

Nominations for Broadway's top prizes, the Tony Awards, are coming Tuesday morning. That means it's time to argue about who should win — and who doesn't deserve to.

BILLY ELLIOT, RARE Broadway 15 TONY Nominations Flyer

3 May 2012 01:34:03 GMT-07:00 $7.99
End Date: Saturday May-26-2012 15:02:59 PDT
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NICE WORK with Kelli O’Hara and Matthew Broderick received 10 Tony Nominations

3 May 2012 01:34:03 GMT-07:00 $4.25 (0 Bids)
End Date: Tuesday May-8-2012 7:03:25 PDT
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NICE WORK with Kelli O’Hara and Matthew Broderick received 10 Tony Nominations

3 May 2012 01:34:03 GMT-07:00 $3.75 (0 Bids)
End Date: Tuesday May-8-2012 7:54:04 PDT
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Tony Awards Play Nominations Ma Rainey’s Hurlburl Photo

3 May 2012 01:34:03 GMT-07:00 $14.99
End Date: Thursday May-17-2012 5:56:33 PDT
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NINA ARIANDA received Tony Nominations BORN YESTERDAY

3 May 2012 01:34:03 GMT-07:00 $4.75 (0 Bids)
End Date: Wednesday May-9-2012 14:59:04 PDT
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10 Responses to Tony Nominations

  • Bad girl says:

    Will The Internal Revenue Service Ever Put A Stop To Religious Groups Meddling In Elections And Politics? Just as things were looking like a clear sail for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, a gale has blown in. At a weekend meeting in Texas of religious right leaders — including Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, James Dobson of Focus on the Family, Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association, and Gary Bauer of American Values — participants agreed to coalesce behind former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum in a bid to sway the largely evangelical base that will determine the outcome of the South Carolina presidential primary.

    “The desire was not to repeat what took place in 2008,” Perkins said on conference call with reporters, in answer to a question posed by Slate’s David Weigel. What happened in the last presidential campaign was that the religious right failed to embrace former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (who believes in public schools and arts education), and they wound up with U.S. Sen. John McCain as the G.O.P. presidential candidate, whom they deemed to be a moderate.

    Around 150 influentials in the religious right converged on the ranch of Paul Pressler, a retired justice of the Texas Court of Appeals and a director of the right-wing Salem Communications, to try to arrive at something close to a consensus on a candidate. It took three ballots to get to an agreement, if not a consensus, according to Perkins. The aim was to reach an agreement of two-thirds of those gathered at the Pressler ranch. Of 114 participants in the final ballot, 89 voted for Santorum, Perkins said.

    In the end, it came down to a contest between Santorum and the better-funded and organized former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Perkins said, with Rep. Ron Paul and Gov. Rick Perry — both, ironically, of Texas — being knocked off after the first ballot. The campaigns were permitted to have surrogates speak for them at the meeting, and Romney did indeed send a surrogate, which appeared to be little more than an exercise in politeness.

    When asked by a report whether there was any discussion of the evolution of Romney’s “pro-life views,” Perkins replied, “I don’t believe there was much discussion of that.”

    Romney moved on to South Carolina the very night that he won the New Hampshire primary. A survey by Public Policy Polling concluded yesterday, January 13, showed Romney ahead of the pack with 29 percent, and Gingrich following close behind with 24 percent. Santorum, by contrast, was drawing a mere 14 percent.

    “There was a sense that this would be exactly the right time, going into South Carolina…,” Perkins said. “South Carolina is more reflective of the social conservative movement, with a higher percentage of social conservative voters,” Perkins said, adding that social conservatives make up about 55 percent of the general electorate, and 40 percent of primary voters.

    Why throw in with the candidate who is trailing in a distant third place? Perkins seemed to intimate that Gingrich, despite his strength in current South Carolina polls, is carrying too much baggage — what, with his three marriages, ethics cloud, and lust for the blue boxes of Tiffany & Co. — to win in the general election. Of the participants in the meeting, Perkins said, “There is this agreement on the need to defeat Barack Obama.”

    Perkins seemed undaunted by the hurdles Santorum faces in fundraising and organization, especially when compared to Gingrich. Now that his folks are behind the Pennsylvania senator, he argued, he won’t want for either.

    “Will you start a massive fundraising drive?” asked Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Dave Montgomery. “Will these groups appeal to their members?”

    “It will be a combination of all of the above,” Perkins replied. “You have a number of political activists; you have organizations with PACs; you have political financiers. It will not necessarily be a coordinated effort, but this is a group of people with different backgrounds who share a passion for the country, for restoring the moral standards and economic viability for our future.”

    • Curator says:

      What we truly need is for Churches to pay Taxes. Religion is the biggest business on this Earth.

  • Anonymous says:

    Movie Poll And Questions? 1. What are your 3 most favorite scene (including the quotations) and in what movies were it from?

    Mine are:
    1.) From the movie The Shining, when Jack confronts her wife about his responsibilities towards the hotel. “Wendy? Darling? Light, of my life. I’m not gonna hurt ya. You didn’t let me finish my sentence. I said, I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just going to bash your brains in. Gonna bash ’em right the fuck in! ha ha ha”
    2.) From The Godfather. The assassination of each of the dons and Moe Greene as the Christening proceeds. Such an epic Scene.
    3.) From Cape Fear (1991). When Cady ferociously confronts Bowden with a mock trial.
    Max Cady: I’m Virgil and I’m guidin’ you through the gates of Hell. We are now in the Ninth Circle, the Circle of Traitors. Traitors to country! Traitors to fellow man! Traitors to GOD! You, sir, are charged with betrayin’ the principles of all three! Quote for me the American Bar Association’s Rules of Professional Conduct, Canon Seven.
    Sam Bowden: “A lawyer should represent his client… ”
    Max Cady: “Should ZEALOUSLY represent his client within the bounds of the law.” I find you guilty, counselor! Guilty of betrayin’ your fellow man! Guilty of betrayin’ your country and abrogatin’ your oath! Guilty of judgin’ me and sellin’ me out! With the power vested in me by the kingdom of God, I sentence you to the Ninth Circle of Hell! Now you will learn about loss! Loss of freedom! Loss of humanity! Now you and I will truly be the same…

    2. Who’s your most desired and favorite actresses of all-time?
    Mine Are: Diane Keaton, Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman

    3. Who’s the best actor of the three? Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, or Jack Nichoson?

    4. What great performances do you think were oscarless and didn’t even get a nomination?
    These are mine: Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in The Godfather, Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining, Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface, and Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan in The Departed.

    Have fun answering. Thanks a Lot

    • Curator says:

      1. In the movie Heat when Al Pacino says ” I don’t know how to do anything else.” Then DeNiro says ” I don’t know how to do anything else either.”

      2. In the movie Chinatown at the end when JJ Gittes partner says. ” Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.”

      3. lastly, in the movie No Country For Old Men when Atoine Chagure kills everyone in the motel with a silenced shotgun.

      Actress: Fay Dunnahway, I don’t know how to spell.

      Actor: DeNiro because he is in a ton of movies I love.

      4. I personally think the best performance that went awardless if either Pacino or DeNiro in the movie Heat. The movie didn’t even get nominated for anything and it’s one of the best movies out there. WTF

  • Which Managers Cannot Be Fired? 1. Jack Mc Keon….obviously not, he’s there until they appoint a new manager.

    2. Tony La, they can’t simply fire a guy after 17 yrs…I don’t like Tony, but that’s just the way it is.

    3. Bruce…he’s done well and is very highly regarded

    4. Terry Francona…he might have had his occasional lapses, but his record speaks for itself.

    5. Joe Girardi..he’s got the hardest job in baseball and this Yankee team has weaknesses…the way things are going currently, cannot be fired.

    Stick to the topic please..with comments and other nominations.
    RSV…good additions..but Ron Washington can’t be all that secure, I wouldn’t say he’s immune. Joe Maddon of course is like a rock in Tampa…the only way he leaves is for a better job. Manual is currently safe..

    • Curator says:

      Your are absolutely right about LaRussa. Like him or not, he’s already punched his ticket to the Hall of Fame, and he’ll keep managing until he retires. Jim Leyland may be in the same boat; I can’t see the Tigers ever firing such a venerable figure with such a great track record.

      McKeon can’t be fired just because he hasn’t really been hired. If the Marlins do hire him at the end of the year, he could easily be fired when the fans grow bored of him.

      Bochy is safe for now, having won a World Series last year. But if the Giants slumped for a couple years, that championship would soon be forgotten.

      I disagree with you about Joe Girardi. Managing a group of high-priced superstars is not “the toughest job in baseball.” I think it’d be much harder to manage, say, the Kansas City Royals or Houston Astros, who can’t win on talent alone. And Girardi could in theory be fired. The New York sports culture is so demanding (and spoiled), that if the Yankees were to have a losing season one year, heads would roll all over the place.

      Francona is probably safe. But again, if he had a losing season, he might be gone.

      One manager who probably can’t be fired is the Twins’ Ron Gardenhire. I say this not because Gardenhire is a great manager (although he did win AL Manager of the Year last year), but because the Twins hate to fire managers. They haven’t done so since 1986, when Ray Miller got the axe. Gardenhire’s predecessor, Tom Kelly, had 8 consecutive losing seasons and still didn’t get fired. I think Gardenhire would have to kill someone in order to lose his job.

  • Falsi fiable says:

    Now That The Musical “The Scottsboro Boys” Has Received 12 Tony Nominations…? …is there any chance it will be revived?

    I saw it during previews in NYC last year and thought it was one of the most refreshing new works in years. Thoroughly enjoyable! I haven’t seen “Book of Mormon” yet, but hope to next fall.

    • Curator says:

      There is way too many rehash productions everywhere in the entertainment field, and Broadway is no exceptions.

      It is always good, and refreshing, to see something come along that is not the same old, same old… big corporation redo.

  • Punch says:

    Happy Birthday Al Pacino! What’s Your Favorite Film Staring This Great Actor? Happy 71st birthday Al Pacino!!

    He is famed for playing mobsters, including Michael Corleone in The Godfather trilogy, Tony Montana in Scarface and Carlito Brigante in Carlito’s Way, though he has also appeared several times on the other side of the law — as a police officer, detective and a lawyer. His role as Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman won him the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1992 after receiving seven previous Oscar nominations

    What’s your favorite film staring this great actor?

    • Curator says:

      Happy Birthday to one of the best actors out there, i’m a big fan of Al Pacino

      Carlitos way
      The Godfather(s)
      The Devils advocate

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